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This page describes some day to day processes which may help with the overall understanding of the wave model. The models are not described in too much detail. The models are simply offered as useful tools for the student to investigate for themselves. Remember, WR is keen for you to Know his work, but reading all the information alone is not sufficient to gain deep understanding. Considered meditation and contemplation are also required. You have to decide for yourself how far down the rabbit hole you wish to explore !!
Apply these ideas to your own understanding.
Compare with your own thoughts then develop and share your discoveries !

Unfortunately, you have to do the work for yourself.

Could you write for example 500 words to explain all the implications of …

This is the homework set by WR, but it is up to you to discover what this simple image is telling you.
When this image finally ‘clicks’, you will be able to write 10.000 words effortlessly !

Tip 1

Process ALL the media/educational material that you have been exposed to through 180°. Nothing is what it seems !
All the world is a stage. So, if you can construct and project your own reality of motion for yourself, don’t be blind to the prospect that an organisation or corporation can/do project THEIR version of the reality movie for you to consume !

The first process to study is the operation of the standard refrigerator, heat pump or industrial liquefaction of gases such as nitrogen. These processes utilise the principle of increasing pressure on one side of the system, then releasing that pressure into a low pressure zone on the opposite side of the system.
Remember, there are only two extremes of motion, the state of motion that describes cold dark space and the state of motion that describes hot incandescent suns. All matter manifests between these two conditions.
If we can compress cold (which heats) and then release that heat (which cools) a complete repeating cycle can be established.

Natural Law
Cold generates, generation contracts, contraction heats, heat radiates, radiation expands, and expansion cools.

This cyclic loop is utilised in a refrigeration system.

In nature though, Cosmic Mind controls the compression pump and the needle release valve. It takes great cencentrative effort to compress and no effort at all to release that pressure so that the system returns to the zero pressure equilibrium.
Science believes that we live in an expanding universe which will eventually die due to loss of all the heat. Science has not yet realised that the universe in simultaneously contracting to create matter/suns.

As the core of accumulated potential expands, the wave field of expanded potential simultaneously contracts, until both have turned inside-out to become the other. A universe of expansion WITHOUT simultaneous contraction is impossible.
This is a Two-Way universe of motion

Another interesting process to investigate is the commercial printing process. You may intuitively guess that the 3 colours of cyan, magenta, and yellow and are used to generate a positive image from a negative. What may not be so obvious, is why a 4th colour black is also used to complete that positive image !
In order to reproduce a positive image of a poster, 4 separate negatives are utilised, one each for cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
Each negative is positioned onto a card substrate and the appropriate colour is applied. Each subsequent negative is then overlaid on top of the already applied colour, until finally the black pigment is added. It is only after the black colour is added does the image take on a feeling of depth, and contrast. Do you think cold dark space plays a similar role in creating the illusion of the simulated 3D matrix ?
Pay close attention  to how Newton/Goethe produced their version of the colour spectrum. Newton for example, projected (through a prism) a thin white band onto a black background. The significance of this thin white band is enormous. If you now imagine this band to be 300 nm in width (visible range is 400 – 700 nm), then our entire reality can be made appear by simply prising open a small portal.

The core of accumulated potential may be represented in wavelengths of visible light, red, cyan, yellow, etc, but our senses are designed to react to a fluctuating vibrational field.
The blackness of space act like the thin strip between two frames of a movie negative.
This ‘off’ condition facilities the illusion of movement from one frame to another.

Back in the day, when movies were produced on reels of film, we understood that each still frame represented a fraction of a second of the projected image. Each frame was sequentially different from the previous frame so that an illusion of movement was created on the screen. Each frame was separated from each other by a small strip which prevented the light from the projector passing through onto the screen. The image was momentarily allowed to collapse before the next frame replaced the previous image. This is what our sensing requires in order to be stimulated into interacting with the illusion.

(images from google)


What would have been observed by the patrons of the theater if that piece of blank card which separated the individual frames was removed and the film allowed to run as a continuum ? How would our sense of vision coped ?

I imagine the movie would become a bit of a blur. Switching the image off is necessary for our sensing.

Walter often uses the analogy that the illusion of Creation we believe to be real is similar to the projection of images onto the screen of space. The universe is a Mind projection. An illusion of reality of matter and form is created where there is really no substance to matter at all. Artists have utilised this phenomenon of tricking the brain into perceiving images which may have no material body.
What do you ‘see’ ?

(image from

If you oscillate a light switch on/off, can you say, that the light in the room is on or off ?
If the oscillations are fast enough would the illusion be created of a steadily lit room.
How might Mind utilise this effect to trick our senses ?

