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This is usually one of the hardest concepts for a student to grasp, but the following graphics should make it more clear.

Fig : 1

Firstly, one must be completely comfortable with the idea of a Omnipresent Creator Mind. Think of it as you would silence. There is not two versions of silence. Silence just is, and is the same everywhere within the simulation. Silence is the natural state of the universe, and when left alone ALL EXPRESSION will return to that silence.
In other words, when Mind stops thinking its Idea, the projected images will disappear back to Source.

Secondly, one may think of the perceived universe as a series of projected images onto a silent screen, or onto a screen of silence.
Images are projected FROM silence ONTO silence, with those images returning TO silence.
It is important to realise also, that there are no perceivable image IN silence.
For example, when we attempt to describe the 3D simulation we tend to do so with reference to xyz coordinates. This is fine as far as it goes, but these straight dimensions only really apply to the metaphysical universe. The condition before motion actually begins.

Fig : 1a

It may be useful for you to think that the magnetic current of a Thinking Mind runs along the x/z axes of fig : 1, while the electric current of man’s experience runs along the y-axis of fig : 1.
There are NO magnetic fields or magnetic current perceivable within the universe of motion. I have found it useful to delete the word ‘magnetic’ completely from my vocabulary when describing the philosophy of WR.

Fig : 1a describes where Mind resides and how it appears to be divided.
The y-axis represents the compressed condition of the overall Creation Idea.
All possibility appears as if compressed into a single omnipresent, incandescent white ‘magnetic’ light, a white invisible light.
The x-axis contains EXACTLY the same Creation Idea but this time the condition is expressed as an expanded aspect.
The y-axis represents a condition of minimum entropy or maximum accumulation of potential, maximum coherence of form. The x-axis represents the condition of maximum entropy, minimum accumulation of potential and thus minimum coherence into form.
There is nothing but STILLNESS within the x/y axes. Our perceived reality only comes into manifest due to motion or an oscillating wave pattern. Our sensing is designed to detect an oscillating stimulus.

Infinitely wide

Infinitely wide-Pure White

When the axes above are shown as infinitely wide/high, then the concept of an omnipresent Mind becomes clear. Both the expanded half and the compressed half of the whole Creation Idea are present simultaneously.

This is a two way universe of motion whereby the expanded half compresses to become the vertical compressed condition, while the initial compressed half expands to become the expanded state of motion.

Think of a string held at two nodes separated by maximum distance. This would be equivalent to the Cosmic cathode condition. When those two nodes are separated by the minimal allowable distance then this represents the Cosmic anode condition.

Quick Tip - Pendulum
Single line trace
Chart Recorder

A simple pendulum oscillates in a single plane. If the pendulum recorded its motions as a pen trace, a single line/axis would result. Think of this line trace as either the x or the y-axis.
Ignoring the intensity of the pen trace for a moment, a single line would result regardless of whether the pendulum completed 10 or 10 million oscillations.

In fact, supposing this single line trace contained sufficient oscillations to express the entire Creation Idea !
This is exactly the motion of a Thinking Mind, apparent motion within the metaphysical universe.

Notice, how there is NO dynamic expression within the physical universe… yet!

Thinking Mind appears to be divided, but that division remains within the single metaphysical plane. Every ‘point’ within the plane/axis is the SAME point, so no division really occurs. It just seems to occur.
It is THIS apparent oscillatory motion which will now be projected out into the wave field as a oscillating wave pattern. This is achieved by appearing to set the wave field in motion. One side of the Mind axis will appear to rotate in one direction, while from the same perspective the other side will appear to rotate in the opposite. The pendulum oscillation now manifest within the physical !

Imagine a pen/chart recorder. The pen may oscillate 1000 times tracing a single line but unless the chart is set in motion we cannot ‘read’ that back/forth motion, in order to count the number of oscillations.

In fact, we can say that by setting the chart in motion we can DIVIDE out the single line trace into it’s INDIVIDUAL wave oscillations.

REMEMBER, although the full wave cycle is shown in this image, WR teaches we only perceive the radiative half of the cycle. This implies we only perceive the trace/wave from the apex back to the (0,0,0) fulcrum.

It is my understanding that the reason he states we only perceive the radiative half of the cycle is as follows… Our sensing acts like a condenser. Our sensing needs to intercept centrifugally expanding radiation in order to transform it INTO centripetal generative motion from which we then construct the image of the external reality.

