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MSS = main stream science

This discussion will attempt to make clear one of the most fundamental differences between the philosophy of WR and that proposed by MSS.

Two-way electric universe
The NETT effect !

The cooling stream = condensation and crystallisation. These are the compressing, centripetal streams.
The heating stream = melting and evaporation. These are the expanding, centrifugal streams.

The purpose of this presentation is to offer a model covering the following teachings of WR and published in works such as The Universal One, Atomic Suicide, New Concepts of the Universe, and the HSC.
This presentation will attempt to address the following,

1.       Two-way universe
2.       Everything is undone as it is done
3.       Backwards flow of time and
4.       The transient nature of all apparent solidity
5.       The more defined clarity one can attribute to nature the less your understanding [Escher]

WRC teaches that all expressions which appear in some physical form within the perceived universe are constructed in wave cycles. They come, they go, and they come again. As part of WR’s philosophy he describes ALL cycles in terms of the life cycle of man, growing from birth, maturing at 40 years, then undergoing an unwinding, radiative process to return the physical expression to Source at 80 years.
The properties and characteristics of any one cycle can be thus applied to all other expressions within the physical from atoms, to petals, suns and galaxies. The only difference is one of dimension, and the axiom of ‘as above, so below’ is a true Natural Law.
It might appear to the untrained eye that life runs in one direction, from birth (past) to maturity (present) into some time in the future when we die. This simple forward motion is an illusion, and illusion which has tricked the greatest minds of MSS.
MSS believes in an entropic death for the universe, believing as it does that the universe is only expanding, and will eventually lose all its heat to die a cold death.

Mental Exercise

Imagine for a moment the life cycle of man is analogous to building a block wall. The wall is built to maturity over 40 years, then, is dismantled over the next 40 years. The wall comes into being and then returns to nothingness!  This still looks like a one directional cycle although MSS can only measure the radiative (40 to 80 years) period.
Nature divides all her actions into two, not one.
According to the big-bang, entropic expanding universe proposed by MSS, the wall somehow appeared, then, immediately began to be dismantled. This expanding process continues to this day. MSS does not offer any evidence that Nature is balanced in all her processes and so offers not counter-balancing generative process.

Nature builds as follows.

[G] implies the generative, building, vitalising and centripetal motion while,
[R] implies the radiative, exhaust, decaying, de-vitalising centrifugal motion.

The desire of Mind decides to express its Idea. This conceived Idea does not just appear fully formed within the physical universe, rather, the physical form develops as Concentrative Thinking develops the Idea from birth to peak expression then to death.
The physical body is born. Let’s apply the wave cycle to the construction of the wall.
There are two stone masons at work, Mason [G] is adding blocks to the wall in a generative manner, while
mason [R] is removing blocks from the wall in a radiative manner!

Mason [G] adds 20 blocks, but mason [R] removes 15, the NETT gain is 5 blocks and the wall begins to grow.

Notice, in the generative half of the cycle, mason [G] is dominant, laying more blocks than mason [R] can remove. It is necessary that mason [R] removes block, as all living bodies must exhale, lose skin cells, hair, teeth, fluids etc. to maintain a healthy growth. This process of give and take continues until the NETT physical body/wall reaches maturity (100 blocks) at 40 years.
The wall appears static and complete. Nature is never static. She appears static because the RATE of generative addition to the body is equal to the RATE of radiative emanations from that same body. this creates a dynamic equilibrium, like walking up a ‘down’ escalator and being held in the same spot although great effort is necessary to maintain that static position. This as you now know is not the reality.

After maturity, the cycles reverse, but the generation cycle does NOT stop, it simply slows.
At maturity mason [G] has increase his work rate to 50 blocks with mason [R]only managing to removing 2 blocks. Notice, how although mason [G] was dominant, mason [R] was still present, active, although passive. The body still needs to exhale in order to inhale.
After maturity, mason [R] begins to up his game and begins to remove more blocks than mason [G] can lay. The wall begins to look less than complete (< 100 blocks). Even though the radiative half of the cycle begins to dominate, the physical expression continues to generate via mason[G]. Dying, decaying bodies continue to inhale until all motion has ceased.
During the radiative half of the cycle, Mason [R] is removing 30 blocks, while mason [G} is only adding 10 blocks. There is a NETT loss of 20 blocks/unit time. This process will continue until all the blocks have been removed and the physical body has been removed from the physical reality.

