The Sun has gone AWOL

The Sun has gone AWOL

Let’s consider the following thermodynamic cycle.

Gases compress to liquids (condensation), then with further compression liquids  crystallise to solids. These are generative steps
Solids melt to liquids and liquids evaporate back to gases and the cycle can begin again. These then are radiative steps.

The equatorial emanations from the sun can hardly be described as gases, liquids, or even solids. Perhaps we can stretch the definition and define those emanation as a plasma type material.

We can go one stage further and say if condensation/crystallisation comprise the generative half of the cycle and melting/evaporation comprise the radiative half of the cycle where does the sun fit into the cycle ?

The generative/radiative steps highlighted above don’t require a sun… so where is it?

By what mechanisms are sun formed?

Can we say sun’s are unique. They are formed by …. while all other cosmic bodies are formed via the thermodynamic cycle above?


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  1. Chris
    30th March 2018
  2. WalRuss
    31st March 2018

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