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The Cosmic Spark within the Master Cube

During our discussion on the cubic wave field, I introduced the concept of the Master Cube as representing the Cosmic cubic container which holds the entire universal expression. The Master Cube is effectively the Cosmic anode/cathode between which, ALL life is manifested.
The Cosmic spark is essentially what we observe as heat, motion, light, creation itself !
This is not an objective universe, there is no substance to matter. Rather, it is a cyclic universe and any objectivity is due entirely to the transient position of the observed body within its full cycle. Protons for example, manifest close to the hub apex while electrons manifest close to the rim wave axis. The only reason we sense matter and form is because that expression of matter radiates very slowly !
Our sensing apparatus therefore, is stimulated by the RADIATIVE half of the cycle. This is the half of the cycle that MSS feels very comfortable with, because they can measure it to their hearts content.

Suggest Study
It may prove very helpful to study the operation of the standard refrigerator, heat pump or industrial liquefaction of gases such as nitrogen. These processes utilise the principle of increasing pressure on one side of the system, then releasing that pressure into a low pressure zone on the opposite side of that system.
Remember, there are only two extremes of motion, the state of motion that describes cold dark space and the state of motion that describes hot incandescent suns. All matter manifests between these two conditions. If we can compress cold (which heats) and then release that heat (which cools) a complete repeating cycle can be established.

Natural Law
Cold generates, generation contracts, contraction heats, heat radiates, radiation expands, and expansion cools.

This cyclic loop is utilised in a refrigeration system.

In nature though, Cosmic Mind controls the compression pump and the needle release valve. It takes great concentrative effort to compress and no effort at all to release that pressure so that the system returns to the zero pressure equilibrium.
Science believes that we live in an expanding universe which will eventually die due to loss of all the heat. Science has not yet realised that the universe in simultaneously contracting to create matter/suns.
As the core of accumulated potential expands, the wave field of expanded potential simultaneously contracts, until both have turned inside-out to become the other. A universe of expansion WITHOUT simultaneous contraction is impossible.

This is a Two-Way universe of motion.

Thermodynamics is the key to understanding WRC not least because there are only two aspects needed to create all the complex effects we believe to be a real materialistic universe. Those two opposite aspects of the One Creation Idea are, heat and cold. Heat is the result of centripetal compression, while cold results from radiative expansion. It becomes easy to visualise these two apparently opposite conditions. A hot sun surrounded by a vast volume of space is a good image to develop. However, Nature is dynamic, and any ‘fixed’ image is only a transient expression of a cycle of constantly changing images. WRC will teach us that heat/cold rather than being two opposite aspects are in fact the same one condition. How ?

Well, heat produces cold, and cold produces heat in a closed loop which cycles forever !
Imagine, the blue arrow is pushing IN with its feet as it expands !

Every engineer knows that evaporation is accompanied by cooling, and every HVAC engineer knows that when a high pressure condition is vented into a low pressure environment tremendous cooling results. Just with any circle, there is no obvious starting point on the rim, we will begin this thesis with a sphere of compressed potential.
How do we know its condition ?
It tells us, and does so by broadcasting its state of motion in the form of a heat signature.
In other words, it radiates to the environment, communicating it present state of motion. The further that radiative stream gets from the main body the colder it becomes. This is exactly analogous to how you determine the mood of a person at a distance… its external expression conveys a detailed message of the internal ‘state of mind’

Tip 1

This starting point must be treated with caution. This is where MSS has made its first major mistake. It is IMPOSSIBLE to consider one aspect (100%) in isolation from its opposite. Keep in mind 100% of anything negates its own existence. 100% implies a homogeneous conditions and this state can not manifest within the physical. We should assume the maximum compression is 95% centripetal. There must always be some radiative exhaust (5%) to facilitate sequential cyclic motion.

Entropy is probably the most important building block of thermodynamics. In terms of WRC, the cathode expresses maximum entropy or maximum disorder. Bear in mind though, the condition of maximum disorder has the potential for growth towards maximum order !!!
The anode condition expresses minimum entropy or maximum order. This implies that the anode is the condition from where maximum disorder can begin !!!

Growth and coherence may be considered as the condition whereby aggregates accumulate to increase complexity and reduce entropy. We can argue that if we compress the cathode condition then the cathode can become an anode, but Nature grows by multiplication which seems to be a different process entirely !
One dives to two, two to four, four to eight etc. The immediate implication of this is that growth emanates from an internal focal point of Stillness and emerges out into the physical.
Compression is a characteristic of an externally applied force, which is the opposite technique of decreasing entropy !!

The radiative emanation from that body centrifugally expands into the environment and cools as those streams migrate further from the primary body itself.
In fact, you may already have spotted that it is these radiative streams that actually create the cold environment itself !
Heat has produced cold through radiation, while cold will produce heat through condensation. We can define the location of low, expanded, cold potential as the cathode and the location of the higher, hotter, compressed condition as the anode. Cathodes are therefore located on the outside, while anodes are located at hub centers.

