In this two-way electric universe Birth = Death (50 : 50).
They are the same condition both present simultaneously. To fully grasp the two-way motion and the potential implication for device design, consider the following model.

At the birth of every condition there is an equal probability (50 :50) to develop a dominant A or B character, male or female in one direct or another.
The environment may also play an important role in determining which direction is initiated.
If femaleness develops then character B increases to 60 AND character A is turned down to 40. While female character is dominant it is not without male traits at this early stage of development. No physical trait or property is of/by itself alone. It is two. One half of the overall character is turned up to express dominance while the other half is turned down to express the passive qualities. Torque/Speed, Centripetal/Centrifugal, Inhalation/Exhalation all interchange their individual dominance during the entire cycle.

A positively charging body (70%) is also 30% discharging. Every anode is a cathode and every cathode is an anode.
Notice, the cathode has a fully expanded aspect (orbital revolution) AND a fully compressed aspect namely, maximum axial rotation. These interchange – rhythmically.
At the cathode, (a) is dominant while (B) is passive. At the anode, (b) is passive and (A) is dominant.

Creating electrical anodes devoid of their expanded character is not in accordance with WRC principles !!!


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