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WR teaches us how our perceived reality is generated. His work predicted the existence of elements which at the time were undiscovered but have since been proven to exist. His philosophy teaches that all Creation is Light, and that, that Light is perceived as motion.
Each elemental expression has a specific series of properties which reflect all the internal motion of the element itself.
Our perception of those elemental expressions is extremely small and our existence in human form depends on just a few of those elemental expressions.

WRC teaches that all perceived motion is projected by the Creator Mind, and that motion must stop and die before it is once again projected by Mind. Those on/off thinking cycles range from the very short to incredibly long billion year cycles.
These projection of Mind Light pass through the Soul Negative which every expression of motion must possess. These Soul Negative hold the dimensionless properties and characteristics which will thus form a 3D image. Hans Jenny was the first to experiment with 2D cymatic patterns which formed as result of a vibrational frequency. Science has later developed this technique to 3D magneto fluids and sonic levitation.

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WR warns mankind in ‘Atomic Suicide’ of the dangers of bringing into the physical realm patterns which were designed to do their work in the metaphysical side of the Creation Idea. The radioactive elements provide a vital function in their correct environment buried deep within the Earth where they can act upon the hard rock to reduce that rock to life giving humus and soil.

We are familiar that if we short out a fully charged car battery by placing a spanner across the terminals, then the battery will attempt to instantly unwind, possibly exploding in the process so violent the discharging process would be.
Radioactive elements will always do what they are designed to do, they cannot do otherwise. So, when these elemental expression are brought into the physical realm, above ground level, they will ‘short out’ every expression of matter and form they come in contact with.
Lining caskets with lead or aluminium will only delay the inevitable. Radioactive elements will thus accelerate all life to an premature death.

WR theories also inevitably predict the existence of elemental patterns which will act as the lowest electrical pressure possible and any physical matter coming in contact with this ultra low electrical pressure will experience instant ionization. Cosmic Mind does not mix the physical elemental expressions with the metaphysical elemental expressions, but man does. He does so at the peril of all mankind.
These ultra low electrical pressures will act like ‘anti-matter’ and the physical expression it contacts will thus cease to exist.

Some strange effects were witnessed in September 2001. Many theories have been proposed to explain those observed effects, and the truth is probably a combination of all of them. The deployment of some new type of directed energy weapon, DEW seems reasonable though it is generally thought that a large energy source would be required to power a ‘Hutchison ‘ type device.

It was WR patriotic beliefs that caused him to foster relationships with Raytheon. I am sure he was very forthcoming with his discoveries and insights and I suppose the significance of his work was not lost on the defence industry ! The muddled correspondences between WR and R available to the general public suggest a deliberate ploy to misdirect. The fact remains that the implications of WR work remains without question, although the technique necessary to achieve the necessary pattern may only be known to a few !

Fig : 4 is a series of photographs taken from Dr. Judy Wood’s book ‘Where did the towers go ?’

Fig : 4

The photographs seem to indicate that the remaining steel/aluminum structure vaporised into nothingness as if matter was dematerialised in some way.
It also seem reasonable that if matter in the physical realm was exposed to a metaphysical pattern like Omeganon then this effect would be inevitable. Now, while the presence of the vibrational pattern of Omeganon does not explain all the observed effects that day, it certainly does offer a reasonable alternate perspective as to how and why apparently solid matter disappeared to dust, not even hitting the ground !