Mind can thus make a Thought-Pattern appear anywhere within the simulation WITHOUT any elapse of time !!!!!

This is what WR means by stating that Light does not travel, it has no need to.
Light is Mind, and Mind is omnipresent.
Mind Thinking will CAUSE motion to appear from any point in the perceived universe.
This motion may take on the appearance of a high frequency light.
The light of motion is NOT the Light of Mind.

All 9 planes of the cubic can now be assigned the properties indicated in fig : 1a.

3 internal projection planes

These axes are really planes, planes of zero curvature.  If we just focus on the internal (o,0,0) intersection for a moment and define it as the ‘most important place in the universe’. How many such places exist ?

Well, there are an infinite number of such places, because every point in the universe IS a (0,0,0) for some  arrangement of 3D planes.
Remember, silence is the same everywhere. if you create a sound on Earth, that sound emerges from silence. Likewise, if you create a sound in another galaxy, that sound also emerges from the same silence. This is the first clue from WRC that there is really nothing ‘out there’, just the illusion of something ‘out there’ because of the way your sensing is programmed and hard wired we believe we have a real sensed experience of there being a something ‘out there’!!
Mind-Thinking occurs within the axes, but we experience a vibrating reality between the axes

What if we were able to zoom into one section of a xyz plane of zero curvature, what would we find ?

Fig : 2
Fig : 2a
Fig : 2b

The images above represent a zooming in process. Now,  let’s keep expanding these axes by zooming in further.
When we zoom in to the maximum degree, we soon find the section of the plane of zero curvature fills the entire perceived universe.

There are no individual xyz planes because there is only the ONE thing, and that is omnipresent
Mind. EVERY point on any axis anywhere, is the SAME point.
Every point is a seed. Every seed can produce EVERY possible effect. All possibility is thus available EVERYWHERE.
There aren’t many points, there is only ONE point; Mind.
Fig : 2 only implies there are 3 individual axes.

That implication is due to our perspective only

When we eventually get ‘inside’ the plane of zero curvature we discover a dimensionless universe inhabited by Mind only. This is where Concept resides and from where Mind simulates Concept as dynamic motion.

Fig : 3 = fig :2b zoomed in 100%
Fig : 3b

This is therefore were SOURCE exists.
This is where YOU exist, One with Mind.
What appears to be projected from Source, is our perceived dynamic reality, which we believe (ego) to be the only reality.
That perceived reality is curved, while the true reality is plane, straight planes.

If you can grasp this first major insight offered by WRC and adjust you thinking to accommodate this important lesson into your everyday thinking, you will quickly peer through the veil and experience the illusion for what it really is.

It should be immediately clear, that every point in the universe is the same (0,0,0) point, the same Mind, and that any manifestation that appears at one place in the universe can actually manifest at any place in the universe.
Mind/Stillness contains INFINITE possibility, and that infinite possible can be projected from any place in the universe. There is no difference between any section of fig : 3, all is the same ONE Mind.

Quick Tip - Curvature - Most Important

If we now extend the idea proposed in Fig : 3 we can show how a Thinking Mind appears to be divided. If we isolate a single shaft of Stillness from its true omnipresent condition we can show how projected images can be created.
Notice, when the axis remain straight (zero curvature) the light rays remain parallel to one another. This is only a hypothetical condition as our senses cannot respond to this state of homogeneity and non-motion.

The process of Thinking creates curvature which has an enormous effect on how the projected light behaves. This curvature is the CAUSE of all polarised conditions to which our senses do respond. The plane of zero curvature is the TRUE reality, but curvature OF THIS PLANE creates an illusion of a dynamic universe of motion, solidity and form. The more gentle the curvature the less is the resistance to that curvature. The greater the curvature the greater is the resistance to that condition. Curvature implies polarisation, because curvature is polarised.
All expression of life and dynamic motion have some degree of curvature. They must have in order to register their motion. This is how potential is multiplied or divided.

One may think of these curved axes as being set into motion themselves like a musical string, imparted with curvature to express externally what is Known in Concept internally.
Planes of zero curvature (straight) are of course important. They form the boundary which contains the dynamic universe of motion.
But, motion can only come into existence through curvature. Curvature creates the illusion that Mind is divided, but, Mind can never be divided.