Tip 2

Based on tip 1 above, we should think of the cathode as a condition of 95% expansion with 5% compression. Likewise, the anode is a condition of 95% compression with 5% radiation. All of the perceived universe manifests somewhere between these two extremes. This is a TWO-WAY universe, whereby anodes expand to cathodes but cathodes compress to anodes.
Bodies which exhibit anodic properties will thus accumulate towards the anode, not because they are attracted to but because the are dimensioned to move in that direction.

Now, between any two conditions (hot/cold) there exists a plane of equi-potential. This is the plane where the  process of condensation will occur. This is where cold generated heat. The centrifugally expanding radiative emanations will begin to condense reversing their centrifugal motion into centripetal motion so that the largely invisible radiative emanations start to become visible. This means ANODE conditions begin to form at the cathode !

Motion, any motion implies heat !
Curvature implies motion and therefore heat !
Electricity is the force which curves !

Tip 3

Think of the Earth’s core as the anode which is radiating into the surrounding space in all directions. The body of the Earth is thus a condensed crystal of those radiative emanations. The further we move away from the center hub the more nebulous, cold and electro-negative matter becomes.
A major problem with the ‘big-bang’ theory is that no consideration is given to the condition on the outside of the seed sphere which was
holding that universal sphere in place. In order for the seed to have exploded, the outside condition must have relaxed !
In addition to that
NO adequate consideration is offered to explain how the compressed spherical source of the ‘big-bang’ got there in the first place !

This condensing condition will accumulate visible matter (vapour) and those vapours will because of their proximity to one another will also charge each other, thereby raising their individual potential and that of the overall potential of the collective. This rising potential of the collective will now be forced to move back in the direction of the original (radiating) anode body. Centrifugal motion from N to S is reversed to centripetal motion from S to N.

Cold generates in another way also. Any discharging body will as a result of those radiative emanation cause the body itself to contract. This also reverses those radiative emanations because a cooling body which is expanding stops and reverses its own outward motion to compress centripetally (shrink) thus causing more heating, with an increased desire to radiate again.
This is because the remaining potential is forced into a much smaller (cubic ratio) volume. Expansion is the cause of that compression, or cold is the cause of heat. This inward trend of compression will continue (4 efforts) until the spherical body is compressed to a maximum (95%). This occurs with carbon. After carbon the compression pressures are not as strong and hypothermia sets in for all subsequent elemental expressions !
The universe is dynamic, it continually creates itself. The quicker a body can lose its heat, the more it will contract to heat. Nature is designed to radiate slowly rather than allowing accumulated potential to simply explode outwards in one effort. Radiation is controlled (4 efforts), unless the process is interfered with or short circuited in some way. When the rate of heat loss from a body is low we perceive heat, density, light, substance and form which increases towards the inner hub.
The universe is not dying a heat death, because it is simultaneously condensing to breath again. Nature is completely balanced and any apparent opposites (heat/cold) are symbiotic, each needs the other to manifest itself. A universal condition of 100% heat makes no sense. It needs its own opposite so that it can express itself. In short, heat needs cold so that our sensing knows what heat is !!

When helium heats through compression it BECOMES lithium. Lithium now informs the universe of its presence by radiating its characteristic heat signature, which is then received by the surrounding environment. Guess what ?
Lithium transforms itself to beryllium due to contraction as a result of its own radiation. This is how the central hole is closed from the inert gas helium to the apex element carbon. Cold generates.

So, radiative emanation which were hot, cool as they expand to produce the cold cathode, while as a reaction to that radiation the body itself contracted to conserve heat, and thus produced more heat. This is how suns are compressed into manifest. The sun is NOT a nuclear reactor. It is self generating as a reaction to its own radiation. The cycle continues until a perfect spherical sun is formed and then the cold envelope surrounding that sun weakens allowing the sun itself to expand, cooling from the inside out. This is how the anode returns to equilibrium.

Fig : 1

This is why WR teaches that cold multiplies (compresses potential) it cannot divide. Likewise, heat divides it cannot multiply. The second law of thermodynamics as currently supported by main stream science is therefore flawed, as WR shows heat can definitely flow uphill.

It must do, because it is ELECTRICALLY conditioned to do so !

Fig : 1 indicates that the relationship between heat/cold is offset by 90° rather than 180° which might be expected for opposites !
ALL dynamic expression emerges from the cold static condition and the relationship is 90°.
Fig : 1 might make more sense if you consider the relationship between the static/dynamic equators as follows.

Main stream science (MSS) believes that the universe will unwind loosing all its heat and will die as it does so.

This one-way process is called entropy.

MSS believes this process of entropy tells us all we need to know about our universe !!
MSS is at best misguided but is really negligent, pursuing poor scientific methods.

MSS believes that entropy (2nd Law of Thermodynamics)

  • only runs in one direction from heat to cold. This is one-way thinking only
  • that there is an arrow of time which only runs from the past to the future
  • the universe is not regenerating itself, as all other cycle do
  •  ignores the observation that bodies (human) grow for the first half of their cycle, then die for the second half
  •  ignores the endless observed facts of repeating cycles, night/day, winter/summer, inhalation/exhalation
  •  starts the cycle at the mid-point (expansion/big-bang, 40 yrs) rather than the actual start of (0 – 40 yrs) accumulated potential
  •  ignores how impossible it is to experience 100% of any opposite condition.

