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WRC = Walter Russell Cosmology/Cosmogony.
MSS = the main stream science perspective/dogma
EU = the Thunderbolts Project perspective – the electric universe
CW = clockwise motion
ACW = anti-clockwise motion, or counter clockwise motion

Waves are not undulations such as those produced by the shaking of a rope up and down. They are actions and reactions beginning at and growing from harmonic points of impact upon the inertial plane of the wave. Nor are waves continuations of motion beginning at one source and transferred in sequence. Waves are simultaneously generated from inertia at intervals which are sequential, and in dimensions which are opposed and sequential. Walter Russell
Within the Wave lies the secret of all CreationWalter Russell
If the wave does not travel with a leading edge, and the cube contains the waveform then, Nature is built with Standing Wavesaha_144

The purpose of this material is to provide some, of the broad understanding necessary, to apply to the wave function as proposed by WR. It is important to realise that there is not materialistic structure to the perceived matrix. Heisenberg pondered whether matter was a particle or a wave. WRC teaches that matter is BOTH, and further digging into his work indicates that matter is also neither !!
Nothing is what it appears to be, and your sensing has been designed to cause you this confusion.
Mind has a sense of humour !
You are probably used to assigning definite properties and characteristics to expressions of matter. For example, a particle might be described by conventional science as positive implying that it is positive only or that a body is hot implying that there is no cooling associated with that hot body etc.
As you become more familiar with WRC you will become aware that WR wants you to realise that NO expression of anything anywhere in the universe is of itself alone. Every expression has dual character. Man is both male and female but predominantly male. Positive is both positive and negative but predominantly positive. When considering if matter is a wave or a particle ensure you can ‘see’ both side of the argument and answer with confidence that it is both !
Even though generation might be predominant, aspects of that same body will be radiating.

The more fuzzy you ‘see’ WRC the better you understand it !

This is because, as more and more wave character is revealed to you the less structure you ‘see’ in the physical universe!
A mathematical equation will never adequately describe the universe of motion because, the projected images are (a), (b), (ab) and (neither) all at the same time. Your brain function is the only device that makes an image of material form/solidity from these apparently confusing stimuli.

Getting the correct answer is not the important goal, rather, the goal should be the development of a robust
and logical pathway to that answer/observation.

This is a presentation of WRC philosophy given by Rhetta Jacobson.
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Thought #1
Wave Cycle

Fig : 1
Fig : 1a

The anatomy of the Universal wave is really very simple, though the effects of that simple motion are very complex indeed. ALL motion follows the same path, a period of growth, momentary rest which is then followed by a decaying period.

Fig : 1 The implied motion here is N/S but this motion also applies E/W but in reverse ! Nature’s cycles are continuous. The journey from (b) to (a) continues in a forward direction rather than being reflected !!

…and that’s all there is to it.

The wave cycle is simply a cyclic repetition of this pattern. The generative half of the asexual cycle grows from a seed on the zero wave axis to a maximum, then returns from that maximum to the seed, so the cycle can be repeated. It may seem unbelievable how such complexity of projected image can be achieved by
such simple motion.
The desire to express this simple motion comes from somewhere. There is therefore, a level infused into that desire that determines the extent to which motion will extend from the point of rest (a), find rest (b), then return to rest (a). When that level of desire is high, then the lever of motion will extend further (N/S) away from the fulcrum of rest.

When the desire to express is small, then motion given to the expression (N/S) will also be small.
Imagine tipping a golf ball 3 inches to the hole. The effort required is small compared to the wound up tension necessary to drive that same ball 300 yards !
So, a desire to express is generated somewhere, and that desire is manifested through motion. You can easily tell someone’s inner desire to perform a task by the outward, external effort they display !

You are thus observing their thoughts through their actions !

You may now observe the characteristics and qualities of Cosmic Mind by observing its actions, manifested in the universe of motion.
Can one get a musical note from a guitar string if that string is secured tightly in one place only ? No ! The string must be secured at both ends in order to hold the silent string in a state of tension. Now, when the string is struck, a disturbance is propagated from one end but is also reflected back from the other end to create a standing wave of
that note. If the string could now be said to be secured between an anode and cathode, then, those anode/cathode anchor points could be described as the fixed (Still) points of the Creator Mind. It becomes obvious that Mind is the Cause of every expression of motion, acting as the hub propagator but also the rim reflector.
Motion emerges from Stillness as the oak tree emerges from the acorn.
Fig : 1a indicates universal motion. A division of sorts, then a return to the starting condition again so the cycle can repeat. This image is the basis for the wave and yet this simple image has very complicated effects.
For example, when applied to N/S extensions the directions have one meaning, but when applied to E/W extensions have the opposite meaning !

Quick Tip - Division
Fig : qtip 1

Part of the confusion in understand WR lies with his description of the process of ‘division’. This process only makes sense to me if I consider his teaching in the following manner and interpret the division process as indicated in Fig : qtip 1.

There is another important aspect to what exactly appears to be dividing. We are all accustomed  to describing our world of motion on graphical charts. We make use of x,y,z axes to plot changes with respect to time to represent those dynamic conditions. This is all fine, however!

WR describes this dynamic universe as having been set in motion through the process of Mind actively Thinking which results in a disturbance similar to ripple on a still pond.


What is important to realise is it is the x-axis which registers that disturbance. This is how Mind appears to be divided. What happens now is that loops of force are set in motion about THIS axis, large open loops at the original plane and closed tight loops at the vertical y-axis. It is the motion of these loops which creates the effects we believe are material and physical.

I have come to the understanding that if you only consider a wave as a type of sinusoidal +/- function then you be left wanting. Every wave function you have been exposed to date describes a positive disturbance above the rest condition and a negative disturbance below that same rest line. This description appears to be confirmed when you dug a hole in the sand to create a mound and a trough.
This analogy in terms of WRC makes no sense. Consider for example the rest condition is defined as the inert gas state of motion. If we now dig the metaphorical hole into the inert gas, can we really expect to reveal a reality close to or even beyond absolute zero ?


What science fails to realise and WR is at pains to impart is that the ant/elephant can indeed play see-saw but it requires the central FULCRUM to move. Recording wave functions with a static horizontal dividing equator (x-axis) is not consistent with WRC, although this central position is valid for part of the oscillating cycle.

To understand the wave one must always be aware that the inert gases are the rest/seed conditions for ALL physical expression. They are the fulcra for motion. Our perceived reality does not dip BELOW this seed condition to express a negative disturbance. The inert gases are the universal CATHODES and these cathodes divide physical expression  into +/-/+ as described by WR. In other words the inert gases represent the lowest negative expression, and a static x-axis loses this important point.

I know WR often mirrors the description given by science of the wave in terms of a positive/negative displacement, but his writings are not always consistent with this standard model.

There is also not obvious indication which parts of the fig : 1a are simultaneous or and which are indeed sequential !

If we consider one example of  s.e.x.e.d paired opposites in motion,
the rhythmic interchange between push/pull would look as follows.

Quick Tip - RBI

Think of RBI as you might a conversation you have with a new acquaintance. You say something , they assess then reply , you assess then reply. If these exchanges are balanced and ‘without prejudice’ then the interpersonal bonds will grow and develop because there is balanced interchange between each body. If one decides to cheat or deceive the other, then the exchanges are very unbalanced which creates an overall negative and divisive interaction. When lithium exchanges with fluorine the conversations are balanced and mutually beneficial.