In short, any expression man desires to create, may be achieved exactly where he is located. Infinite expression, infinite energy, infinite love is available at every point in the perceived universe, at man’s fingertips. This is because every point in the universe is the same SEED (0,0,0) point. this concept may make more sense if you consider any device as a condenser. If the device is designed correctly then it will reproduce its designed function at any point in the universe and achieve the same result.
Notice, how little of the cosmic potential is available (Fig : 3b) to our sensing.
The next important point to grasp is the characteristics and properties indicated in fig : 3 are not SENSED. They are KNOWN.
Our sensing apparatus does not respond or interact with these qualities of Stillness. If Mind now wishes to express any of these qualities, then these qualities must be set in motion. Our sensing is only stimulated by motion !

When you contemplate fig : 3 you should discover that the following properties and characteristics apply to the physical and spiritual universe.

  • Mind is all that exists, Mind centers and surrounds all expressions of life
  • life is motion, light is motion, there is nothing to observe other than motion
  • there is no death
  • the full power of Mind is available to man at any point in the universe
  • the Spiritual universe controls the physical universe
  • YOU are ONE with Mind
  • light does not travel… it doesn’t need to, it is already there !
  • Energy is a quality of Mind and the Spiritual universe. This quality is extended TO the physical universe as motion

Fig :3
Fig :3a
Fig :3c

Now, to develop the lessons of fig : 3 a little further, the same technique will be applied to a different approach !
Instead of representing the Ideas and Concept of Mind with words, those words were replaced with points of Light as follows.

Once again, these point of Light are unsensed, but they will become the seeds of Desire which will manifest as the (0,0,0) central hubs of expression.

Taking any one ‘single’ point of Light and expanding it or zooming into it until that Light fills the entire spiritual universe, we can now better understand how an omnipresent Mind can also be expressed as an omnipresent Light, of infinite possibility.

When we zoom in to the maximum degree fig : 3b becomes the incandescent expression of fig : 3c. This is a condition of complete Stillness.
This is why WR describes the Light of Mind as White magnetic (y-axis) Light. The term magnetic is misleading and should not be associated with a force of magnetism !

Don’t confuse the Light of Mind with the light of the perceived universe !!
You cannot sense the Light of Mind (fig : 3b/c) but you can Know it.
The light surrounding you now is NOT light. It is motion.
Fast motion manifests as hot incandescent light, while slow motion manifests as cold SPACE.
Matter and Space are the same thing… MOTION !!!

Every single point of Light can produce the entire range of Possibility. Source Mind is switching these individual points on/off in sequence to create the illusion of motion (Mexican wave). Our entire perceived 'solid' universe is switching on/off to create that illusion of solidity.
There is nothing out there at all. There is no past/future. There is only Now!
Every 'on' pulse is immediately turned off so it can be turned again... by its neighbouring wavefield !
Everything is undone as it is done ! Mind centers every pulse...

that's all there is !
While fig : 3 indicates a planar 2d geometry one needs to imagine this configuration expanded out to a 3D cube.

Now, rather than thinking of this structure as a purely static, imagine the entire internal volume of the wave field container is pulsing with typical wave (peak/trough) motion, while the outer surfaces remain perfectly still. This internal dynamic motion may be difficult to visualise because there is no opposite against which to reference this 'wavy' motion.

3D spherical pattern

We know from experiments with cymatics that when sand particles are distributed onto a 2d vibrating plate the sand tends to accumulate in the troughs to reveal a geometric pattern.
When light is distributed within the 3D vibrating cube then a 3D cymatic pattern is also revealed which our sensing perceives as a universe of immense complexity of coloured motion manifesting as solid matter.

The Universal Mind has designed our sensing apparatus to interact with motion or vibration.
In order for Mind to express an Idea or Concept (fig : 3) it must first be converted into a moving patterned image so that our sensing can detect it !

Electricity is born to fulfill this purpose.

When you attempt to push an object, a car for example, where does the energy come from ?
It may seem obvious to your senses that a small weak body will have difficulty moving the car because their body is not very developed and therefore it cannot muster any power. While on the other hand, a well-built body may have little difficulty in pushing the vehicle.

You would be forgiven for believing, that the energy to move the car was IN the body, and so the bigger, more developed the physical body will get the car to move easier. This observation while true, the reason however is not true !!!
The energy to move the car in is the Earth.
Think of the weak body as an electrical conduit, made up of thin/small strands of wire, which are capable of carrying very little current.
The well-developed body on the other hand, may be thought of as an electric conduit made up of much larger, thicker gauge wire, capable of carrying a much higher current. The larger body can now extract from the Earth a greater current to move the object. There is no limit to potential. We ALL have access to infinite potential. It is our own development of the device (mind and body) with which we interface with that potential that is the limiting stop.
We can ALL become concert pianists, so what is stopping us ? We are !!!