ALL conditions are created in pairs implies the necessity for inventive practices rather than applying Occam’s Razor. Nature is simple !
Because MSS has adopted these maxims, they have embarked on a journey
which is so far removed from Nature’s ways. Nature is simple. She breaths. Breathing is not the prerogative of organic matter. All expressions of motion breath in cycles. Matter is continuously coming/going and will do so forever.

We tend to think of the sun as a solid body which has existed for millions of years and will continue to do so for millions more. This thinking could also be applied to any universal body. Now, imagine those long cycles were all compressed down to 1 second. What would the universe look like ? I hope you were thinking points of flashing light, coming and going.
That all that is happening, just that the cycles have been expanded to what seems like cycles of millions of years duration. Your sensing supports this perspective…they’ve been programmed to do so !!

The next important issue to clarify before proceeding any further with this presentation is the illusion of reflection/reversal when Nature’s processes are continuous in one direction only. There is no contradiction (90° offset just mentioned above) with the following images, though WR leaves it up to you to Know what he is implying !

Fig : 1a 90° relationship with the horizontal Mind axis
Fig : 1b
Fig : 1c – our sensing is tricked into perceiving a ‘hole’ where there is only curvature

Fig : 1a indicates the wave cycle, whereby inertia is overcome by the Desire to express, which enables motion/heat to manifest and build to a maximum before returning (in a continuous forward direction) to the zero equilibrium condition. Heat thus emerges from cold. It appears at first glance as though the expanding radiative stream is reflected back to the origin. It does, but NOT in this way. Fig : 1b offers a better description. Another perspective is offered by Arthur Young in the video presentation below. Your body grows for 0 – 40. It then continues its decay from 40 – 80, it does not unwind back to the origin from 40 – 0 !

DESIRE to express is the only energy of the universe. Desire is a property of the metaphysical/spiritual universe. Motion, which is a property of the physical universe only simulates that desire. This is why MSS will NEVER find energy within the physical. It believes in a materialistic universe, because that’s what their senses tells them. Our sensing apparatus is a compliant contributor to the cosmic illusion. They were designed that way. Your task is to realise how the Master Magician performs the trick.
Just because you ‘see’ the assistance cut in two, doesn’t mean she is !

Fig : 1b highlights the more correct ‘reversal’ of centripetal for centrifugal motion, but it is confusing as it implies a type of left/right motion which is incorrect and only further adds to the confusion for coil designers. It must be born in mind that cone base (c) is the SAME cone base, and the anode apex (a) is the point where the potential bursts on straight through into a low pressure environment. Think of ‘reversal’ as a return from expression back to Source. This is done in a continuous way, just as YOU return to Source from 40 to 80 years without returning to the cradle.

Tip 4

Imagine the 4 stages of compression were akin to tightening a nut on a threaded bar. Each stage locks the potential in place with a particular torque setting. For example +1 is torqued to 10 ft/lbs, +2 to 20 ft/lbs, +3 to 30 ft/lbs and +4 to 40 ft/lbs.

Now, Nature NEVER unwinds the nut she continues to attempt to wind up the pressure in the same direction. At 40.1 ft/lbs however, the threads break. The nut immediately converts the torque pressure into a free centrifugal spinning motion. The nut will now wind down to zero in the forward direction as indicated in fig : 1b.
The threads repair and the compression cycle can begin again WITHOUT any change in direction.
Nature expresses continuous motion. Don’t confuse this concept of one continuous direction with two-way (directional) thinking !
This is exactly the reason why the boiling points of nitrogen, oxygen and fluorine drop to < -200°C having just attained the highest melting point of 3600°C with carbon. Your refrigerator works on the same principle !
When this simple continuous motion is developed around the full perimeter of the circle the naturally double helical spiral is revealed.

As potential is forced to move (following the condensation process) from the cathode towards the anode, further compression is inevitable as the cone walls contract. Rather than reversing, this migrating potential will burst through at the apex and emerge on the other side, looking at a cone base in the distance. Imagine walking up the down escalator. It takes a huge effort to stay in the same spot. But, although you are moving you are not going anywhere !
If fig : 1b is indeed flattened, then the illusion of travelling ‘inwards’ towards a anode only to re-emerge out the other side heading towards the cathode again needs some refining !

Remember, if you have a really clear image in your minds eye as to a fixed structure for any universal expression, then you are probably not fully grasping WRC.

The more you can understand the teaching of WR the more you will realise that solid matter, structure and form are transient. MSS encounters the same problem in quantum (Heisenberg) physics. The more the look for structure the less they find !

The following images should clarify the model.

Fig : 1d
Fig : 1e

This is NOT two opposed cones approaching in union.
They are SEQUENTIAL aspects of the overall cycle.
They are a full 80 year cycle which repeats forever.
c = birth/death
a = the 40 yr maturation point
A growing vital body MUST radiate an exhaust in order to continue growing.
Your physical body is not the body of cells you were born with !
Your entire body has be replaced – several times !
Your body is ALWAYS radiating and dying, but if < 40 yrs
then you can generate >>> radiation ! This IS two opposed cones approaching in union
Notice, generative compression is towards the inner hub
while centrifugal expansion will fold out on itself
creating cold space.