Thought #2
Mind is Cause
Universe of motion is effect

Fig : 1b
Fig : 1a

Mind at rest is the only true reality. Through the process of Thinking, Mind offers our senses a glimpse of that Cosmic Rest.
Science is well aware that motion and matter seems to appear from a void and returns mysteriously to that nothingness. Science is consumed almost completely in a sensed experience, and tries to apply the information gained through that sensed experience to all observed phenomena. When the observations don’t fit the sensed model, those observations tend to be ignored. An illuminated science would know that there is two aspects to Creation, there is cause and there is effect. Because science decided to place all their eggs in one basket and only consider the sensed experience they narrowed their understanding of the universe to a materialistic, reductionist universe of effect only.

Fig : 1a This pattern is entirely E/W There is NO 3D N/S aspect evident just yet !

Figs : 1a represent the principle that the universe of motion we perceived to be real is a projected Mind pattern. This 2D pattern is generated by Mind Thinking & Concentrating expressing a desire bring thoughts to life. There is a spiritual/metaphysical aspects to life which essentially acts as the photographic negative. When Mind Thinks, Light is projected through these thought negatives and a positive physical body with N/S 3D character manifests within the newly created physical universe.
Fig : 1a represents the spiritual universe of Light. The Light of Mind. This Light is Still and is described by WR as Still Magnetic White Light. There is absolutely NO light whatsoever within the sensed 3D physical universe. What we believe to be light is just motion. The incandescence we experience from the sun is not light. It is a moving representation of a Still, Spiritual Light. Fast motion which may manifest as visible light is not Light of Mind.

General Tip 1

Imagine the full Creation Idea = Tolstoy’s book War and Peace. If the entire work was compressed down to a single page, this page would represent the hot, positive potential anode condition. If the same same work was now expanded so that only one word appeared per single page, then this would represent the negative nebulous cold condition. Both, conditions contain the whole. This gives the electric universe a holographic quality, however, there is one major difference. The Creation Idea CANNOT be reproduced from either the anode nor the cathode condition alone. Why ?
I do not ‘see’ the expanded condition as female in the sense of a physical female body. Imagine the book’s contents are divided into two volumes, one with the text on the even numbered pages (male body) and one with the text displayed on the odd numbered pages only (female body). Neither one by themselves expresses the whole idea of the book. It is only when in union that the Idea is complete.
In order to compress the cathode back to ‘normal’ it must be compressed by the anode expanding. More on this later.

All motion is expressed in waves. The wave therefore, has an inter-dependent sensed physical AND an unsensed metaphysical aspect to its construction. The unsensed properties of the E/W expression bring the sensed N/S expression into being. Each aspect needs the other to express themselves as one whole unit of Creation. There is therefore a portion of the wave function which you Know (E/W) rather than sense (N/S). That inner knowledge can only come from deep meditation and contemplation of the principles of this cosmology. You cannot conceive any thought that has not already been thought of by Mind. The degree to which you can think inspirational thoughts is dependent on the development of your connection to Source itself. Your body expresses itself as effect, but the cause of the motion lies with your metaphysical self.
Imagine, playing the notes of a piece of music without any real feeling. Those sounds will appear stagnant and cold. But, if the musician connects with his inner knowing and plays the same piece with feeling and love, then the audience will feel ‘source’ in his playing. They will feel inspired, and their own inner knowing will benefit as a result.

The Creation Idea, concepts, properties, and characteristics which belong to Source (fig : 1a) are NEVER created or divided, they just appear to be divided.
Those concepts belong to the universe of Rest. An illusion (N/S) of what those concepts are is created by Mind, through the processing of ‘thinking’. Thinking is electric, and the effect (fig : 1b) is polarised expression. Polarisation implies division into N/S character.

The real universe is at Rest. We belong to that universe. The universe we believe is real is an illusionary universe, a universe of motion only. Our sensing selves can only respond to motion (N/S), and so our task is to realise that the ‘out there’ universe is only a moving image and that the real universe of rest (E/W) lie within every expression of motion.
Every expression of motion is extend from a fulcrum of rest. That fulcrum centers and balances all motion. That fulcrum is the cause of motion.

Your mind is your direct interface with Cosmic Mind, the universe of Rest and all Cause. Your body interfaces with motion only.  It is entirely stimulated by effect. Your mind though, can determine how your body engages with those external stimuli. As you develop your mind, you do so in a manner akin to tuning a receiver. Your level of Knowing
determines what information you can download from infinite possibility. All knowledge is available to you, you are responsible for your own tuning !

You can say, your mind interacts with your spiritual body and the metaphysical universe of Cause, Rest and Stillness, while your physical body can only respond to the ‘effects’ of external sensed stimuli. Your mind interacts in an E/W direction, but your physical self reacts in a N/S direction. The purpose of WRC is to show the path to Cause. To show you that you are One with Cause, and to teach how the illusion is created. WRC requires you to establish a robust dialog with your inner self, because reading about ‘effects’ alone will not be sufficient to uncover the true underlying Cause. This will require a different approach to study. Every observed effect must be internalised, dissected and examined to expose the simple underlying Cause. This cannot be taught. You have to walk your own path, and the direction you need to head is inward and not get too distracted by all the outward stimuli.

Quick Tip - Challenge

Challenge yourself always by asking if you could comfortably make a 15 minute presentation or write 1000 words on any aspect of WRC you are studying.
If you cannot achieve this, you may need to continue you deep contemplation of the particular topic. Unfortunately, you have have to do the work.
For example, can you think of 3 properties the cubic wave filed must possess in order to comply with WRC ?

Get writing 🙂

The motion assigned to the inert gas condition is not fully at rest, but it is very close to being at a complete standstill. The light streams between the hub and rim are almost still. Their homogeneous uniform character represents the minimum possible motion an expression of matter can have and still remain within the perceived universe. These uniform light streams are invisible. They have similar character to a musical string of great length. They produce very low base tones, too low to be sensed. They become visible through the process of Mind Thinking. A disturbance or resistance is introduced into this calm ocean of potential and the resultant wave pattern manifests as a physical body to our sensing. This topic is expanded more fully on the ‘Matter’ page. Essentially, the string length shortens until the elemental tones come within our range of perception.
Remember, when a 2D disk beings to spin in a centripetal direction, the reaction will be a gyroscopic 3D N/S extension. When that spinning motion is slow, the N/S will be minimal and thus the expression will manifest as cold dark space/gas. But, when that same centripetal motion is fastest then the N/S will be maximum, and the experience will be one of heat, light, density, form, matter etc..

Quick Tip - Video Notes

Try not to get too side tracked by the interviewer’s obvious lack of understanding of the topic delivered by Lothar. LS marries beautifully the links between the perspectives of MSS and those of WRC. I think the message offered here by LS is exactly in tune with those of WR himself.

Science was lead astray by the interpretations of Newton, who believed in a materialistic world. That is, that measurable matter (N/S) was the only true reality, and that effect is the same everywhere in the universe. Newton was thus consumed by N/S effects only. The cause of those N/S effect can not be found in the measurable dimensions of N/S effects.
Science attributes matter and form to all those aspects which can be sensed and measured. It then attributes the term anti-matter to the metaphysical aspects, which are known but cannot be measured. Science or at least the quantum physicists are aware that there is an aspect of our 3D world that is non-material in nature and yet has form !!

