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This topic at first seems far too complicated and beyond the reach of most students. It is not helped by WR explanations. With a few important concepts under your belt, you too can come to terms with the model developing and deducing your own collections of properties and characteristics to enhance your perspective of this electric universe.

In simple terms… in this 3D expression of reality, the sphere represents the perfect expression of life. When spheres are very small, their curvature is maximum, but when those same spheres are enormous then their rim and nested curvature is slight. If that slight minuscule curvature is expanded just a little more then the curvature at the rim disappears into a straight flat plane. The sphere become a cube. The physical becomes the metaphysical. The cube therefore is the container for all physical expression. The dimension of the cube is a direct measure of the desire to express an idea of Creation.
There is always a limit to an expression of motion. A boxer can only throw a punch so far before his effort stops at the extremity of his reach. This point where motion stops is the boundary of that effort and as such it must have lost its expression of curvature. Boundaries of all physical effort are straight and flat !

The limit of a 3D spherical expression is a cube. That’s all there is to it.
WR explanation for the Cubic Wavefield is far more complicated and not necessary for a reasonable understanding of the rest of his electric universe model.
The dimensionless universe of Source is located IN the boundary planes of zero curvature while ALL physical expression has some degree of curvature which is contained within those 3D straight flat (cubic) planes.

The next idea to add to the cubic wavefield model is the standing wave. Check out the following demonstration.

In order for a standing wave to be generated the string must be secured at two fixed locations. These fixed points remain motionless while motion is expressed between these two points of stillness.

This technique is also applied by musicians who adjust the string length of their instruments in order to extract the desired tone from the vibrating string. While a guitar string lies motionless it has within itself the potential (depending on its geometry) to express any note/tone.
The string must be first set in motion and then the musician divides the length of the string to find the desired note.
There is a discrete interval or spacing between those desired notes and it is this spacing that is exploited by the musician to convey the desired mood.
Great if you are with me so far !

The next piece of the puzzle is as follows.

Within the cubic wavefield imagine there are invisible threads or strings which are lying motionless but fixed to the rim and the center hub of the cubic container. When these light threads or strings are set into minimum motion the appropriate inert gas is manifested. Let’s set these thread lengths to 100 mm. This means that the string is actually 200 mm long divided by the central hub which implies that ALL motion (inert gas) is one octave above Stillness.

We can now envisage why the inert gases appear so inactive. Their string wavelengths are maximum with minimum amplitude extension and these properties manifest as cold dark nebulous states of matter.

Every musician defines the desired string length for the instrument by tuning the string. Tension is imparted to the string by winding the string around the machine head. This mechanism will hold the string tight and prevent it from slipping.

This is exactly the same technique employed by Nature.

The loose or slack string condition of the inert gas condition is gradually tightened in 4 stages until maximum tension is achieved. Each of these interval stages will express a different element. The tightening of the light threads is achieved by rotating the centre hub. Think of this action as rotation about of N/S axis. This is the result of Mind Thinking.
The force of Concentrative Thinking causes rotation within this physical reality about the N/S axis. At the point of maximum tightness rotational motion about the N/S axis is minimum.

This is the expression for maximum positive generation and vitality.

This is how centripetal compression comes into being and why all motion in nature is spiral. Density is accumulated at the inside hub centre while tenuity accumulates on the outside of that same centre.

WR teaches that nature never reverses her motion. She operates in continuous cycles. One must now draw on tightening the guitar string analogy a little more. While the string is loose, the tightening process is easy. This implies fast axial rotation of the machine head and therefore the same applies to any physical body. Axial rotation will continue to decrease through the +1, +2, +3, conditions as further compression and tightening is more difficult to achieve. Maximum compression is achieved at the +4 state of motion. Axial rotation is minimum when positive accumulation is maximum.

There are only a couple more pieces to go to complete the full picture of the cubic model.

The inert gases manifest as more or less a flat plane with little or no N/S amplitude expression. A full cubic container is therefore not necessary at these early stages of development. As matter matures, gyroscopic motion lifts the elemental expressions off the flat zero plane and holds them steady in a more elevated position. This requires the container to also grow to accommodate the extended N/S expression. The cube is only fully developed with the +4 condition.

As motion increases from the 0/inert condition to the +1 condition there is simultaneous spiral expression above and below the dividing/horizontal plane. Motion appears to be reaching out from the horizontal plane. WR describes this as a projection.

The motion introduced by Source causes the light threads to pull tightly about the central hub shaft while still being attached to the rim boundary. This is how frequency increases. This is also why compression is more evident the closer that motion is to the central hub. It is also important to realise the full cyclonic geometry is not fully developed because compression around the central axle is not yet sufficient. This means there is a large central hole about which motion circulates. This central hole is not nothingness. It is Mind – a shaft with a large diameter.

Don’t be confused by concepts of whether there is clockwise or counter-clockwise motions present. This is an illusion of perspective only. ALL motion turns from west to east about the N/S axis. The positive AND negative aspects are turning in the SAME direction about the SAME axle.

Almost there.

As Mind Concentrates the N/S expression continues to extend to its full ability. The E/W poles contract as the spiral motion reaches maximum stability within the physical universe. The central hole is now almost fully closed. The element to achieve the most compression (+4) and thus circulate closest to the central hub shaft with the tightest central aperture is carbon. This explains it’s high melting point at 3600°C, and also explains why the true north pole of a material body lies at its centre. The location where opposing vortices meet.
Don’t confuse axial rotation with orbital revolution. At the apex of the vortex the orbital motion is maximum but the axial rotation is minimum. Remember, the string tension has been wound up fully and cannot turn anymore !!