Fig : 1d indicates how the universe regenerates itself because of the one-way continuous direction employed by Nature which creates the illusion of reflected reactions. As mentioned earlier, cone base (c) is the same cone base and thus can be folded over and joined together to create a loop of force of toroidal character. Now, this represents the overall life cycle and as such it DOES NOTexist as a full material body in its own right. You for example, don’t exist as a 20 and 60 year old simultaneously. This image indicates the full vitalising and death cycles as one toroidal sequence.
You know you are doing well with WRC when you find it difficult to pin down an exact fixed structure to describe any property. This should indicate how truly illusionary the apparent objective universe really is. Your sensing is fighting your new Knowing. This will be explored with fig : 1e

Arthur M Young
“Reflexive Universe”

The importance of the motion implied in this video cannot be over stated.
Some of the important points to note are,

  •  the direction never changes
  •  two SEQUENTIAL effects (compression/expansion) are evident
  •  the full (0 – 80 years) life/death cycle is depicted
  •  the CONTINUOUS motion is also evident. Nature NEVER rebounds

Nature turns inside-out and outside-in in cycles forever  the illusion of a centripetal CW and a centrifugal ACW is also evident, but direction is universally constant

If the video image here were joined as a completed loop you would have a better idea of the motion of a Thought Loop of Force

Every expression within the perceivable universe is in motion. Motion is caused by polarised curvature. Motion implies heat.
Therefore, the entire perceivable universe is a varied measure of heat motion.

When thinking on cosmic scale, we only need to be aware of the anode center and the cathode wave field boundary, all motion therefore exists between this cosmic anode/cathode pair.
All curvature is polarised. This means there is a potential difference between the inside arc (positive) and the outside arc (negative). This curvature is the reason pi is an irrational number.

Fig : 1h There is No heat death 2nd law of thermodynamics is invalid.

Heat is Natures way of crying out how much imbalance is present within the expression of motion.

Fig : 1g is a closed loop. Cold produces heat, and heat produces cold in cycles forever.

Hot incandescence implies that the motion is very far removed away from the (0,0,0) rest position on the wave axis, while cold space implies motion is very close to the cathode rim/wave axis of the wave field.
Remember, while hot incandescence manifest as far as possible from the horizontal static rim axis, it therefore manifests as close as possible to the vertical dynamic hub axis !
So, the perceivable universe manifests within this Master Cubic wave field. It is this two-way motion which is responsible for the background radiation detected by MSS. There is no part of this differential that is without potential, because every part of the simulation is curved to some degree and therefore is polarised and contains some degree of heat. Electro-positive potential will motion towards electro-positive potential at the hub. This creates a ‘gravitational’ effect. Electro-negative potential will motion towards electro-negative potential of the wave field rim boundary. This too, is a gravitational effect.

It can be a long journey to reach the anode hub or the cathode rim of the wave field, and because of that, potential will simulate those ‘rest’ conditions by forming a balanced interchange with an electro-opposite condition. Once motion begins, ‘the boat’ is immediately out of balance with the environment. Corrective actions (motion) commence to try to return the vessel to an even keel.
Sodium will thus find electric balance in chlorine and behave as if they are dead, balanced with the desire for motion removed. This is a simulated rest while continuing to remain within the simulated matrix.
Imagine sodium is hanging out one side of the boat with chlorine hanging over the opposite side, and together they keep the flat on the water. If sodium tried this with bromine, a slight imbalance would remain and the vessel would display a bias/list to either port or starboard.

MSS does not recognise the generative half of the cycle, believing the radiative half of the entire cycle is all there is. This is why MSS really knows nothing, and has more questions than answers.

We now know the cold conditions at the cathode rim will provide the site for condensation of the invisible into visible matter. As condensation progresses, (think clouds) the newly created spheres of positive potential will amalgamate together which mutually charges all the bodies, and as a result those bodies must now move along a N/S axis (inwards) in the direction of north to find balance.
That balance is provided by the E/W poles because as bodies move N/S or indeed S/N the E/W poles are trying to pull that potential into their particular orbit.
Only when a match is found will the E/W pole overcome the tendency for a body to move N/S or S/N and thus the body will orbit in an E/W direction of uniform potential. E/W poles always fight against, to oppose N/S migration of matter.
In other words, ALL bodies move N/S or S/N UNTIL a balance is found with the E/W environment, when the body will then orbit in an E/W direction.

Now, man’s senses are active in only a very small portion of the overall perceivable universe indicated in fig : 1g,

Fig : 2

but it is important to realise this two-way cosmic background motion is ever present. The perceived matter and form which ‘manifests’ within that perception is a measure of the relationship that matter has with the background electrical environment.
Remember, it is the radiation from a compressed sphere that forms the cold surround, which in turn causes further heating of the sphere.
Your body weight decreases as you ascend a mountain, because the relationship your physical body potential has with the new electrical environment at elevation.
This two-way continuous electric motion is the CAUSE of all perceived effect, particularly the thermodynamic differential. Electric potential which is compressing from the wave field rim in towards the cosmic center will manifest as ‘heat’ the closer that motion is to the central hub.
It too, will manifest ‘cold’ in it own wake. This thermodynamic motion has it cause entirely in electricity.