WRC wants you to let go of a sensed only understanding of the world around you, and learn how to have an all inclusive perspective of the universe of motion and learn how YOU fit into the overall Creation Idea. YOU are not limited to your physical expression.
You can think of the physical universe as the body realm and the metaphysical universe as the spirit realm. These two aspects work hand in hand. They cannot exist without the other. Your physical expression could not exist without its spiritual/metaphysical aspect. As above, so below implies therefore that EVERY expression of motion has a physical and a spiritual aspect. Limiting our understanding to one side only holds us back from full cosmic development.

Fig : 1d

WRC attempts to guide you to embrace these two sides of the Creation Idea into your everyday understanding of your life experience. In fact, quantum physics indicates that your mind and thoughts are part of a greater Cosmic Mind, but science is weighed down trying to prove this
phenomenon in outward (N/S) effect rather than looking inward for Cause.

There is nothing physical ‘out there’. There is only an omnipresent Cosmic Mind, of which you are a thought form. Mind has created you and everything else in the universe to represent a Cosmic Thought form. Motion (E/W) within the loops of force or Thought rings is the only reality. But, that motion creates the illusion of N/S motion we believe is the only reality.

Science engages in a practice of changing or ignoring the observable facts in favour of a science that removes the Creator from its own Creation. Science relies far too much on a man made mathematical models. They then tend to develop ‘inventive’ concepts in order to fit the mathematical model rather than adapting their models to suit the observations.

As above – so below is Natural law.

There is NO energy in matter.

Nuts & Bolts

This aspect of continuous motion is really important. If you imagine tightening a nut onto a bolt as the generative half of the cycle. The torque required increases for each of the 4 generative steps until maximum torque is achieved for the +4 condition. The radiative half of the cycle is not simply a reversal of the tightening process, rather compressive generative continues past the maximum torque point until the threads snap and the stored torque is released as high rotational spin, thereby unwinding the potential in a continuous FORWARD direction. When this rotational spin is exhausted then the generative compression cycle begins again.
This is analogous to a man going older from 40 – 80 years returning to the womb via the tomb.

The only energy of the universe is the DESIRE of Mind to express Idea. That desire is extended to within the universe-in-opposition. Desire is a property of the metaphysical universe/reality. This Desire causes the motion within the loops/rings. This is what Thinking is, creating a moving pattern of an unmoving Concept. Matter only seems to possess the property of energy. Your own desire to achieve certain goals is what drives you, and that same desire is what drives the universe. That DESIRE is the Light of Mind which is projected through the metaphysical negative to cast a positive image of matter and form.
So, pulling all the concepts expressed above into one diagram consider fig : 1d above.

The horizontal section/axis indicated as (b) in fig : 1d is the Cause of all effects of motion. So, something happens within section (b) to Cause the motion indicated
in section (a).
If we now apply the concept of Tolstoy’s War and Peace, the condition close to the horizontal axis is the condition whereby the novel is expressed as one word/page.
The vertical axis is the condition whereby the novel is compressed to one single page. Can you ‘see’ the seed condition exists WITHIN both axes of Stillness. The vertical axis wants to burst open, while the horizontal axis wants to unfold gracefully !
Fig : 1a implies that we can think of the characteristics and properties of Mind as we might an open flat disk. This disk is essentially 2D, as being flat implies there is no N/S or 3D expression. The disk is open, meaning it has a large central hole surrounding a hub. An important point here is that all motion must return to zero before it can be repeated. All motion must pass through Source before it can be repeated/reproduced.

General Tip 2

Although the journey from the apex maximum to the zero death resting condition is indeed a reversal of polarity… positive character does NOT flip to the outside with negative character on the inside. The accumulated potential of the apex is gradually lost, the apex loses positivity, heat etc., but it never drops below zero during the radiative half of the cycle !
When potential/curvature equal zero then all motion/expression has returned to Source and all curvature is lost.

Likewise, the low potential density at the cathode increases its potential but it never passes zero. Motion STOPS when the zero
equilibrium is established on the zero wave axis. When the next cycle begins in reverse the new apex accumulates positivity again !
In short, heat is always to the inside. If it were to the outside, the body would be dead.

“Nature creates sex-conditioned bodies by polarising and equilibrium condition. Nature then destroys bodies by depolarising them. Nature then repeats through interchange between opposite conditions. All bodies are eternally repeated” WR

When a 60hz light bulb is operating we sense a continuous lighted output. If we slow down that output we would sense the light intensity grow to a max then fade again. Fast oscillation between ‘on/off’ creates an illusion of solidity. Our sun is in fast oscillation, our physical bodies are in fast oscillation yet there is no solidity to either !
If we could experience the slowed motion of our sun or indeed our own physical bodies we would perceive the image coming and going with more transient ethereal form rather than the solidity we are used to !
The entire universe is being renewed from moment to moment, and each moment is a new refreshed version of the previous Thought. Think of a band marching on the spot… the process of Mind Thinking simply moves the entire thought slightly to the side and reprojects the image… this appears as motion… it appears as though light traveled.
It never went anywhere, because the spot marching is the same spot. Mind is Mind no matter where it chooses to project its Thoughts. This concept alone could consume your conscious development for years

Fig : 2
Fig : 2a

When Mind wishes to express an Idea, that Thought Form is made to appear as a physical moving image due to an apparent division of the Idea into two opposed aspects of the same Idea.
Our sensing has been ESPECIALLY designed to be stimulated by such an apparent disturbance. Our physical reality appears as an electrical disturbance which manifests between a static and a dynamic equator.

Imagine, when Mind desires to express an Idea, this Idea is initiated as if the impact of a Cosmic Stone occurred at the (0,0,0) central hub. WR describes this event as compression (CAUSE) of the expanded Idea within the 2D (x/z plane) which produces an effect (3D) along the y-axis/plane. The 2D plane is thus described as the static plane of expanded Thought-pattern. When the y-axis/plane comes into manifest, this 3D aspect to the wave field facilitates a dynamic moving image within the wave field container.
Figs : 2/2a outline the geometry of a Thinking Mind. The desire to express is marked out harmonically within the 2D static plane AND then within the 3D dynamic plane (y-axis/plane). On the ‘Source- page’  I indicated how Mind appears to divide all Creative Ideas into two forms, an expanded and compressed aspect.
These two forms are offset by 90° from one another. The expanded version lies within the 2D (x/z-plane) while the compressed version of the same Idea lies within the y-plane.

IMPORTANT : The x/z plane expresses itself by COMPRESSING,
while the y-plane expresses itself through EXPANSION.

These two forces will now act AGAINST one another to express motion about an axis of STILLNESS. How ?

Fig : 2b
Fig : 2c

Fig : 2b REMEMBER, if red is shown to the front (heads of a coin) then blue is implied on the reverse (tails) side. If blue is shown to the front (heads of a coin) then red is implied on the reverse (tails) side.
If one side looks to motion as CW, then the reverse side will be perceived as ACW. Always the apparent opposite !
If positive red appears in cubic wave field cell 4 then the blue will manifest in cell 5

Effect is always produced in pairs. These pairs always work in opposition (180°) creating a two-way effect. In terms of the cubic wave field, the pairs align as follows, 1/8, 2/7, 3/6, 4/5.
Both expressions are positive, generative wave forms.