Every expression is playing a game of tug-o-war.
Team [G]against team [R]. During the generative half of the cycle, team [G] is dominant, then, team [R] takes over control, pulling all the gains of [G] back to the starting equilibrium position when [G] = [R].

There is though, one extremely important feature of this game of tug-o-war namely, when the radiative half of the cycle (team [R]) returns the physical expression to the zero starting position (death), The cycle begins again in REVERSE. Team [R] now pulls in excess of the zero, to express life in the opposite direction, as another GENERATIVE cycle. Team [R] has BECOME team [G].

When a physical body is expressing 40 years, it is doing so by being held buoyant between two opposed steams, one which wants to accelerate forward as fast as possible and the other which holds it back and keep the expression looking like a static image.
An expression of a gyroscopic angle of 33°, is not simply a static 33°. This level of motion is caused by a centripetal force which pulls it towards the centre of maturity, but there is a lesser force pulling it back to the zero axis. The NETT effect is that the generative half of cycle wins and the level of dominance manifests as a image displayed at 33 degrees.
Your physical self at 30 years of age is held buoyant at this level of growth by a force pulling you into the physical with say, 70 units of centripetal motion, but there is another force which wants to return you Source by unwinding your physical self with 40 units of centrifugal motion.

The NETT effect is you have a positive balance of 30 units and so you manifest as a 30 year old physical body.

This is an understandable conclusion if one only examines half of the data. What MSS fails to recognise is that instead of this being a one-way universe it is in fact a two-way universe, but one side of the cycle is not sensed or measurable!
But, the biggest error committed by MSS is believing the cycle starts at 40 years, the fully matured, fully compressed expression. Because MSS can only measure the radiative half of the cycle, they constructed a theoretical model (the big bang) which promoted an expanding only universe. Little or no effort was offered to describe how the compressed starting point was manifested in the first place.

Bear in mind, all living, growing bodies must radiate in order to grow. Your own body, radiates in many ways every single day, while at the same time your body grows, accumulating heat and potential.
Every chemical engineer knows that if they wish to heat a vessel to 120°C they must use super heated steam. The flow of steam must be maintained in order to achieve this elevated temperature. If condensate builds up in the vessel jacket then then flow of steam will stop and the temperature is fall. In other words, getting the high pressure steam into the jacket is important but so too is getting the condensate out fast enough to maintain the steam flow.

Bodies must radiate as they accumulate. Growth implies that accumulation >> radiation, but radiation cannot = zero for healthy growth.

ALL physical expressions manifest as a NETT result of two opposed force. Time is a NETT expression. Time can be said to be running in one 'forward' direction but is also running in the opposite direction to negate that forward progress !
The only reason we believe our perceived reality to be real and solid is because our sensing has been designed to create that impression ! Relying on sensed experience only will not reveal the secrets of the Creation techniques.
Consider the following.
If we represent our perceived reality as a spinning transparent disk, it is evident that the disk appears to rotate clockwise (CW) when viewed from one direction and the same motion appears anti-clockwise (ACW) when observed from the opposite direction. Because we can see through the dividing plane we can now effectively see both sides of the disk simultaneously. By transparent I mean both red/blue light can pass through (polarised lenses are parallel) to allow a full positive image be generated.

The hands on a clock will now appear to rotate CW and ACW simultaneously. If we now extend this model out as represented by a wave, or repeating oscillating pattern we can better understand how our perception flickers to first sense one side of the image then the other side so that together, we 'see' the whole, made up of two halves!
We know for example that polarised lenses when aligned at 90°will not allow light to pass through. A hole on the blue side negative will allow red light to pass through, while a hole on the red side negative will allow blue light to pass through. When the holes are parallel then a full positive image is obtained.