Likewise, the motion directed from the hub out towards the rim, will thus be dissipating ‘heat’ towards the rim and ‘cold’ in its wake. The hub will be cooling !

The universe runs as if it were a Cosmic Thermodynamic Loop, just like a Sterling Engine, but the CAUSE of that thermodynamic loop is ELECTRICAL. A force of ‘gravitation’ is not required in an Electric Universe (EU).

The following section will assume you have studied this engine.
(This video was downloaded from DHIndustriesUSA)

Tip 5

A battery does not reverse its poles as it discharges ! It loses all its potential. Curvature has ceased to be !

When a 40 year old male commences the radiative half of the cycle, he does not do so by becoming female, nor reverse his polarity in one jump. His existing core of accumulated potential is slowly lost and radiated.
The body loses its vitality by cooling from the inside until death at 80 years, whereby the positive core has expanded to the zero wave axis and the negative metaphysical self has compressed to the zero wave axis. Both sides of the divided are now zero ! At zero there is no longer a differential and as such motion stops.
In this image you can think of growth on one side of the step with the opposite decay on the underside of the same step.
Outer side is the growth side while the underside is the decay route.

Fig : 3 The Cosmic Loop (Space/Mind = Stillness. Think of this DIRECTION as the direction of Cold. Wherever space ‘accumulates’ that condition is registered as cold. Condensation makes the invisible visible, while evaporation makes the visible invisible.

The techniques utilised by nature to generate form and matter are condensation and crystallisation. She uses the processes of melting and evaporation to degenerate what was generated and return all motion back to a state of rest. The sun for example acts like a cauldron where matter and form is simplified. Matter is condensed into complex forms when the emanation from the cauldron sun condenses in contact with cold space.

Cold is not something different from heat, they are the same, expressing themselves as if they were two different things.

Space is not something different which is used to dilute matter.

Matter and space are exactly the same thing, one being the compressed aspect which is hot and the other being the expanded aspect which is cold.

You can think of matter as the note B, while space is also the note B one octave below.
The direction of solid to gas is analogous to the radiation cycle from the cosmic hub to the cosmic wave field rim.
Conversely, the direction from gas to solid is analogous to the generation cycle which runs from the wave field rim to the cosmic center point.
ANY expression of matter can now be manipulated into a different potential environment within the Cosmic Thermodynamic Loop, and that expression will TRANSMUTE itself into a state of matter appropriate for the potential of the environment.
Ask a scientist to separate out the colours from white light and their instinct will be to send in the swot team to break open the light. The Hedron collider comes to mind !
But, if you pass the light through a prism, nature will oblige and open the door to her inner world with ease.

An important implication of Fig : 3 is that suns are formed during the generative cycle while planets and moon are formed during the radiation half of the cycle. That is, the suns radiation condenses into planets while planetary emanation condense into rings with rings condensing further into moons.

Electrical Prism

Think of any electrical coil as an electrical prism. It performs exactly the same function as an optical prism.
Electricity is light in motion, and the coil is capable of dividing the electrical light into a red,

positive anode light and a blue, negative cathode light.
There is absolutely no difference in function between the optical prism and the electrical coil.

Man’s cylindrical coils are static and lifeless while Nature’s coils are conical which introduces curvature and thus enables the coil to breathe. Look closely at mans electric solenoids, all the loops diameters are the same. Nature’s conical arrangements assures that as we progress from the cathode base to the anode apex the loop diameter decreases. The in-breath of the breathing cycle !
Spirals are continuous loops whose diameter contracts. These are Nature’s lenses which multiply expression

Fig : 6

This image alone and what it represents is by far the most important to understanding WRC. There is enough material in this one image to keep you writing for 10 hours. This is the skill WR wants you to develop.
Simply reading the information is not sufficient to develop inner Knowledge. It does require some effort on your part to do the work for yourself. Inner knowledge cannot be imparted and must be experienced/learned for ones self.

This is the reason WR has written his philosophy in vague language. He wants you to go on a internal journey of self discovery, rather than seeking a quick fix. Having the ability to Co-Create may only be trusted to a few !

This is the thermodynamic piston pump which drives the entire universe.
The necessary thermodynamic conditions are effect of electric cause. This image is the seed of creation. It has BOTH rim AND a hub. Electricity is the force which is keeping these two poles apart. The expanse of space is the cathode, while the hub is the anode.

Creation must be TWO.

It is too restrictive to think of the inert gas as an expanse of space only. The inert gas condition is a balanced state of motion between inward compression and outward expansion. So, when the compression pressure equals the expanding pressure, a state of temporary rest is achieved. In the life cycle of man, this is called Death. As we know,
there is no death, as inertia of the Life Principle will be overcome and motion will then continue through the zero axis in the opposite direction to express the other half of the Life Principle.
The Stirling Engine offers the student a fascinating glimpse into the thermodynamic motion which drives the universal engine. The cycles of heat expansion and cold compression are evident as well as the more subtle E/W pole influence designed into the rhombic drive !
When a gas is condensed by a colder interface into a liquid, we can think of the process in the following inverted way. The colder interface acting as a negative condition will appear to ‘attract’ the space from the inside of the gas towards the outside of the gas. This creates in a way, two gravitational effects, one which we sense and one we don’t sense at all. Potential is accumulating on the inside, but space is ‘accumulating’ on the outside. Think of space as expanded matter.
We sense the particles contracting as a gravitational effect, but space is also accumulating on the outside which is the unsensed gravitational effect.