The motion indicated in Fig : 1 when combined with the geometry produced by Fig  :2c produced the moving imaged reality we sense and believe to be the only true reality. Think of the xyz planes as lenses rather than just simply mirrors.  We know from our laboratory experiments than double convex lenses produce 'real' inverted images. Within the context of the cubic wave field, if an image is projected into section 1 then its mate will be produced as an 'inverted'  image within section 8.
This is how and why troughs ALWAYS accompany peaks. It must be this way because any disturbance produces two opposite effects. This image indicate one wave length, but only one half of a wave cycle !

When you roll a coin on a table top, each side of the coin rolls in the SAME direction although from one perspective it appears that heads is rolling CW while tails is rolling ACW. This is a man made interpretation. If you could now somehow separate the head from the tail and lie them flat on the same plane it would appear to our sensing that indeed the head was rotating CW and the tails ACW like two meshing gears. This leads to all kinds of confusion especially when man attempts to replicate Nature with CW and ACW wound coils.
Remember, ALL of Nature turns on its N/S axis in one single direction and that direction is W to E. This is why the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. This is Natural Law for the whole of Creation

It is my present understanding that, ALL expressions within the perceived universe is composed of a compressed aspect AND an expanded/radiated aspect.
In short, Mind uses two patterns or
photographic negatives to construct ALL moving images, one which is configured with a compressed version of the Idea and one with an
expanded pattern of the SAME Idea. The compressed pattern is projected from the x-axis from an expanded negative while the expanded image is radiated from a compressed negative from the y-axis !

Sphere's & Hemi-spheres

Imagine squeezing a spherical balloon with your right hand so that two unequal hemispheres are created. The compressed section will form the northern hemisphere of a unionised core, while the expanded section will form the southern hemisphere of the same unionised mantle.

Now, take a second balloon and squeeze it with your left hand, once again creating two unequal hemispheres. These will form the southern hemisphere of a unionised core, and the expanded section will form the northern hemisphere of the same mantle. The core is thus M/F as is the mantle.

Fig : 2b

Fig : 2b implies that, the more motion appears to be projected (generated) away from the x-axis the more COMPRESSED it will be and the more motion appears to be radiated from the y-axis, the more EXPANDED it will appear.
Notice the 90° offset opposition. It is these two opposed force that distort a straight line diagonal vector into a curved wave form.

This wave curvature will from now on be referred to as a Stillness-Vector. This Stillness-Vector is NOT motion itself. Motion will spiral about/around this Stillness-Vector.
Notice, how motion appears to be compressing on the underside, yet expanding on the outside of the Stillness-Vector.

These opposed forces produce an effect called INCANDESCENT-MOTION
simulates the Light of Mind.

Fig : 3 – Infinitely wide – Compressed Idea
Fig : 3a – Universe in Motion
Fig : 3b – Fully Expanded Idea

WR describes  Mind Thinking as “Still Magnetic Light”.  This condition is highlighted in fig : 3.
This Light does NOT enter the perceived universe. Fig : 3 represents the entire Creation Idea (all possibility) in the form of a compressed seed.
Likewise, fig : 3b expressed EXACTLY the same Creation Idea but in expanded form. This is why WR teaches that Mind appears to be divided when no such division is possible !

It is really important to realise there is no light whatsoever within the perceived universe.
WR is explicit.
What we sense as light is MOTION.
Incandescent-motion is NOT Light !!!

To describe the perceived universe as being composed and formed from light is not compatible with WRC.

Fig : 3a attempts to indicate how incandescent-motion behaves like a disturbance which as an effect, appears different to the underlying homogeneous conditions of
Figs : 3/3b.
A wave form or Stillness-Vector is thus EXPOSED. We know it is present be cannot interact act with it. This is why our perceived universe appears to have structure and form and yet is quite elusive. The compressed condition of fig : 3 must be stepped down (transformer) in order for the Idea to manifest within this physical universe.
Likewise, the expanded condition of fig :3b must be stepped up so that the low frequencies can be expressed within the physical realm.

General Tip 3

It might be useful to think of the above condition as follows. A Thinking Mind appears to divide. This action tears the fabric of fig : 3 which then exposes the fabric of fig : 3b below… we perceive motion at this tear, where the illusion is set !
If Fig : 3 was superimposed over Fig : 3b they would appear together as cold dark nebulous space to our sensing.

Fig : 1x

Fig : 1x There appears to be an external expression of polarity. The wave field is balanced within itself. The hot side has a short lever, while the cold side has a longer lever.

In the typical piston model, as the piston moves in one direction, two opposite conditions are created each side of the piston head.

Compression on the positive side with a simultaneous expression of expansion on the opposite side of the piston head.

We describe the left side as the positive, hot side due to the relationship (closer) of the piston head to the left side boundary wall.
The potential contained therein is raised to a much higher pressure over the initial starting inert gas condition. Likewise, on the opposite side of the same piston head, the negative condition is created because of the relationship (further away) of the piston head to the right side boundary wall. The zero potential is now free to cover a much larger area/volume and thus expresses a lower, colder pressure condition.
Fig : 1x is essentially how we describe the charging of a battery. Work is done by the battery as the high potential condition to the left is radiated and the piston head returns to the central, equalised position.

General Tip 4

On a galactic scale, the cold wake wave (blue) acts as the site for CONDENSATION to occur.
This is why so many nebula are observed with visible hub centers. The radiating hub, becomes the site for the next generating hub, as the
cycle turns inside-out, and later outside-in. This is a thermodynamic cycle, not just a single entropic direction.

Thought #3
No room at the Inn

A simple way to envisage how polarity is divided to create the locked potential positions which define the observable elements of matter is as follows. Imagine a 20 room hotel with 20 guests, strangers to each other, 10 red and 10 blue.
The zero inert gas condition is now defined as the 20 rooms occupied by 1 guest only. Each guest has their own personal space, and they do not encroach on any of the other guests. Their level of personal tension and stress is thus minimal.
The +1 compressed condition is now defined as, 10 red guests occupying 8 rooms AND 10 blue guests occupying 12 rooms. The personal stresses and tension begin to increase on the red side as guests are forced to share space, but the tension on the blue side is relaxing as each blue guest has more room in which to move. The red side is getting hotter, while the blue side is getting colder. This cold holds the heat in place, and prevents (during the generative half of the cycle) the compressed heat from returning to 10 rooms.

The +2 compressed condition can be defined as follows. 10 red guests are now forced to occupy 6 rooms, while the 10 blue guests can move freely around 14 rooms. The potential as defined by increased stress and tension is increasing on the red side but the tension is relaxing on the blue side as the personal space for each guest increases. Notice, how the potential (number of guests) on each side is UNCHANGED. Think of the reduction of rooms on the red side as E/W COMPRESSION.

Space is effectively being moved to the outside. This is the definition of ‘generation’. The effect though, is expressed in a N/S (the distance between the two hot/cold) direction. Notice, that the differential between the positive anode side is increasing relative to the cathode side.
The trend continues for the +3 condition. The 10 red guests are now forced into 4 rooms, with the 10 blue guests allowed to expand into 16 rooms. It should be obvious that the potential accumulating on the red positive side is experiencing great deal of internal tension. That potential wants to explode, exactly the opposite desire to that attributed by gravitational science and the nuclear atom model which supposedly holds electrons in place from within.
The rooms lost on the red side are gained by the blue side. WR describes this situation as matter accumulating on the inside with space pushed to the outside.
Now, the +4 condition. All 10 strangers are forced to share one single room. Tensions and stresses are maximum and this high potential is the driving force for them to explode outwards, to get as far away from each other as possible.
A force which attracts from within in not consistent with Natural Law.
The main stream view held by science is that gravity is a force which pulls from within is 180° incorrect. So, the 10 red guests are forced into 1 room, while the 10 blue guests can avail of 19 rooms. The positive side/core is thus manifesting great heat. That heat wants to escape violently but is prevented from doing so by the cold crust on the outside which came about due to the ratio of 10 : 19 which manifests as cold dark space.