Is matter a wave or a particle ?

Just before we leave the idea of a movie projector. Imagine instead that movies are projected onto the theater screen as follows…
Two projectors, each with its own negative are necessary to project the image. The projectors stand side by side and project their individual images onto the screen. One projector can only project the red side of the spectrum through its part of the negative, while the other projector generates the blue side of the image from its portion of the negative.

When both projectors are in alignment, and focused on the same point, then we can perceive the total image as was intended by the director. The images are clear and crisp, and all the colours of the spectrum are visible in the movie image. Imagine this clear crisp image is only attained for carbon.

Now, imagine the individual projectors start to move from their perfect alignment on a single focal point one slightly to the left and the other slightly to the right. The image now starts to become blurred, as the once sharp colour boundaries begin to bleed across a slightly wider area.

A single focused point has now been divided into two foci, and the image manifests as a divided red and blue double image ! All other elemental expressions suffer this kind of blurry, fuzziness to some extent !

When light is focused into a sharp image the illusion of form and matter (hub) is created.
When the projected lights do not fall onto the same focal point, the projected images tend to create more blurred images.

Tip 2

We are too used to observing all images in FRONT of our eyes. If we only consider that those moving images are constructed in the same way as the images on a movie screen then we miss the major teaching of WRC, namely, the two-way universe.
It will help if you think of every image you observe in front of your eyes as being constructed from a light source coming from behind you, meeting a light coming towards you, where they meet the image forms.

It is also worth exploring the operation of a gyroscope. The manifestation of the elements are gyroscopically controlled, therefore if you wish to design an apparatus to manipulate this gyroscopic mechanism then we need to have some understanding of how gyroscopes operate.
If the angular momentum is increased, that action is evident by a reaction at 90° to the action. In other words, as the rims spins faster and faster, the torque extends from the hub at 90° to the rim. This is how the North/South poles manifest.
What coil designs would impart an increase or decrease in angular momentum ?
If carbon is the only element that can be described as having a balanced state of motion, balanced meaning  no wobble in its rotation because its axis of rotation is aligned with the vertical axis. Then, how can we use the precess of the gyroscope to describe all the other manifestations of matter ?
This spinning top model is okay as far as it goes, however, we need to be clear on which axes carbon spins.

The best example of gyroscopic perfection is exhibited by carbon. It would therefore look like…
This image though, is really an idealised condition.
Nature, compresses her polarised conditions into a flat disk.
They are attempting to represent the same condition. How was the fuzzy ring surrounding this core created ? WR describes this fuzzy ring as the ‘children’ of the core. Although the core may be still accumulating potential and growing towards maturity as a perfect sphere, radiation, and expansion must accompany that predominant compression cycle. The bodies thus making up the fuzzy ring, are the recondensed emanations from that core.

In the ++4 position carbon is spinning as follows. The central sphere is rotating on its N/S axis which is orientated parallel to the wave axis (0 axis of the inert gas…x axis). The surrounding disk of cold space is also rotating about that same N/S axis. The disk though, is orientated 90° to the 0 inert x axis. So the spinning top model must be seen in terms of carbon’s N/S axis rather than the way it is shown above in ‘gyroscopic motion’

This gyroscopic model may require the most contemplation because, while it is easy to see why a top needs to spin in order to maintain an erect stable motion, it is less straight forward to fit that knowledge into a workable wave model!!
If we look at the ++4 position for carbon in isolation, and look down the barrel of its N/S axis, as follows…

What we should observe is the only example of a truly centered rotation. The axis of rotation and the N/S are aligned so that the rotation about that axis is smooth and true. Just like a balanced flywheel. There is no vibration, in fact it good to think of this motion as a condition which is in balance with Mind.
Notice also, because we are now looking down the N/S axis we have changed the orientation or any gyroscopic phenomena.
What happens when the top rotating at a speed to maintain stability begins to slow down ?
The N/S axis moves away from its perfect alignment with the axis of rotation.
We see this effect also with the Earth, as the ‘magnetic’ poles are no longer aligned with the true N/S poles.

If an engineer designed an aircraft engine to run on an off centered shaft, the engine would fail because of its imbalance from its true center. The motor would vibrate itself to pieces. The vibration arises because the perfect center of gravity has been divided into two new centers.
Each rotation of the engine will attempt to center itself on two foci rather than a common central axis.
Each of these two new off-set centers, center their own circular motion, but they run as a pair, each one sharing the center of rotation. The motor will thus rock from one to the other, and the bearings will fail. One center of gravity has been divided into two foci.