Science has no difficulty explaining negative electrons moving in one direction
and positive ‘holes’ moving in the opposite direction.

Fig : 8

Space being predominantly on the outside now, has a fundamental part to play in maintaining the liquid expression. Space/cold holds the condensate on the inside. We can also use the optical model to show how the condensation process takes the expanded gaseous state and focuses the waves in towards a common focal point, increasing the light density and material form.
As potential accumulates on the inside as a result of the lack of space – density, temperature, and explosive power, all increase. Space prevents this accumulated potential from exploding. The effort required by nature to hold liquid matter in place is evidenced by the properties of viscosity, and surface tension. When further compression to solid is achieved then greater effort is required to hold those solid in place.
When you think of heat accumulating on the inside you MUST also think of a simultaneous cold accumulating on the outside. Heat could not accumulate without cold. There would be no opposed resistance to heat accumulation and because of that, the heat would simply leak back to balance.

Heat cannot exist without cold, and cold cannot form without radiating heat.

To transform the liquid state into a solid state of motion, more cooling is required. The liquid needs to be made to radiate more !!!
As the potential accumulates through shrinkage into ever decreasing volumes, the explosive power of that potential increases enormously.
This explosive power must be resisted, and space does that resisting by ‘freezing’ a solid crust around that potential. Iron, for example, should by thought of as frozen potential, or an ice crystal. The amount of explosive power accumulated within iron is indicated by its hardness, density, tensile strength, and high melting point, which are all
indicators of the effort required by the surrounding space to hold that high potential on the inside. Matter wants to explode, but the wave field of space prevents that from happening.

One can look at the crystallisation process an argue that there is a gravitational effect at play because matter appears to be attracted into a closer spatial arrangement as a solid. This argument is true only if you also equally argue that there appears to be an opposite gravitational effect at play which is accumulating space into a spatial volume on the outside.

Iron is not really a substance of iron. Iron is a manifestation of the effort required by cold space to hold back the explosive potential of accumulated light. We should think of metals as high pressure gases, or indeed think of gases as low pressure metals. In fact, all elements are expressing different aspects of carbon. The greater this resistive effort, the more we sense, density, high melting point, and hardness, but these are not really properties of
matter. We associated them with matter because we ignore what we can’t see or directly sense.
As heat accumulates on the inside, think also of a layer of ice accumulating on the outside. The ice grows thicker as the generation cycle continues. We know Cold – Generates, so think of cold spreading from the wave field rim boundary in towards the hub. The ice sheet is ‘growing’, heating ahead of itself !

The wake wave only dies at the wave field boundary, until then it has motion and an associated heat signature. The closer we perceive that wake wave to the rim the more nebulous and colder we sense the condition. The closer the wake wave is perceived to the disturbance the hotter it is. Compared to the bow wave however, the wake wave has LOWER heat, potential and density !

Think of the body of the Earth, the soil, the granite mountains as the ice lattice surrounding the molten core of carbon. Your physical body, as are all physical bodies, are ice lattices which lock accumulated heat on the inside.

Generation is the centripetal ingress of COLD from without which is RESISTED by centrifugal motion from within.
That resistance is registered in heat, which is prevented from escaping by the icy exterior.

All matter manifests as a result of a TWO-way effect, not just a single direction of motion.
WR uses the term ice, but don’t limit your thinking iced water. The sun is surrounded by an iced skin, though it is not water ice !!

Once again, the crystallisation process may be described in terms of the optical model, as the light of the expanded liquid condition is focused into a tighter focal point, manifesting as a solid. Space is not nothingness. It acts as the lid on the pressure cooker, and prevents the contents exploding.
It also as a result, increases the internal heat, potential and density of matter held on the inside. This is why our sun does not explode. Space is holding in place. Space acting as the lid of a pressure cooker (or ice lattice) for the sun, will allow the contents of the sun to radiate but in a controlled manner. Examples of uncontrolled release of potential are evident across the galaxy. Exposure to radioactivity will also facilitate this uncontrolled release of hub potential.
One could think of the application of cold as a technique to ‘attract’ to itself, space from the inside of matter. Space/Mind thus accumulates on the outside. We tend to think of gravitational effect as acting on positive potential only, like the apple falling to the Earth. Don’t forget the Earth falls to the apple also !!!
So, if cold can be thought of as attracting space to the outside, then potential can accumulate and generate heat on the inside. We need to think of cold, negative, and space as having as much ability to manifest gravitational effects as we sense when two positive potential approach one another.

Potential appears to accumulate on the inside because space appears to
accumulate on the outside.