Fig : 1a

Balance can return to the hotel, if the opposite conditions are united. The 10/8 guest/room +1 condition if united with the 10/12 -1 condition would thus create a balanced union of 20/20 or 1 : 1 distribution across the inn, a voided condition. Voided means there is no perceived polarisation,
see Fig : 1a. However, this image does not accurately reflect the scenario just described !

Voidance does not necessarily mean matter disappears from the simulation. Voidance implies a lost of ability to express polarity. NaCl is a voided condition and yet is very much part of the simulated universe. However, the polarised conditions of the divided expressions of Na and that of Cl have been indeed been removed from the simulated universe !

Prof. Eric Laithwaite demonstrating Boyle’s Law, but modified to WRC/ EU plasma
The professor in his spare time invented maglev transportation was shunned by his profession because he dared question Scientific Dogma.

A polarised conditions is one whereby there appears to be an increase in potential on one side of a dividing equator and a decrease of potential on the opposite side of that same dividing equator. This effect though, is due to the changing volume of space. Space is not really the correct term because that would imply there are two ‘things’ in the universe matter and space. There are not two things at all. When potential is distributed in a very small volume it behaves as matter, but when that same potential is distributed over a larger volume then the condition is perceived as space.

Quick Tip - Invisible

Think of matter and space as you would water droplets and water vapour. The droplets are visible and may be thought of as tangible physical matter, while the water vapour is the SAME substance but is not so tangible. This applies to a sun/space. A sun is compressed space while space is an expanded sun.

Space therefore, is not something different from matter. Space and matter are the same thing differing in volume only. Polarisation implies curvature. Straight planes become curved to create two opposite effects, due to the different arc of the inner/outer radii.
Straight planes are a property of the metaphysical/spiritual universe, while ALL curvature is a property of the physical universe. Curvature is necessary to create polarised opposites, which is a necessary prerequisite for manifesting within the physical.[/su_heading

The electric discharges of the sun are PUSHED back to the sun by the surrounding cold space. The emanations are NOT PULLED back by a gravitational force from within. When the compressive ability of space is on the wain then the sun will centrifugally push its potential away from itself, unwinding as it does so. As a body unwinds it cools. It therefore becomes more like the outside condition. It will continue to do this until the body has fully unwound and cooled. All the once accumulated potential (hub) is returned to Source at the boundary, so that the cycle can begin again.

Thought #4
Union and divided gravity

Fig : 6
Fig : 6a

We all possess an inherent talent, a skill which is not taught but is somehow known which we utilise when we wish to generate a vortex !

Fig : 6 indicates a bottle with some liquid remaining which we now wish to empty from the bottle.
Just before we do so, let’s look at some of the features of this scenario.

While the bottle is at rest, we can say that it is centered on one single center of gravity. The central hub at the center of the circle. Now, while the liquid can be poured from the bottle we, to a man, invariably do the following, we generate a vortex. This is achieved, by dividing that  single center of gravity into two foci.
Pay very close attention to what has just happened. By us now moving the bottle in an elliptical path, the single central hub has divided into two centers about which motion is now forced to circulate. The reaction to this division is to mobilise the liquid into a spiraling vortex.

Fig : 6b
Fig : 6d

WR describes a condition of non-motion as a calm still surface on a pond.
This is a good analogy, but bear in mind the flat surface is the result of the force pushing up being equal to the force pushing down.

As these force are equal they are also balanced and the net result is a flat calm undisturbed condition.
Man utilises this condition in all his devices, ensuring the moving part rotate uniformly about a single shaft.
Stillness is of course a necessary condition but only for a brief period in the cycle.

Imagine, every body of water was still and calm, every electric potential was ‘flat’, the wind did not blow anywhere on the planet and all breathing cycles were stopped ! These condition could not sustain life. Motion and motion only expresses life. Uniform motion about a single shaft in not the way Nature expresses life. She must alternate her motion in order that the calm surfaces are disturbed into expressing life through that very motion.This must be an important design consideration when we attempt to harness Nature. This was surely the consideration that Tesla designed into ac current. To design a hurricane into our devices we must be cognizant of two foci.
If Nature were to design the motion of the engine above (Fig : 6d) she would do so like a cam shaft, off-set but still balanced !

Generative + Radiative wave cycle
Some aspects of this model will be discussed further on the Celestial Mechanics

Motion about two foci dominates the motion in our perceivable universe.

Fig : 7c Closed Loop
Fig : 7d But..when loop is cut

Two foci implies that gravity has been divided. Gravity is the single undivided Still axis which centers all balanced matter.
These foci represent the extended E/W balancing levers. They will also determine the diameter of the central ‘hole’ in the electrical loop of force.

Notice, how in Fig : 7d this elliptical path has been opened up into what appears to be a continuous wave form !

Points (A) and (A1) are the same point, so as one wave form ends at (A1), a new wave cycle begins at (A), a wave replica of the elliptical motion indicated in fig : 7c

General Tip 5

One can imagine the loop indicated in fig : 7c resulting from a pendulum in motion. The sweep of the pendulum traverses across a stationary screen. If on the other hand, that screen were free to move, then the pendulum would appears to trace open loops as the screen moved in one direction without reversing as implied in fig : 7d.

Fig : 7e The blue face is showing the SAME time but from the rear perspective

Fig : 7e

EVERY time our sensing moves across a plane of zero curvature motion appears to change.

Fig : 7f

Our sensing is completely UNAWARE of these planes of zero curvature, and completely UNAWARE how our perception is affected by these transitions.
It is difficult to believe that two meshed gears one which appears to turn CW and the other ACW are actually turning in the same direction!!!

The hands on the clock only turn in one direction, in Nature that is W to E.. Our viewing perspectives suggest two opposite directions.

A wave form as indicated in fig : 7d is really an open circle/loop. This creates an illusion of a continuous motion is a particular direction, when the same motion is allowed to run in a loop would appear to simply go round and round just like the hands on a clock.

Which dress ?
You’ll remember the problem of the husband giving his wife the correct answer when she asked, “which dress shall I wear tonight, the red or the black one” ? He replies, “the black one” and she replies, “what’s wrong with the red one”?

Our perception is equally troubled. It wants to view our reality from the front AND from the rear at the SAME time. The wave function is Nature’s technique to do both, by flipping the image every time our perception crosses a plane of zero curvature.
Fig : 7e attempts to highlight this issue which our sensing doesn’t even know is an issue !
Fig : 7e Nature work’s OUT OF BALANCE

Thought #5
Everything is undone as it is done ! 

This should wreck your head

Prior to examining the information revealed by Snell’s wave machine, consider the following image regarding the speed of light and light traveling with a leading edge.

Fig : 8
Fig : 8e

Fig : 8 This is the most profound revelation of WRC but, WR leaves this for you to discover for yourself !

Fig : 8e Can you ‘see’ the x-axis itself appears to be expanding/contracting. This is the effect of Thinking !
Imagine if these wave forms/peaks weer compressed to such an extent they form a vertical axis !