Once you desire to become a concert pianist, your wishes are immediately granted to you. Your wishes are condensed in the form of desire, drive and inspiration. These are your driving forces, your energy.
Once you have set your intentions in motion, then nothing will stop you. You have been charged with all the desire/energy/power you need to complete your task. This energy has been extended to you from the metaphysical universe.
If over time, you lose interest in your wish to become a concert pianist, your level of desire will adjust itself accordingly, but that is YOUR choice, not that of infinite possibility !!
Unlimited energy is available to all, we need to rethink our designs and interface directly with the sea of potential which surrounds us, just as Tesla did !! The entire universe is contained between a Master anode and a Master cathode. Of course, all 'energy' is available to be expressed between these two poles, it can't be anywhere else !!

Within the wave field container the central (0,0,0) point is the oscillating fulcrum. If the central fulcrum remain static at the centre of the wave field the ant and the elephant could not play see-saw. This oscillating (0,0,0) node creates the bow wave expression towards one corner and a simultaneous wake wave towards the opposite corner.

Energy is not in matter. Energy lies at the fulcrum. Matter expresses energy. When matter is configured with thick gauge wire it will express more energy !!
Can you 'see', find the fulcrum here  ?
The energy of a see-saw is in the fulcrum. The perceived energy is extended through the moving levers, but if the fulcrum were not rigid and instead was made from jelly (jello), then energy could not manifest within the simulation. Our present reality would not and could not materialise.

Stillness is not space. Space is just a slow motion expression, motion below our narrow sensing range. Space implies a condition whereby the curvature is minimal. Stillness is the fulcrum, space is one lever, and incandescence is the other.

WR describes how a cathode ray tube can create within itself a patterned image in the form of open/closed rings to reproduce the electric current which has been supplied to the CRT. This simple model is a very accurate representation of how the entire perceived universe of motion is generated.
Fig : 3d is a graphical representation of this concept.

Pay close attention to this idea as there are NO WIRED connection inside the tube. The loops of force do not NEED wires to manifest within the physical universe.

Fig : 3d

Think of space as expanded light, while expressions of perceived matter are conditions of compressed light. When the central hole of a loop is wide open then that condition is perceived as space, but the same loop with the central hole more tightly closed is perceived as density and matter.
Images therefore appear between the cosmic cathode of expanded light (space) and the opposite condition of compressed light namely matter or suns. Keep in mind, large open central holes implies large orbits, or cone bases. Small central holes implies very short/tight orbits which are evident at the cone apex.

Mind acting as the Cosmic Anode sends an electrical impulse to itself as the Cosmic Cathode. This impulse is also reflected back to the origin.

It is the Thinking of Mind which supplies the current to generate the image of its own imaginings. Mind appears to be divided, exposing its location at both the cathode and the anode. Mind is indeed omnipresent, and the apparent division is only an illusion brought about by the circulating loops of thought/force.

When loops tend to accumulate at the cathode, then space is perceived. When loops accumulate towards the anode then hot dense matter is perceived. The entirety of Creation now manifests as patterned moving images between the Cosmic Anode/Cathode.
For any individual expression, think of the dimensions of the CRT as you would the dimensions of the wave field.

A similar effect is achieved by the spark gap of an induction coil.
As the potential (voltage) rises a point is reached when the insulation (gap) breaks down and
a spark (light) is observed jumping across the gap.
This effect is exactly analogous to how 'light' appears from the void !
MIND acts as the positive anode condition and also acts as the distant negative cathode condition.
Our perceived reality is sensed as the spark !!

When a Spiritual Concept is expressed as motion as indicated in fig : 3e, a loop of circulating force is created by Thinking Mind.

Fig : 3e
Fig : 3

When this motion appears our sensing springs into life and all we tend to focus on is the whirling motion itself. We lose ‘sight’ completely of the true Cause of that motion and lose sight of all the qualities associated with fig : 3.

The most important lesson offered by WR is that you learn not to be too reliant on the effects those loops have on your sensing and realise the true cause of those effects. Your physical self is a thought form of your spiritual self.
Your spiritual self and Mind are One.

Our sensing reacts to motion like a magpie to shiny bling. We become all consumed by the glittering lights and sparkles. WR teaches how the sparkly lights are generated and who generates them.