A positive, generative, centripetal, inward motion manifests with accumulated potential on the inside and space accumulated on the outside. Heat is therefore generated from cold.
Heat is the result of compression, while cold is the result of expansion.

Heat is NOT energy. Cold is NOT energy.
Heat & Cold together express energy.
Energy is a quality of the metaphysical universe.
DESIRE to express is the only energy in the universe.

Now, how does heat divide and degenerate ?

It is important to consider the opposing streams as inside-out versions of one another.
In other words, when crystallisation is inverted you get melting.
Evaporation is the inverse (inside-out) of condensation. Inside-out means to invert the positive potential from the inside towards the outside, and direct negative potential from the outside to the inside. To invert the direction of the polarities.

What is the purpose of heating in order to melt a solid, if that solid is already packed with accumulated potential ?
The accumulated potential is not sufficiently high to overcome the compressive centripetal forces. When heat is applied by man from with-out an equalisation of pressures across the dividing frozen crust occurs. Just as we are required to equalise the air pressures on either side of an air-locked door before it will open.

In the generation argument above, we said we could think of the application of cold to freeze matter as an attraction of that cold for the inner negative condition (space) of the matter. As space was removed, contraction of matter was inevitable.
When heat is applied to melt a solid, it wants to ‘attract’ to itself, the inner accumulated heat of that solid. However, there is a condensed crust in the way, which we perceive as the solid itself. This crust condition must be removed or electrically neutralised to release the accumulated potential locked inside the crust. All matter wants to explode, and doesn’t need any help to do so. The purpose of heating to cause melting, is to equalise the pressures on the inside and outside of the dividing crust to enable a common electrical potential condition develop inside and out. The inside then finds balance with the outside.

To explode means to get away from the high potential condition, proximity to neighbours, and motion in the direction of low potential with no proximity to neighbours. To explode means to become penetrated by space. To fold space from the outside and tuck it to the inside, so the body can be turned inside out to start again.

Remember, matter has no ability to attract or repel other matter. The resistant of matter to attract is registered in heat, and the ingress of space into the center of matter or indeed between aggregates of matter is registered as cold.
Notice, the wave is the SAME wave regardless of amplitude/frequency. The wave is just different expressions of motion. Notice also, the compressed anode is comprised of peaks and troughs as is the cathode. Therefore, an anode cannot be a peak and a cathode a trough !

Nature utilises the processes of condensation, and crystallisation to create form and matter. She then uses the processes of melting and evaporation/vaporisation to undo those created forms, so as to return the accumulated potential back to space/Mind/Stillness, for re-expression.

Fig : 9
Fig : 10

Matter is simply an expression of the ability to cohere, while space is the expression of matters inability to cohere. Mass is an aggregate of motion while space is diffused motion.
In modern thermodynamics, we are all used to the idea that we must put heat energy into a endothermic process. We extract this heat energy usually through combustion of fossil fuels. Nature does not work that way. She utilises cold to generate heat ! By increasing the speed of compressing vortices, the units of light are forced to circulate in tighter orbits, accumulating those light units in smaller volumes.


Heat is a dimension, which measures the degree of compression and the resistance to that compression.
The characteristic property or measurable dimension of melting point can be used to determine how close an expression of matter is to the central hub or cone apex. Orbiting close to the hub apex, implies very fast revolution. If this type of motion were applied to a planet, it would mean that, that planets years would be very short.
By implication of a bodies very fast revolution, its axial rotation is very slow. A planet close to its primary will therefore, display long days, but short years. Orbital revolution and axial rotation are inversely proportional. This is how potential/heat is accumulated, because rotation upon the N/S axis is slow it has the chance to gather potential on its surface from the outside.
A body orbiting far from its primary will therefore manifest long years but short days. Fast axial rotation is necessary to facilitate equatorial centrifugal unwinding. This is what centrifugal motion is – fast axial rotation.
Nature centrifugally disperse matter via rings, find out why here

Remember, when tightening a nut on a bolt the pressure increases until break-through and the nut breaks the threads, all its is converted to fast centrifugal motion !

Tip 6

Mind is the screen onto which the images manifesting as matter AND space are projected. Mind is Still and is usually represented as a black background. Unfortunately, space (which is NOT Stillness) is also depicted as black, and just as we come to terms with that anomaly, gases and diffuse matter which we can manipulate are also depicted as black !!

Stillness should be associated simultaneously with two locations for each expression of matter and motion.
The Still center about which all ‘Light-Units’ circulate but also the wave field boundary, which contains the motion of the wave field. It is in its capacity as the wave field boundary you should think of the Stillness of Mind with COLD.
When the aperture is wide open (filled with space/Mind), think of the center of the expression as freezing cold. Stillness does not move, but it seems to move as centripetal/centrifugal motion compete with one another for dominance of expression.
When the aperture is closed, it appears as though Stillness has shifted to the outside. This aperture closure has two effects, namely, heat builds at the core, and cold builds on the outside.
Generative processes are usually described as centripetal, compressing, heating effect ONLY. This is misleading and will lead to much confusion as to why Cold – Generates !!!
While compression takes place we must take two-way effect into consideration.