Fig : 8 represents a thin strip of Gravity/Mind/Stillness which contains the expanded seed expression for the patterned universe of motion-in-opposition. The Points of Light represent a Concept or Idea which Mind desires to express. That Concept is projected as a patterned light into the matrix and our sensing interacts with that pattern accordingly. If (a) represents the initial disturbance, then (b) is the SEQUENTIAL projection of the next stage of development of that Concept.

These pulses may only be pico-seconds apart.

Projection (a) does not travel to point (b). Point (b) is projected independently by the SEQUENTIAL Thinking of Mind.
To our sensing, the growth of point (a), the decay of point (a) and the growth of point (b) appears as a continuous cycle running at a rate of 186,624 miles/sec !
Mind expressing sequential Thinking at a rate of 186,624 miles/sec or 162,000 (phi) nautical/miles/sec.
In other words, motion appears from the void at a rate of 186,624 miles/sec.

Fig : 8e should add more clarity. Notice, how it is the Thinking impulse which gives the impression of motion within the physical universe. Our universe is constantly being REPRODUCED by the SEQUENTIAL pulsing on Mind Thinking. Each pulse creates the ENTIRE universe again. Just like a film strip. The entire movie is made up of thousands of individual still images. Our physical universe is also switch on/off/on every single moment from every single point (omnipresent Mind). This appears to our
sensing as a moving imaged physical universe, when no such movement is occurring at all.

Notice, when the potential of the horizontal axis is compressed to a maximum… it becomes the vertical axis !

Remember, we said all Creation Idea lies in the Still axes either as a fully compressed aspect, or a fully expanded aspect. In this case the horizontal wave axis holds the fully expanded aspect. The process of Concentrative Thinking by Mind within that axis creates the illusion of a division, a polarised condition which manifests as a N/S disturbance which  we sense as our physical universe. The only real motion is that of a Thinking Mind, and that Thinking is expressed by loops of Thinking force which manifest within the physical universe as the ELECTRICAL loops of force.
There is no movement from left/right. Mind is the same everywhere, the horizontal axis is the same everywhere. The Thinking process is cyclically sequential, but nothing moves !

General Tip 6

When a swimmer pushes away from the pools edge, he/she doesn’t reach the opposite edge immediately because the body encounters the resistance of the water. The swimmer must then input more effort/energy to overcome that water resistance in order to make some forward progress across the pool.
If the swimmer pushed off an edge while in space, without the ‘normal’ resistance in place the swimmer would continue on the journey powered by their initial push.
Now, when a body is born what prevents it from accelerating without resistance to 80 years in say one week ?
Time/light appears to be limited to 186,624 miles/sec. Why ? What is the nature of the resistance that limits light to this speed ?
There must therefore, for an expression of say 20 years be an opposite flow of time which is stronger, to act as a resistance holding the forward expression at the 20 year expression at the correct forward speed !
The implications of Thought #5 are enormous. We know that the current model proposed by quantum science forbids time travel to the past, although time travel to the future is allowed in the mathematical model.
WRC is teaching us that there is no past and there is no future, there is only Now !
Time travel as perceived in one form or another by any human whose has thought about it is therefore IMPOSSIBLE. There is no past/future to travel to because the universe is being created instantly from every point. The march of time isn’t going anywhere… it is only marching on the spot, a new (slightly advanced) image is appearing onto the SAME screen.

Fast repetition creates illusion of motion - Movie
If the universe of motion could be slowed down the secret of the illusion would become obvious !
The individual frames/pulses of a Thinking Mind would be revealed !
But, when those frames are run at 186,624 miles/sec we sense a solid, materialistic world.

It will really help if you don’t limit your thinking of  wave motion as you might a mathematical, sinusoidal wave function.

Think of loops of force as you might beads on a string.  There is no up/down wave as such, but what there is, is a compression/expansion squeezing type motion of each individual loop or bead.

This E/W squeezing is focused inwards towards the center of each loop/bead. In short, when the hole at the center of the loop/bead is fully open then the portion of the wave will manifest as a cathode. When that same loop/bead closes the center hole to a maximum then the loop/bead behaves as an anode.
The cathodes/anodes are offset by 90° and the anode occupies the wave amplitude. So, the dimension of the central hole of every loop/bead determines its position on the sinusoidal wave !!
It is the sequential motion of E/W squeezing the central hole closed, then opening it again when observed as an aligned N/S sequence creates the illusion of a moving wave. But, just as the crown at a football game stand/sit in sequence creates the illusion of a ‘Mexican Wave’ our sensing/processing is fooled by exactly the same sequential stimulation.
We don’t sense the E/W sphincter compression/expansion cycle. We do however, sense the N/S response to that E/W sphincter motion !

Division revisited

Fig : 1x represents a single body of matter being composed of a positive nucleus surrounded by a negative cold atmosphere. This matter has come into the physical as a result of Mind Thinking, which results in a shifting of the central dividing equilibrium plane (x-axis) to the left, creating the positive compressed zone, and a large expanse of negative potential.
The quantity of potential is equal, but the area/volume in which that potential circulates is vastly different.  WR describes this asymmetric balance in terms of a conical potential distribution. When the potential/volume ratio is high we experience matter. When the same ratio is  low we experience cold nebulous space.

Potential is shivering to the right, but overheating to the left !

When Mind relaxes from Thinking Idea into motion, the hot accumulated pressure of the anode is free to expand and push the piston to the right. This is the radiating, decaying part of the cycle. Radiation will continue until the pressure is equal on both sides of the piston. The dividing fulcrum will therefore be re-positioned at the dead center of the wavefield. Without any expressed differentials, all motion will stop and the physical body of matter will cease to exist. Death means the inability to accumulate and hold heat. Decaying bodies are expanding, expanding bodies radiate and radiation cools.

General Tip 7

Think of a Thinking Mind as you might a swinging pendulum. You may be familiar with the complicated geometry produced by a swinging pendulum…

If this geometry was traced in 1 minute, imagine what our sensing would perceive if this image was reproduced at the rate of 186,824 miles/sec. The undivided condition is represented by a PERFECT circle. All radii to the hub are of equal length. When division occurs, this single hub appears to split into two. The perfect circle now transforms into an ellipse. Not all radii are of equal length. Man’s solenoids are TOO symmetrical. With the artful example above, Nature, would prefer to trace straight lines.
What type of counter-balance might need to be added to the swinging pendulum, so that instead of tracing a complicated geometry, simple straight lines were produced !
When balanced s.e.x.e.d opposites are in union they together trace straight lines !

ALL MATTER once set into motion by a Thinking Mind, wants to find rest from that motion. The BEST form of rest achievable is to re-position the dividing fulcrum back at the center of its own wavefield.
Fig : 1x can die without any outside help. It possesses the power in accumulated potential to completely unwind itself, die and return to Source. This may take some time before it can be achieved, 80 years in the case of man.
ALL MATTER will, in the meantime, seek a suitable rest position while remaining within the living physical universe.
ALL MATTER will do this by finding a balanced rest with its own electrical potential opposite, LiF, NaCl, KBr etc.
This simulated rest will keep matter in a stable condition with little desire to unwind back to Source.

Thought #6
Anodes & Cathodes
Two-way motion

One may think of an anode as the location which receives a centripetal input but transmits a centrifugal output. Likewise, a cathode is the location which receives a centrifugal input but transmits a centripetal output. This is why WR describes every anode also has cathode character, and every cathode is also an anode !