In order for the wall to appear static, the blocks added by mason [G] equals the blocks removed by mason [R]. The static image of the wall is in fact a NETT dynamic image, whereby the rate of addition is equal to the rate of removal. The physical body has reached maturity. One can describe this dynamic as 'everything is undone as it is done'

Every expression within the physical manifest as a result of these two opposed motions, one centripetally pulling you into the physical and the other centrifugally pulling you out of the physical…the remaining balancing potential is what is actually expressed as the physical body.
When MSS observes a condition it believes it is encountering a one-way condition which will eventually die a heat death.
WRC has shown us all that this is not the case. We now know, that Nature supplies (adds) AND subtracts potential during the entire duration of the life/death cycle.
During the generative half of the cycle she adds in excess of her withdrawals so that there is a NETT gain and accumulation of potential.

During the second half of the cycle, the radiative withdrawals dominate in excess of the additions.
Remember, even until that last dying breath, a man is considered to be alive, although his generative additions may only be 1% while his radiative losses might be 99%.

We ‘see’ the 99% radiative effect but interpret it as 1% alive !!!!

One may think of these simultaneous growth/decay sequences in another way.

Imagine, running in the direction of north, with a bungee attached to your waist. Your energy input = 100%, but the bungee pulls you back 90%. Your nett gain is only 10%, and you therefore manifest as a baby. The N/S growth is equivalent to a baby’s growth.

Now, you increase your desire to express yourself as a physical body (octave) and once again apply 100% effort. This time the bungee can only withdraw 70% and the 30% nett gain means that your physical self manifests as a teenager.
This process continues until your nett expression reaches maturity at 40 years. This expression is held in dynamic equilibrium because the potential input = the radiative output.
This model is fine as far as it goes but it suggests that the resistive force is applied 180° to the forward motion. This in affect looks like a gravitational force pulling back from within. WRC teaches that this is not the case, and that the resistive, radiative force is active 90° to the growing force.
Now let’s modify this model and add the bungees closer to the 90° rather than a 180° offset.
To make this image a little clearer the growth cycle will be replaced by a weight-lifter, whose bar-bell is tethered at each end by those same bungees.
Now, as the bar is lifted vertically upwards, the bungees either side will resist this lifting motion.
When to bar shows a net positive lift of 10% it manifests as a baby, 30% a teenager and 100% the fully matured expression of man. This model is a little better showing as it does more of an E/W resistive influence over the progress/projection of the bar into the fully hoisted position.

Fig : 1

However, the E/W influence is at the moment resisting because it is pulling backwards against the hoisting of the bar. This is too much like a MSS description of a gravitational force.
Nature does not work this way.

Notice, how at the starting condition the E/W extension is maximum, but the N/S, 3D expression is minimum/non-existent.
When motion does begin, there will be a projection into the 3D physical realm towards the anode, but there will also be a resistive pulling back towards the cathode.

Now, let’s take a leaf from Buck Minster Fuller’s book and apply the concepts of compression working with the forces of tension. We need to modify the bar-bell model of fig : 1 a little.

Fig : 2

Instead of the E/W bungees being stretched as the bar is lifted off the floor, the bungees COMPRESS towards one another and this action CAUSES the bar to lift vertically!!!

The E/W bungees are compressing inwards towards a common central focal point, but the effect is to raise the bar away from the zero horizontal plane. We sense the presence of this N/S extension as an electric current.
We also call this E/W compression the ‘pinch effect’ whereby the current N/S carried in a hollow conductor appears compressed from the outside E/W. MSS believes the N/S expression of current is the cause of this pinch effect, however, the opposite is true. The E/W compression of the loops of force surrounding a current carrying wire cause the appearance of current in the wire !

This action/reaction is exactly the opposite to what might be first surmised.

When a physical body is born, what prevents it from accelerating its growth to 80 years in 3 days ?
What is the nature of the resistance that prevents this acceleration ?

In order for car to move forward on the road, that forward motion must be resisted. Not by the on-coming air resistance but the resistive contact between the road and the car tyre. In terms of growth of a physical body the desire to express must overcome that resistance, so that there is a NETT positive projection remaining with the physical 3D realm.

We know that Mind is omni-present and Still. Mind is the resistance against which motion appears. Mind CANNOT be removed from its own Creation.