Visualise a lake freezing. It start off slowly, around the edges at first, then the ice creeps towards the center, until the lakes surface is completely covered in ice. This is what is happening on the negative side of the GENERATION cycle. As compression increased on the inside, COLD creeps (in balance) on the outside , becoming more prevalent as the generative cycle continues. It MUST be this way.

A great effort must be provided by COLD to lock the accumulating heat on the inside of the expression. The lever model expresses maximum heat at the 514 hz core, surrounded by the maximum expression of cold at 257 hz.
Motion which runs from the rim to the hub is the mother-principle and expresses Life. Motion which runs from the hub to the rim is the father-principle. The father-principle refolds all expression back into the seed of the inert gas, and in so doing expresses Death


Melting is the effect of Mind decentrating. Decentrating means a relaxing of the OUTSIDE compressive force.
This allows the internal core resistive force to expand. Expansion into a larger area implies COOLING.
When the vapour pressure above a liquid is reduced, it it easier to evaporate the liquid. It required less energy. Decentration has the same effect as reducing the vapour pressure above a liquid.
The heat for expansion is already contained at the hub center. It is the accumulated potential, gathered as a resistance to compression. That resistance was registered as heat. When the ice lattice is relaxed, the core does not require an invitation to expand, and attempt to radiate all its accumulated potential/heat back to Source.

The radiative side of the cycle is also a controlled process, taking 4 steps of pressure relief to complete. Melting is the process which will convert solids to liquids. Cooling of the emanations and of the core itself are the effects of melting and radiation. The emanations cool because they are expanding into a larger area, and the core is cooling because it has lost accumulated potential, and its ability to hold onto heat is failing or reducing.

Space/Stillness in increasing on the inside, and this brings cooling to the core also. The core is acting as the cathode while the exterior space is acting as the anode. The hot core is also acting as the ‘seed’ for the radiative half of the cycle. WR is fond of using the term seed, to apply to the inert gas, but the +4 must also act as a cathode seed for the radiative half of the cycle. This is where the driving force for the expansive half of the cycle comes from, the HOT hub core


As Mind continues to relax its thinking, expansion from the hub out towards the rims continues, as liquids expand to gases. Rather than thinking of a vapour pressure above the liquid, think in terms of electrical pressure. Decentration implies a reduced electrical vitality. This provides the low pressure void into which the core can continue its expansion, to express its desire to radiate every last piece of accumulated potential back to rim Source. Once this centrifugal motion has reached its full extent of expansion it will have BECOME the seed condition for the generative cycle to start all over again. The manifestation of the ring is only for demonstrational purposes as no such ring exists. This is because the potential is already dispersed over an enormous volume and so there is no potential remaining to form the ring. The dispersed potential has already formed space in the area between the rim and the central hub.

Fig  : 11 = Fig : 11a

Fig : 11 – Stillness -Metaphysical / Spiritual universe ONLY !
Fig : 11a

Neither fig : 11 nor fig : 11a make any sense in the universe of motion.
Fig : 11 represents matter when compressed into incandescence like a sun for example, while fig : 11a represents that same sun when fully expanded, space in other words.

These representation cannot exist in isolation.
The concept of uniform homogeneous cold makes no sense unless there is something to compare it to.

Infinitely wide -Pure WHITE
Fig : 11

All aspects must therefore appear to be divided into two opposite expressions.
Cold must be compared to some level of heat, our sensing requires that there is a disturbance, a difference with which our sensing can interact.
When fig : 11 and fig : 11a are set in opposed motion then this is what results. Now, space can contract to a sphere, but the sphere will be expanding to form space.
The mid-point between these two homogeneous condition is plane, another non-physical boundary. This switching off tricks our sensing into sensing a oscillation between two homogeneous, non-moving condition of Mind.

Fig : 11 <——> Fig : 11a
in dynamic equilibrium !

Don’t forget, your sensing has been programmed to be stimulated by the illusion of a disturbance.
One needs to quieten down the senses to allow true Knowledge to develop.

Fig : 12

Fig : 12 shows the compressive generative and the radiative expansive halves of the cycle. Notice, condensation and crystallisation are both centripetal compressive conditions. Likewise, melting and evaporation are both centrifugal expanding conditions. There is one major issue that this image highlights and must be addressed. How and where do suns form?
We know suns are locations where matter is simplified, while cold complexes matter into crystalline form. WR teaches that all elemental matter is essentially frozen flame, but should suns be thought of as molten crystals?

You might like to review some of the concepts offered in the Walter Russell – CSI video series, available here.

The two-way universe behaves a little like a laboratory reflux column, in constant reflux.

Suns simplify matter and form, while cooling space complexes matter into crystalline form through the process of condensation. Any radiating body will do so via equatorial expansion. These emanation will condense against the cold of space, to form physical bodies, man/woman, planets. This is how ‘cold generates’.

Imagine a sun body in the flask emitting radiation/emanations into the condenser. The opposed black light will cool those emanations condensing them out of the ‘ether’, the invisible side of the creation cycle. The more volatile component (space like) will accumulate at the top of the column – the cathode, while the more dense light will accumulate in or close to the flask – the anode condition.
Every expression of the Creation Idea is thus manifested.