Fig : 9 represents the transmitter/receiver characteristics of both the anode/cathode.

Fig : 9

Matter is not held together by gravitational forces, in fact, the opposite is true. All matter is out of place with its true rest condition of Stillness and will therefore make every effort (explosive) to return from a condition of motion to that condition of rest.
Anodes radiate as they accumulate, while cathodes generate by reversing the radiative emanation of the anode.
This simple model has profound implications for how bar-magnet work and how density and matter are born out of the condensation process, whereby expanding/radiative emanations are reflected/condensed into generating, crystalline, growing bodies.

Anodes are therefore the place where new physical bodies are formed. These bodies are formed by the process of condensation. The hot anodes will cool by centrifugally unwinding some of the compressed potential. Like a clock spring which although is almost fully tightened, is allowing some slippage of the tension. This slippage leaks out from the equatorial plane of the anode. The centrifugal radiation therefore leaks out at right angles (90°) to the anodes generative streams.

Cathodes on the other hand begin their compression of the gathered centrifugal streams into centripetal streams by compressing those streams on the inside. This motion will eventually create the anode itself, but the process is compression not condensation !
WR teaches that Concept is developed in the high octaves of the Spiritual universe and those high speed octaves must be slowed sufficiently to manifest within our perceived universe. Our physical universe is thus a result of competing forces namely, axial speed (rotation) and power/torque (orbital revolution). The position any body takes between the conical anode/cathode is thus defined by its axial rotation. When this rotation is retarded then the body will migrate towards the anode. When the aixal rotation increases then the body will move in the opposite direction towards the cathode. Motion decides what we observe.

Each rotating loop of force will interact with adjacent loops acting like a clutch. If the neighbouring loops is smaller we may add the analogy of a gear train. Because the loops at the anode have a much shorter diameter, a small rotation by loops at the cone base will be multiplied (step up transformer) at the anode. The anode will thus rotate much faster than the base. This is how a vortex is manifested.
What if this RED front face was transparent !

What if one could indeed see through to the reverse side simultaneously !

What are we trying to solve here ?

The problem is as follows, when the pendulum swings in one direct we see red, but the reverse journey we see blue, and yet nothing appears to have changed. So what is going on, and how does Nature manage this red to blue to red change ?

Thought #7 
Sphere formation

In the following discussion, the fulcrum [F] will be shifted (4 efforts) in the direction of the hub [A].
When lever [Lb] >> lever [La] the force exerted @ [A] is greater than the inert gas condition.

Notice how, increasing the lever [Lb] will increase coldness towards the right side as potential is now diffused over a larger (lever) area/volume.
Likewise, shortening lever [La] will result in increased heat to the left, because the potential is forced to occupy a smaller (lever) area. This is how cold generates heat.
The force exerted by [B] remains constant, but because the lever [Lb] increases in length over the 4 stages, the force exert @ [A] is effectively multiplied for each locked potential position.
When the undivided (La = Lb) condition of the inert gas is allowed to rotate/oscillate freely about the central fulcrum [F], then the
available potential is enclosed within an expanded sphere.
This geometry is indicated in fig : 10.

Fig : 10
Fig : 10a

Let’s define the following conditions
A+B = 100 units of potential,
La+ Lb = 100 units of length
A = 50 units of potential,
La is 50 units of length
B = 50 units of potential,
Lb is 50 units of length

In the case of Helium, La + Lb = -269°C (4K)
The compression of Idea within the horizontal axis is equal to the expansion of Idea from the vertical axis.
When La = 40, A = constant 50 but behaves as if = 63
When Lb = 60, B = constant 50 but behaves as if = 42
63 units of potential : 40 units of area = compressed heat 42 units of potential : 60 units of area = expanded cold

When lever [La] << lever [Lb] then two nested spheres of potential are created. The inner sphere (radius La) encloses the area of centripetal generative compression, while the area of radiative expansion is confined by the inner/outer radii.
This compression/expansion trend continues for the other expressions (+2, +3) during the generative half of the cycle. Whatever is lost by lever La is gained simultaneously by lever Lb.

Notice, the generation cycle is BOTH generative [radius La]and radiative [radius Lb].  The compressed condition of carbon is a special case, because the fulcrum [F] is aligned with and at [A].
For the moment, consider the +4 carbon geometry as a very tight central sphere of compressed potential surrounded by a very expanded envelope of diffused potential. Cold surrounding heat

General Tip 10

Notice how, it is the rotating/oscillating motion of these potential levers about the common central fulcrum that creates the illusion of solidity and  spherical form. No such form actually exists. This perceived universe is construction from motion only. Small dense fiery hub’s are produced by short levers, while open, nebulous cold spatial blackness is produced by long levers.
At the anodes, the accumulation of potential gathers as far away from
the inertial plane as possible AND as close to the central axis as possible. This combination creates the most dense, hottest spherical cores. At the cathodes, the potential diffuses as far as possible from the central axis and as far as possible from the +4 anode plane.

Let’s define the potential/area ratios as follows,

Potential DistributionCentripetal generation
50 units P
Centrifugal radiation
50 units P
Area50 units A50 units A
Inert Gas condition50 units P : 50 units A 50 units P : 50 units A
+1 Condition50 units P : 40 units A 50 units P : 60 units A
 +2 Condition50 units P : 30 units A 50 units P : 70 units A
 +3 Condition50 units P : 10 units A50 units P : 90 units A
+ 4 Condition 50 units P : 1 units A
50 units P : 99 units A

Spherical bodies are thus two. This is universal geometry. Our sun centers its own wave field, and is surrounded by it own spherical
envelope of diffused, expanded potential (Space). Motion within the wave field is always balanced, asymmetric but balanced !
From the table above the inert gas is defined as 100 units of potential distributed over 100 units of area.

The +4 carbon condition is thus defined as 50 units of potential forced into 1 unit of area, surrounded by an envelope comprising 50 units of potential distributed over 99 units of area. Thus, extreme cold surrounds intense heat. The state of coldness freezes the hot core in place and prevents it from escaping.
This core geometry manifests as a melting point of 3600°C. Great effort is necessary by cold to prevent this condition from centrifugally exploding back to Source.

Remember, the metaphysical/spiritual universe is located IN the fulcrum [F], while the physical moving image universe is expressed by the dimension of lever [La] on the inside with lever [Lb] on the outside. This manifests as nested spheres.
The dimensions La and Lb are defined by the octave. The levers do not extend out past the wave field.
In the case above, La+Lb = 100. La + Lb represents the dimension of balanced Stillness for the 5th octave.

The short/long levers indicated in figs : 10/10a will give rise to the 4 ring pairs (4 anode/4 cathode) described by WR as the zero seed condition.

General Tip 11

You maybe familiar with an industrial distillation column, whereby a liquor mix is differentially separated based on the volatility of the individual components, or indeed a molecular sieve separating based on size.
A polarised condition between any anode/cathode is EXACTLY analogous to these separating techniques, although the separation is achieved based on the electric conditioning of the components. Centripetal motion will moved towards the anode while centrifugal motion will towards the cathode.

See-saw model creating the continuous wave motion.

Nothing is what it appears to be. Our sensing is designed to be stimulated by part of the simulation. We infer the complete cycle from only part of that cycle, and we are thus fooled into believing in a perceived reality of motion and solidity, when no such motion exists. How ?