This is the mechanism by which matter disintegrates. The above image is a representation of the appearance of the two E/W foci, which pulls matter apart through the equatorial poles.
The aligned N/S and rotational axes of the ++4 condition are now pulled apart, as space burrows into the N/S poles and the body expands equatorially.
This is what is happening currently to the Earth, as the N/S poles flatten and the equatorial E/W poles extend which manifests as bulging

Although we describe the universe as an electric universe of motion, we should not lose sight of the fact that the universe is also optical in nature. The differential potential zones that exist between the positive anodes of matter and the expanded cathodes of space, cause light traveling through those zones to bend and refract. This is why light spirals. It does so, to find the easiest path through that differential potential density.

As light bends you can imagine the effect that can have on any perceive effect. Gravitational lensing is well known in science, which can create the presence of illusionary objects in space. Because of the holographic nature of the universe, gravitational lensing occurs on the macro and the micro scale, though the cause is not gravity, rather differential potential density, just as a stick appears to bend at the air/water interface

There are 88 notes on a piano. In order to fit the strings and hence the tones inside the piano frame the strings must be made in various thickness’s. If there was only one single thickness available the bass strings would need to be several hundred feet long !!

If we can imagine our field of perception is the area inside the piano frame, Nature too, has to find a way to accommodate her motions (of varying energies) into our simulated perception. Motion is therefore not a single continuum (like a single string) rather her motion is divided into octave dimensions. This allows more ‘matter’ to fall within our frame of perception. Having said that, there is quite a lot of motion remaining outside our perception.

image from Atomic Suicide

It becomes easy to imagine the lower octaves prior to the hydrogen octave having a low frequency, slow vibration, expanded, cold dimension. Our perception peaks at carbon, then unwinds again as we pass through the radioactive series. The radioactive series being of a higher vibrational frequency once again outside out normal field of perception.

Just as with the notes and tones on a piano, there is NO difference in substance between one tone and another. Sound vibrating at different frequencies creates the illusion of different sounds, rather there is just different conditions of the SAME sound.

Some vibrations we perceive as lithium, or nitrogen, while others we perceive as x-rays. The motion is identical, only the dimension of the motion is different.
If you can grasp the idea that a sun is compressed space, while space is an expanded sun,   all matter manifests between these two extremes then you can grasp the oneness of all creation.

We are all at Sea

Imagine a diver releases a polystyrene sphere/ball at 100 ft below the ocean waves.
You know the sphere will rush to the surface as fast as it can. Do you know why ?
The ball seeks buoyancy or balance in its own electric potential environment. The electrical pressures are too great at 100 ft and thus the less dense material will rise. You wouldn’t dream of saying you were experiencing an ‘anti-gravity’ phenomena, would you ?

A gas will do exactly the same thing, falling from the surface of the ocean up into the heavens for exactly the same reason, it is seeking buoyancy. The electric potential of the environment it too great for a gas on the Earth and so the gas will rise to find balance and rest from motion.
What would Newton have said if the diver had released an apple at 100 ft ? He, Newton may then have invented anti-gravity, or developed a theory as to how the moon pulled the apple to the surface of the ocean.
Consider from now on, that the universe, from the very center of the most incandescent sun to the coldest vacuous space is filled with a differential electrical potential which works in EXACTLY the same way as the pressure differential experienced by our diver with the apple.
This motivates the entire universe, as all matter desires to find buoyancy with its own electrical potential environment.
This is an electric universe not a gravitational one. Gravity is an effect, not a cause. Matter, can fall uphill as well as falling downhill.

Think of the universe as an OCEAN of potential, and matter will always adjust its position in that potential, until its finds rest and buoyancy.
If Newton had thought of all material bodies moving to find buoyancy, rather than being ‘attracted’ by another body, he would have realised that a balanced body has NO WEIGHT associated with it, and therefore he would  not have pursued a gravitational model.
Weight is not a property WITHIN matter, rather it is an effect of the interaction a body has with its environment. Look what happens to one’s weight when you climb a mountain !!
The greater that potential difference between a body and its environment the great is the dimension expressed as weight.

Musical tones and the tonal Elements !!

This section will lay the foundation to explore the connections and synchronicities between the elemental octave and the musical octave.
I can only deal with the evenly tempered musical intervals, I can’t give an in depth description of musical theory.
We are all familiar with the musical scale which rises in frequency from a master tone to its own octave note, passing through the regular intervals of doe, rae, mi, fa, so. la, ti, doe.

