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MSS refers to Main Stream Science, the current paradigm.
EU = electric universe model.

Some of the concepts and theories proposed by MSS when viewed from the perspective of the electric universe seem fanciful if not somewhat bizarre. Consider the theory that moving clocks run slow

(The initial part of this video was borrowed from an Australian Educational presentation Ri-Aus)
Prof. Brian Cox is the poster boy of MSS on this side of the pond.

The inference from this thought experiment has wide reaching implications because of the tendency of MSS to force Nature into mans mathematical equations. Space is not a vacuum and therefore the assumption that the speed of light is a constant (c) is a serious error.
In addition to this the apparent slowing of the clock is only attributed to the outward trip and any reverse effects on the homeward bound trip are ignored !

Perspective is to the 3D what relativity is to the 4DWalter Russell

He means that our sensing is tricked by perspective effects. Our brains ‘fills-in’ to our perception what makes sense, and not always what is actually observed.

The sun is not a nuclear fusion reactor, and therefore the inference that if MSS could only produce a sun here on earth, then all our energy requirements would be catered for. Fusion is not the answer, because energy is not a property of matter. Matter is motion which expresses energy. Energy is a property of Mind only. It belongs to the metaphysical universe only. MSS will never find energy in matter.
The inspirational drive we find within our physical bodies is far in excess of any food we eat. The food may be necessary to keep the engine healthy but, the body can transpond its energy directly from Source. This is where man needs to look to find infinite energy at any point in the universe just as proposed by Nikola Tesla.

Kepler’s second Law
(The radius vector sweeps equal area in equal times)

Kepler stated in his first law that planets move in elliptical orbits, and that our sun was located at one of the foci of Earth’s elliptical orbit. This has reinforced man’s belief that the Earth speeds up due to a gravitational effect as the Earth approaches the sun !
For Kepler’s second law to be true, it is not necessary that the sun is located at one of the foci. If the second law is true, then this speeding up effect will be evident at the foci (2nd foci, or center of gravity) without a sun body.
A gravitational effect is therefore not necessary for Kepler’s second law to be true !

Inert Gases

MSS believe the inert gases to be pretty uninteresting. Their unwillingness to react is interpreted as a ‘dead’ condition whose only function is to provide inert atmosphere’s in chemical reactions.
Once again, man has drawn the wrong conclusions.
Inside helium for example are all the elements in her octave, Li, Be, B, C, N, O, & F.
In addition to that, helium contains all the elements of every octave (4 1/2) below her own !
All elements are electric conditions. All elements can be found and manufactured electrically. Wet chemistry is old technology !
If helium is so abundant throughout the universe, and that cold, dark, expanded condition experiences an electrical impulse/charge, then, depending on the voltage supplied, an elemental expression will seem to have appeared out of the void. MSS has the most convoluted mechanisms because it try to apply a learned experience here on Earth (very specific pressure zone) to an entirely different pressure zone!
Even the term void implies a nothingness, when in fact the void is an everythingness !

Unique Pressure Zones

All matter is electrically conditioned. It is continuously in motion seeking balance with its electrically conditioned environment.
If the Earth were somehow moved closer to the Sun, it would immediately turn around from its inward path and return to its original orbit allowing for all the gains/losses of electrical potential on that unnatural journey.
On the other hand, if a high potential body is located in a low pressure environment it will fizzle to lose potential but move back towards a higher potential orbit closer to its primary.
Elements manifest as they do here on Earth because of the electrical pressures they experience in this unique pressure environment.
Iron melts here on Earth at > 1500° C but if that iron were relocated to Jupiter it would melt at about 9°C. This is because the vapour pressure (electrically conditioned potential) is much lower on Jupiter just as the vapour pressure is lower here on Earth at altitude, so water can boil at a lower temperature. The electro-potential is so much more expanded at such distances from the sun, the internal resistive pressures experienced by Iron on Earth would be free to expand if moved to Jupiter’s location.
So, iron on Earth will not behave as iron on Jupiter, it would be a gas !

The solar system and universe as a whole is electrically not gravitationally controlled

Deflection of space fabric

This image of mass deflecting the fabric of space to create a gravitational effect is one of the most misleading proposals championed by MSS. It appears as though gravity is concentrated into a focal point at the south pole. Objects rolled on this distorted fabric will thus accumulate towards the bottom of the body mass !
Does ‘gravity’ really behave in this way ?
What type of gravitational force is present at the north pole of such a body ?
In addition, MSS has developed all sorts of weird and not so wonderful add-ons such as wormholes further complicating the true nature of our physical reality.

In addition, MSS has developed all sorts of weird and not so wonderful add-ons such as wormholes further complicating the true nature of our physical reality. WR teaches that the gravitational focal point of any body lies at its hub centre.

Two-way gravity

If WRC is true and we do indeed live in a two-way universe rather than developing a ‘wormhole’ hypothesis should MSS re-evaluate the observations as follows. What we experience as a gravitational force is the RESULT of two opposed forces. When these opposed forces are equal, we then experience a FLAT homogeneous surface/force which appears STILL to our sensing. A trough is then created because the downward push is greater then the upward push !!
Each side of the dividing equator is thus motioning to re-establish that FLAT surface/force. When one directional force >> the opposite then a deflection is created in the direction of that greater force. But, rather than one force pushing to create that deflection, the experienced disturbances is a RESULT of opposed competing forces.
Gravity is thus NOT a one-way directional force as MSS believes it be. Man senses force is one direction an attributes a one-dimensional cause to that  force. WRC describes all disturbances as the result of opposed forces. Two-way thinking.