Remember, when it comes to designing… loops of force are NOT loops of copper wire.

WRC teaches that the universe of motion-in-opposition a product of Mind, a Mind projection. We are also taught that the simulation comes into apparent being as result of wave motion. The Master Cube contains the entirety of Creation. This implies that between the Cosmic cathode/anode there exists a wave disturbance. Long wavelengths of low amplitude accumulate at the Cosmic cathode, while short wavelengths of high amplitude accumulate at the Cosmic anode.
In fact, long wavelengths DEFINE the cathode condition, while short wavelengths DEFINE the anode condition.

Fig : 3a
Fig : 3g

But, if we now combine the concepts indicated in figs :3e/f, how can we ‘see’ or sense a wave disturbance in what appears to be a homogeneous environment of omnipresent Mind ?

WRC teaches that within the Master Cube the volume of the Cube is full to the brim with the oscillating Creation wave pattern!
So, how can we observe any of that Creation Idea ?

One can imagine the long wavelengths at the cathode reflecting back off the cathode towards the anode, and the high frequencies of the anode dispersing in the direction of the cathode.

During the cycle of an oscillating pattern, motion reaches 3 points (pendulum) of STILLNESS or REST. At each wave amplitude direction is reversed. This implies that motion must stop before reversing. While at this momentary halt expression has returned to Source !
The third point of rest occurs at the mid-way fulcrum where once again expression dips into and out of the Spiritual realm. WR describes this location as the point of voidance. He states that all motion must be voided before it can be repeated/reproduced.

So, if motion was not created, then our material, physical universe and ALL the things in that universe could not exist.
See fig : 3.
All expression within the physical universe owes its appearance to it own inherent motion. Without motion fig : 4 would be identical to fig : 3. For the same reasons xyz planes don’t really exist, cubic boundaries don’t really exist. They only become evident because of the motion they contain. Once a body possesses motion, it is part of the physical universe. When an expression looses that motion it then becomes part of the spiritual universe.

For the moment, just realise that motion must be contained in some way to hold it within the physical universe.

Fig : 4
Fig : 5

Don’t be deceived into thinking that motion has in some way REPLACED Stillness from the center of the cube !
Stillness/Mind is never removed or replaced. A moving image is projected from Mind which then appears superimposed on that same Stillness.

The universe we believe to be real is a projected illusionary image. The rest of this site will attempt to explain how the image is projected and why our sensing is fooled into believing the illusion is real.

In other words, fig : 5 is identical to fig : 3e, the loops of circulating motion having accumulated to create the 3D image of rocks, trees, mountains, and rivers. Each of these expression simply appears as a result of an electric impulse just as described in fig : 3d.

Remember, there are no separate points of Light within the metaphysical spiritual universe,
it just appears to be that way.
Remember also, we do not ‘see’ or sense this Light. it is the light of out Knowing and Intuition.

In other words, fig : 3 and fig :3b describe the same concepts of a metaphysical universe. This is why WR describes the metaphysical universe of Mind as the Still White Magnetic Light of Mind.

Now, imagine one of the Points of Light  is projected into the physical universe as a MOVING image. Matter and form can only appear and be perceived within the physical universe as a result of it MOTION. What appears to be light, sunlight for example, is NOT light it is fast motion creating the illusion of light.

Motion is thus the technique used by Mind to create a simulation, a moving physical universe of  a Thinking metaphysical Mind.

Each one of these Points of Light will thus occupy the (0,0,0) central hub position of the wave field. The Light of Mind is then projected from this central position out into the wave field. When it reaches a maximum, the light will then fade back to a state of non-motion.
This is all that happens, yet our sensing is bewildered by the effect of such simple motion. Our sensing was designed that way !
Imagine Mind has a desire to express a Idea of Creation.

Fig : 8

Fig : 8 indicates the process of Mind Thinking whereby the Creation Idea is seemingly divided into two opposite aspects of that same one Idea. These polar opposite represent the extremes of the Creation Idea, the black expression being 100% male while the white expression represents 100% female. If these opposite expressions are applied to the Master Cube then our perceived reality occurs within the potential differential between these two extremes.

The white expression is shifting to become 100% black, but the black aspect is shifting to become 100% white !

Fig : 9

When motion accumulates close to the y-axis (Cosmic Anode) it appears as coherent matter. When that same potential accumulates closer to the x-axis (Cosmic Cathode) it then appears as nebulous matter.