We may be able to later apply what is uncovered here in our coil designs, for example if  we discover that the Helium coil is 100 cm long then the Neon coil should be 50 cm.
Applying musical law, if we half the string length we double the string frequency. We are assuming that Neon IS Helium, only an octave higher.

Can apply these musical ratios to the carbon octave and predict anything about the associated elements?
432 Hz is the default frequency.

Tonedoramifa solatido’
ToneRootWholeWholeHalf WholeWholeHalfRoot’
Interval10.88880.80000.7500 0.66660.60000.53330.5000
Pitch11.1251.25001.3333 1.50001.66661.87502.0000
Hz432486540576 648720810864
Commentmoon dia x2computers108 harmonic144 harmonic 25920 harmonicDouble helix162 harmonicSun dia harmonic

Carbon is a special case. It is a double tone, requiring much more explanation.
If the string to produce the root note C is 1 m long then, that string needs to be shortened to 0.8888 m in order to produce the note D, whose pitch is 1.125 times higher than C. A string  0.5 m will therefore produce the octave tone twice the pitch of the original root.

(Note : when A above middle C on a piano is tuned to 432 Hz rather than the standard 440 Hz, the subsequent frequencies are all fadic 9. (4+3+2 = 9, 5+7+6 = 9 etc). Check out the work of Michael Joyce here.
432 is rather a special number not least because 432² = 186,624… speed of light reproduction (miles/sec or 162,000 nautical miles/sec) and my suspicions are that this frequency is a key light frequency for transmutation. I bet the chanting monks of Tibet were tuned to 432 Hz.
I also suspect, we need to think in nautical mile equivalents so as to work more closely with Natures curvature. There are no straight lines in the electric spiral universe.
If that sound frequency @ 432 Hz is increased by 40 octaves, its light equivalent is  4.7499 x 1014Hz. This in turn equates to wavelength of 629 nm which lies in the red spectrum.

If we design a device based on the resonance 432 Hz frequency, just look at some of the synchronistic values we arrive at, just in our solar system.

  1. 2160 = diameter of the moon
  2. 360 = degrees in a circle
  3. 720 = degrees in a double helix
  4. 864 = diameter of the sun, 86400 seconds/day
  5. 7920 = diameter of the earth
  6. Earth Ø – moon Ø = 5760
  7. 2160 = earths diameter in nautical miles
  8. 5040 = radius of earth + radius of moon…..

I could be here all day, check out more for yourself, e.g. 25920 years precession of the equinox and the number of breaths/day breathing at 18 breaths/minute.
I believe the best chance for a device to capture subtle and hidden energies from the cosmos, is to design that device with a natural sympathetic resonance frequency.

When you attempt to push an object, a car for example, where does the energy come from ?
It may seem obvious to your senses that a small weak body will have difficulty moving the car because their body is not very developed and therefore it cannot muster any power.
While on the other hand, a well-built body may have little difficulty in pushing the vehicle.
You would be forgiven for believing, that the energy to move the car was IN the body, and so the bigger, more developed body will get the car to move easier.

This observation while true, the reason however is not true !!!

The energy to move the car in is the Earth. Think of the weak body as an electrical conduit, made up of thin strands of wire, which are capable of carrying very little current.
The well-developed body on the other hand, may be thought of as an electric conduit made up of much larger, thicker gauge wire, capable of carrying a much higher current.

The larger body can now extract from the Earth a greater current to move the object.

There is no limit to potential. We ALL have access to infinite potential. It is our own development of the device (mind and body) with which we interface with that potential that is the limiting stop.

We can ALL become concert pianists, so what is stopping us ? We are !!!
Once you desire to become a concert pianist, your wishes are immediately granted to you. Your wishes are condensed in the form of desire and inspiration. These are your driving forces, your energy. Once you have set your intentions, then nothing will stop you. You have been charged with all the desire/energy/power you need to complete your task.
This energy has been extended to you from the metaphysical universe. If over time, you lose interest in your wish to become a concert pianist, your level of desire will adjust itself accordingly, but that is YOUR choice, not that of infinite possibility!

Unlimited energy is available to all, we need to rethink our designs and interface directly with the sea of potential which surrounds us, just as Tesla did!
The entire universe is contained between a Master anode and a Master cathode. Of course, all ‘energy’ is available to be expressed between these two poles, it can’t be anywhere else !!

