WR vs LaPoint

WR vs LaPoint

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DLaP = David La Point

Fig : 1

DLaP really set the cat amongst the scientific pigeons with his development of bowl shaped magnetic field containers. Now, while his work is available on-line to those wishing to dig deeper into the phenomenon, the purpose of this page is to determine any commonality, indeed any major differences between the discoveries of DLaP and that of the teachings of WR.

Students of WR know all too well that his philosophy goes right to the root of how the illusion of effects are created. His work begins in the metaphysical/spiritual universe and describes how Mind Thinking in Light creates 2D patterns from which 3D moving images we believe to be real are manifested.

The bowl shaped magnetic containers create NOTHING. They simply contain an effect.
These bowls are not CAUSE.

These bowls should be modified to contain both the electric INPUT and the ‘magnetic’ container as follows…

Fig : 1a

It is evident DLaP has studied WRC but has made a crucial error in only developing part of the overall effect. The image above represent the lower hemisphere of a spherical body. This structure is entirely electric although we may perceive of the effect as magnetic.
The ‘normal’ cone is folded back on itself just as is evident with jellyfish design. The compressed positive apex sits in the center of the large cone base, both in the SAME EQUATORIAL plane.
DLaP did not take into account that the north pole is located at the CENTER of a spherical body.

This compressed apex will form half of the central hub when two hemispheres are combined. Likewise, the surrounding outer loops will unite at the equator and the outer skin of the sphere itself.
Had DLaP understood what WR teaches about the importance of curvature, he would have known the correct geometry to pursue !

Fig : 2

WR teaches that a motivating force of Nature is voidance. Voidance means to eliminate a polarised condition. We know that along the length of a bar-magnet between the (N/S) poles displays no polarity character whatsoever. The polarity between the poles has been voided.

DLaP must hold the bowl shaped containers apart- why ?
Because, the bowls WANT to snap together to void the polarised condition that exists between the two bowls. Nature will never delay in eliminating a polarised condition, and will not sit within the cosmos contemplating whether to snap together or not !

DLaP uses NGC6302 as an example of bowls of opposite polarity which is hold the central sun/star in place. There is no know force which would prevent two opposite poles snapping together. Voidance is king !
This contradicts DLaP theory that Nature uses bowls shaped magnetic field containers to hold a sun/star in place. Nature would never do this !

Suns CANNOT form between poles with OPPOSITE polarity.

How can two positive anodes unite in harmony ?

(My childhood hero Eric Laithwaite of Imperial College London)