Step 1 :

Fig : 16

Imagine a wave, with peaks/troughs, a frequency and wavelength. Now, let’s compress this wave so that the the wave length is decreased and the frequency is increased. Now, continue this  compression until the entire wave is compressed into one plane !

This plane is the the vertical (y) axis of zero curvature. I define this y-axis as the V_Rest axis.

Notice, the entire wave is now fully COMPRESSED into that vertical axis. This is the location of universal energy awaiting a chance to burst out of this seed condition.

Now, let’s reverse this methodology.
Take this same wave and unwind it fully until the peaks/troughs are as far away from one another as possible. The wavelength is extremely long, so much so that it BECOMES the horizontal x-axis. This axis will from now on be termed the H_Rest axis.
It is important to realise that this axis H_Rest contains the FULL potential but expressed as the EXPANDED condition.
These two axes are offset by 90°. The fully compressed expression is thus offset from the fully expanded condition by 90°.

Infinitely wide – Expanded Idea
Fig : 16a

Fig : 16 depicts this really important first step to uncovering the secret of the wave.
In short, the vertical axis contains infinite energy in compressed form, while the horizontal axis contains the SAME potential expressed in the expanded aspect. This step alone is lost on MSS.

MSS is aware that energy appears and disappears out/in of the void, but really does not understand why !

Fig : 16a represents an infinite array of x/y axes. Mind is after all omnipresent. The full compressed aspect is omnipresent as is the fully expanded aspect of the Creation Idea.

In order to tap the infinite energy offered by the universe, one needs to know where to look for that gift.

General Tip 12

When you review the universe of Rest and Stillness  you should ‘see’ how infinite possibility is present in both a compressed and an expanded form.
As Nikola Tesla told us, infinite energy is available to man at every point in the universe, he just needs to look in the right place. It is my understanding that your device should be designed to interface and receive the transmissions from Stillness. A device is effectively a condenser/transducer of Stillness.
You decide what to collect !
But, be warned, don’t go running off to the workshop to wind conical copper coils!!!

Step 2 :

What is the significance of the piston-pendulum model ?

Fig : 17
Fig : 17a
Fig : 17b

Fig : 17 This is misleading and must be corrected. Accumulated mass MUST operate a short lever. There is no obvious mechanism for continuous motion.
Fig : 17a Not much indication of mass accumulation or mass dissipation in this image.
Fig : 17b Expansion/compression evident but pendulum motion not so obvious.

These drawing of WR hint at a condition we must take into account in the wave model. Fig : 17 is close yet it is misleading.
We know, that in order for the ant/elephant to play see-saw, the greater the mass the shorter the lever. Likewise, the less the mass the longer the lever. When we express opposite conditions, for example, maximum compression with maximum expansion, then the compressed condition will operate with the shortest lever, while the expanded condition will operate with the longest lever.

When the up/down piston motion within the V_Rest axis is in appropriate
synchronicity with
the left/right wavefield oscillation then a STRAIGHT diagonal rather than the petal geometry distribution is obtained.

Fig : 17c
Fig : 17d

Fig : 17c 45° diagonal.

Fig : 17d E1 compresses to C2
with C1 expanding to E2 then E2 compresses
to C1 with C2 expanding to E1.

Step 3 :

The video above (Precursor) sets up one aspect of vibrational motion. WR is never entirely clear that a second degree of motion is necessary for the wavefield to produce an image of potential density.

This wavefield motion is shown in the following video presentation. The piston/pendulum model is indeed true, but Nature manifests this motion is a different way. The very expanded condition (E1 or E2) forms a spherical environment or atmosphere with the compressed hub (C1 or C2) at its center. Therefore, the compression/expansion cycle can now be represented as follows.

Fig : 18
E = expanded condition C = compressed condition E1 BECOMES C1
Fig : 18a
E = expanded condition C = compressed condition E2 BECOMES C2

The colours serve only to indicate that the once expanded condition compresses to a hub condition, and the former hub expands to the expanded rim condition. This is the continuous breathing, inside-out, rhythmic interchange that takes place in all wavefields.

This inside-out motion is achieved when The fully compressed potential contained within V_Rest is released. This creates the illusion the the vertical axis is divided.

Notice, how the flat potential wave within the H_Rest axis begins to compress, indicated at the red interface.
This expansion of very compressed potential, will create a bow wave front ahead of itself, heating as it does so, while a wake wave will also be produced. This is why cooling extends from that same V_Rest center. Expansion and cooling, thus is the cause of heating and compression.

Fig : 18b

The curvature associated with any swinging pendulum must now be accounted for.

Step 4 :

Fig : 19 The offset is not what it appears
Fig : 19a Offset is 90° not 180°
Fig : 19b

Fig : 19 shows the relationship between the long/short levers and the compressed/expanded conditions of potential expression.
Large nebulous accumulation of potential necessitates a longer lever to balance the potential accumulation (short lever) within a small volume.

Fig : 19a attempts to show why we observe a straight (red line) line oscillation, while below that straight plane lies the curved path
actually taken by the pendulum. When fully opposed, the expanded E1 condition is 90° offset from the fully compressed C1 state of motion. As E1 compresses to become C1, C1 has already expanded to become E2. These negative curved path planes are necessary for motion to spiral AROUND the back to the the diagonal.

Nature does NOT oscillate backwards and forwards as indicated thus far. She runs in continuous forward motion, and never reverses. This might seem like a contradiction, but she performs her task as follows.
Fig : 19b – Like two hands on a clock face, running in opposite directions. This motion flips the curvature through 180° so that the path can spiral AROUND the front of the diagonal. We now have the direction of motion within the loops which surround a current carrying wire.

Fig : 19c
Fig : 19d

The 8 petals (potential distribution) of the wavefield need to be
modified to include the curved path of a pendulum swing and the
continuous motion indicated in fig : 19b.

Fig : 19c Petals of potential distribution within the wavefield

Fig : 19d Each petal is a two-way intertwining spiral Can only show one diagonal here ?

I want to show you an alternate route through step 4.

Fig : 2b

This route begins with a thorough understanding of how standing waves are produced, where and when the nodes occur, and where the input oscillation is introduced.
Fig : 2b  clearly indicates that the oscillating input begins at the central (0,0,0) hub node.

This will produce TWO POSITIVE ANODES. In this two-way universe of motion the disturbance is broadcast out into the universe of motion simultaneously in opposite direction, above/below AND left/right. There is also a front/back aspect but in this fig : 2b we are only concerning ourselves with a 2D model.

This Stillness-Vector grows in 4 stages during the generative half of the cycle. Notice, that during this generative (two anodes) the wave vector simultaneously push AWAY from one another.

Fig : 20
Fig : 20a
Fig : 20b
Fig : 20c

Fig : 20) Notice, the wave vector ALWAYS touches its own cubic corner. The wavefield grows as the wave vector grows.

Fig : 20c Cubic wavefield has also grown to full maturity. The apex of the wave vector represents maximum COMPRESSION
WR describes this pattern of wave growth in his drawing on the left.
The 8 internal corners of a cube act like reflectors. Corner reflectors are used in navigation (waterways). While a mirror’s reflection inverts the image, a corner reflector completes a double internal reflection and so reflects a positive un-inverted image back to the original source !

Fig : 21
Fig : 21a

Standing waves can thus create the illusion of little movement when in fact a great deal of very rapid projection/reflection is necessary to maintain the wave structure. This is another example that apparent stillness is achieved through very rapid motion !