Energy is not in matter. Energy lies at the fulcrum. Matter expresses energy. When matter is configured with thick gauge wire it will express more energy !!
Can you ‘see’, find the fulcrum here  ?

The energy of a see-saw is in the fulcrum. The perceived energy is extended through the moving levers, but if the fulcrum were not rigid and instead was made from jelly (jello), then energy could not manifest within the simulation.

Stillness is not space. Space is just a slow motion expression, motion below our narrow sensing range.
Stillness is the fulcrum, space is one lever, and incandescence is the other.

We cannot live in a gravitational universe because WEIGHT is not a property of matter. Your ‘weight’ changes as you ascend a mountain or descend a cave. The dimension which is expressed as weight is a measure of the imbalance your bodily potential has set up with the surrounding environment.
The dimension of weight is therefore a measure of imbalance, but it is not a property of matter. Changing the concept from weight to mass does not prove the existence of a gravitational force.

Every engineering student is taught that warm air rises and cold air sinks to the ground. They design all their equipment based on this ‘fact’. What is actually occurring is exactly the opposite. If warm air rose, heat would accumulate towards the top of the atmosphere !
Heat radiates, but radiation COOLS. As the hot expanding air/gas cools, that cold rises towards the heavens in order to find rest in a similar expanded potential condition.
Cold generates and generation HEATS. Cold generates through condensation. Condensation makes the invisible gases visible as condensate.
Liquids are more closely packed than gases and so are warmer !!!
This warmer positive condition now seeks rest in a similarly conditioned area which is closer to the apex, towards the Earth’s core.

Think about it, if heat rose as is describe by science, the heat would accumulate in the upper atmosphere.
COLD accumulates in the upper atmosphere, because it has shed all its compressed potential. We perceive this shedding as radiation, and believe it is the heat that is rising.

NMR or MRI scans provide us the greatest clue as to the radial nature of creation.

image from giblip

Imagine your own physical body comprised of 1 million radial disks stacked on top of one another to manifest your physical body. When you look in finer detail you’ll find that your body cavity, your veins, bones, nerves are all constructed by stacking radial rings on on top of the other.
As those rings grow, they increase their density towards the inside, effectively closing the central hole. Structures that remain open can be assigned to the +1/+2 stages of the generation cycle.

There is much confusion as to whether a spiral runs clockwise or anti-clockwise. Motion is universal. Motion is both CW and ACW simultaneously, it is how you observe that motion that determines what you sense as reality. Draw a CW spiral on a page. Now look at your spiral through the back of the page, it will appear ACW. If you draw a pair of ears left/right spirals as shown, then fold along the dotted line, a common direction will become evident.
Your left ear appears to have a CW spiral while your right ear appears to have an ACW spiral, when the spiral direction is actually
the same !!
Imagine your ears met ‘back to back’ in the center of your head. Let call this the inert gas ear condition. Division takes place and the ears divide into two expressions of the same thing !! One expression pushes to the left of that centering fulcrum while the other ear expression pushes to the right of the centering fulcrum. They extend a polarity shaft from one side of your head to the other, so you call the left ear North and the right ear South. They are the same one ear appearing as if they were two different ears !!!  Do you think all expressions can thought of in the same way… the same one thing appearing as though it were two different things ?

If you can imagine  a circular current carrying wire, about which the loops of force will spin. Those loops of force will spin in the SAME direction , regardless if you observe a CW or an ACW motion.
Get a piece of wire and bend roughly into a circle. Cut out some circular card to represent the loops of force. Mark each side of the card with the direction of rotation and slide the cards in the same way onto the wire.
You will observe the cards to one side will appear to be rotating CW, while the cards on the opposite side will appears to be rotating ACW, although you made the cards all rotate the SAME way. Direction is uniform, your perspective will determine whether you observe a CW or an ACW motion !
Now, if you cut this ring open and straighten out the wire, the loops of force will all be rotating in the same direction. If you now bend the wire into a typical wave form, the loops of force MUST continue to rotate in the same direction, although your eyes will tell you differently. The important point here is, when, what appears to be a CW motion approaches what appears to be an ACW motion, they will each have the SAME rotation and can thus constructively interfere. This is why each side of the Earth’s equator rotates in the SAME direction.
To change perspective means to observe from the other side of a dividing plane. We cannot see these dividing planes but the effect of moving our perception to the other side of a dividing plane has an enormous effect on our sensing. It appears as though those dividing planes act as mirrors to project/reflect an positive image to one side and it corresponding reflection on the other.
Those dividing planes are Mind, the Creator Mind. They are the Still Fulcrum from which all motion is levered.