Nature operates continuous cycles and never reverses motion. When you grow to 40 years one does not reverse one’s growth back to an infant. At carbon, forward compression reaches a maximum. The next attempt to compress will break the string !
This is how Nature unwinds the accumulated potential.

Nature DOES NOT simply reverse to unwind this potential
during the radiative/decaying half of the cycle
as a musician does with the string.
She over tightens and the strings break.

As the radiative half of the cycle begins imagine all the light threads breaking at the rim boundary. Suddenly, axial rotation will increase. This will manifest as an increase in centrifugal motion and the accumulated potential will be flung back towards the cubic rim boundary.

This is why there is such a dramatic drop in melting point from carbon (3600°C ) to nitrogen (-210°C). Nitrogen is carbon unable to hold onto its heat. Think how a refrigerator operates; creating cold from heat !

In the higher octaves, this sudden increase in axial rotation or centrifugal motion manifests as the radioactive series of elements.
Centrifugal motion will continue to dominate until the material body has fully unwound and the central hole/aperture opens again to its full extent. When centrifugal motion ceases then the generation/growth cycle begins all over again. All cycle continue in this fashion until Mind stops Thinking its Desire to express.

This is why hydrogen and helium are so abundant in outer space. These gases represent the seed conditions from which most of our perceived matter unfold or germinate. They also act as the resting place or vault for all motion. The inert gases are the womb and tomb for all expressions of motion/elements and matter in the universe of motion.
Once Mind begins to Think, electricity is born. We perceive this event through the growing N/S character.
Electricity is the manifests force which drives all expressions of matter as far away from Stillness as possible. Mind always remains STILL and remains anchored within the internal axes  and the boundaries of the wavefield.


Spherical geometry represents the ultimate reproduction of a metaphysical dimensionless idea within this physical 3D reality. Matter in motion is driven to find rest from that motion. All motion desires to return to its birth place in Stillness. Until that time, motion will seek rest or a balanced condition whereby matter experiences little or no tension with its surrounding environment.
This is why planets orbit in paths of electrical non-tension about their primary.

Nature will always achieve the most reward for the least effort. Spherical geometry encloses the greatest volume with the least surface area.

Spherical geometry does not just develop independent from all the other aspects of WRC. Within any spherical structure there also exists,

  • aspects of developing curvature
  • wave geometry
  • vortex structure
  • cathode/cathode division
  • anode union
  • cubic wavefield structure and
  • inside-out spherical geometry

Curvature is the single most important characteristic that distinguishes this physical reality from the metaphysical Source reality.  Every expression of physical matter has its own unique curvature. It is this curvature signature that defines the properties of the expression of matter. Minimum curvature is expressed by nebulous gases, while maximum curvature is expressed by carbon. Planets move in orbits where the curvature matches the planets electrical condition.

If this physical reality emerges from planes of zero curvature then matter which exhibits minimum curvature must be projected to the least extent into this universe. The inert gases are the condition of minimal curvature. Likewise, the elemental expressions which are projected the furthest into this reality possess the greatest degree of curvature. Maximum curvature is achieved with a perfect semi-circle. This implies that from the rim of this semi-circle (red) all eyes are focused on one single focal point at the hub center.

The next aspect for consideration is the nature of wave geometry.

“Within the Cube lies the secret of the Wave” – WR

Every expression of matter is a living breathing entity. The breathing cycle is an in/out or expanding/contracting pulse like opening/closing your hand. The wave cycle is simply a record of the growth from a zero beginning to a maximum and return from that maximum to the zero beginning when the cycle begins again.

Waves don’t travel from a to b with a leading edge. Each adjacent wavefield fires on/off at a rate of 186,624 miles/sec to create the illusion that a light wave is traveling with a leading edge.

Think of the speed of light constant as the rate at which Mind thinks.

This image indicates only a couple of the possible wave sections.

As discussed above, the positive/negative vortex structure comes into being as a result of winding up of the wavefield light threads about the central axis. The light threads have no choice be to adopt a spiral vortex geometry. The threads get pulled in what appears to be a clockwise path above the central divide and into an apparent counter-clockwise path below the horizontal zero divide. The cathode lies close to the horizontal dividing equator, while the apices extend away from that same equator.

There is a common cathode where conebase is aligned with conebase, with the positive/negative anodes extending as far away as possible from that central divide.
The +1 state of motion extends approximately 33%, the +2 conditions extends approximately 66%, the +3 condition about 90%, and all other +4 states of motion manage to achieve about 90 – 96% extension. Carbon is the only element to achieve as good as 100% extension. This is indicated by carbon’s high melting point. No other element comes close to carbon’s 3600°C melting point.

Anode union can only occur between wavefields. Anodes can be both positive/negative depending on your perspective. Don’t confuse this concept with electrical positive/negative or N/S poles. Division results in the generation of two anodes, one above the horizontal equator and one below.

The following images now includes all the necessary elements to describe,
a) division and
b) union of adjacent wavefields. Nothing is of itself alone and no section of the image is more important than the other.
Remember, this is a universe of motion only. There is no matter, no solidity to it at all. Our sensing has been designed to respond to pulsing wave motion and we interpret that wave motion as a splendid tapestry of colour, solidity and movement.