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DLaP = David La Point (primer fields – plasma physicist)

Hazely hemispheres developed by aha_144. These are the invisible loops of force which CAUSE potential to accumulate.
CW = clockwise motion
ACW = anti-clockwise motion, this does NOT imply centrifugal expansion
Escher moment = occurrences of apparent simultaneous duality – highlighted with Escher Art

The Cube

“Within the Cube lies the secret of the Wave”
‘The key to the wave is to understand curvature’

Introduction :

Although, we start our journey with the cubic wave field, it may not be a suitable starting point for all. Beginners should not get too disheartened by this model. Take small bites and return to it as needs be.
Bear in mind, the cubic wave field is not a physical structure, it has more metaphysical character.
I tend to build the wave model based on the radial model and THEN back reference the wave to the cube.
The planes of zero curvature and motion which define the cubic wavefield are omnipresent Mind. These planes become exposed by the motion surrounding them. Planes are thus revealed by opposed motion.
Imagine, inflating two  balloons such that their surfaces touch. Initially, their individual curvature is maintained, but as inflation continues the opposed  balloons push hard against one another. The dividing interface now flattens to form a dividing plane. When this procedure is repeated within the octave wave field then the exposure of the 3 internal planes becomes evident.
When this procedure is repeated with 6 surrounding wave fields then the wave field boundary planes become evident.
Expanding spheres thus create their wave field container. This is why WR indicates in his drawing that as inflation continues to fill every gap then motion and curvature will disappear and cease to be. This is how spheres expose Mind within the physical universe.

Readers of Rupert Sheldrake will recognise his morphic field is analogous to WR’s cubic wave field.


Impact – division into two

Just at the point of impact, (very faint internal sphere) the wave field divides into two, one portion each side of that impact zone. Now, think of the impact zone as the crossover point from the spiritual universe into the physical universe of motion.
The spherical volume now represents the peak or the bow wave, while the remaining cubic volume represents the trough or the wake wave.
It might take some convincing that at tø when the volume of the sphere is equal to the volume of the cube that the sphere is almost as large as the cube itself !

If d = 8, then the volume of the cube = 512 units³. When divided into two, each portion cube/sphere is thus = 256 units³ at tø.
We know the volume of the sphere is 4/3pr³ and this equates to r= 3.939 which is almost half of the original d value (8).

Vol of cube = Vol of sphere

Let’s assign 50 units of potential to each side of the impact point at tø.
50 units occupy the sphere and the other 50 units occupy the remaining cubic structure. This initial tø condition describes the inert gas. It is a cold vacuous volume but NOT without potential. The motion is minimal. In the inert gas condition, there is an exchange of potential units across the fulcrum but these are very slow and always remain in balance. A dynamic internal balance of sorts !
This is why the inert gases can appear to be still and inert while there is actually plenty of internal movement to keep the expression within the physical universe.
Space is not a void. Without motion, expression CANNOT be part of the physical universe. This internal dynamic motion of the inert gases is vital to the existence of these halogen elements.
Now, pay close attention to how space ‘grows’. As the generative compression begins (+1 condition) the central sphere compresses a little, towards the (0,0,0) center. This has two effects. The 50 units of the sphere are compressed into a smaller volume which increases the sphere’s density, heat, colour etc.
Simultaneously, the volume of the cube also ‘grows’ in reverse and this has the opposite effect. The 50 units of the cube now occupy a larger volume and this causes the cube to become colder, less dense, blue.
In terms of the lever model, the radius of the sphere reduces (short lever) due to the accumulation of potential which increases the density, while the lever extends on the cube side because potential density is reducing. Overall balance is maintained, but two opposite conditions has been created. The center sphere is hotter but the surrounding space is colder. It is this colder region which prevents the hot sphere from radiating all its heat away.
If we now assign the following values to the generative half of the cycle we can better appreciate what matter/space appears to be and how they need each other so they can express themselves as opposites!

Inert Gas

When r = 3.939, volume of sphere = 256 units, volume of cube = 256 (zero inert condition)
When r = 3.5, volume of sphere = 180 units, volume of cube = 256 + 76 (+1 condition)
When r = 2, volume of sphere = 33.5 units, volume of cube = 256 + 222.5 (+2 condition)
When r = 1, volume of sphere = 4.2 units, volume of cube = 256 + 251.8 (+3 condition)
When r = 0.5, volume of sphere = 0.5 units, volume of cube = 256 + 255.5 (+4 condition)

The Spiral Anatomy of the Inert Gas
If we assign the initial properties of the inert gas condition as follows. The motion across the fulcrum divide is almost identical. The centripetal/centrifugal motion on the generative side (G) is balanced as is the centripetal/centrifugal motion on the radiative side (R). There are minimal fluctuations across the divide, sufficient to enable the inert gas manifest within the physical universe. Because the fulcrum is central, the lever length on the G/R side is equal. The spiral compression is also equal on each side of the fulcrum, (d) is constant. As expression of the octave commences the fulcrum shifts to the left (G) which shortens the lever (G) and tightens the spiral. This implies that on the (G) side of the divide centripetal motion >> centrifugal motion. This results in an increase in positive character (d reduces), heat, density etc. Simultaneously, on the (R) side of the divide the lever has increased in length which causes the spiral to open up further implying that centrifugal motion >> centripetal motion. This results in an increase in negative character. Bodies will be colder and more nebulous. The distance (d) will increase. Positive means a more compressed condition than the inert gas, while negative means a more expanded condition than the inert gas.
Man sets up his electrical circuits by connecting directly to the positive anode and the negative cathode. Look closely at Nature’s technique. Her input lies BETWEEN these two polar conditions.The input disturbance lies between the anode/cathode and the motion propagating from that impact is OPPOSITE. It is centripetal in the direction of the anode but centrifugal in the direction of the cathode.
Remember, there is centripetal (CP) AND centrifugal (CF) motion on EACH side of the dividing fulcrum. On the positive generative side CP > CF while on the radiative negative side CF > CP motion.
Pay close attention to how the inert gas reacts to the INPUT disturbance. It is as if the input meets a T-junction, it has a choice to turn left/right. Motion in the direction of the anode is compressed by centripetal motion. When motion is directed towards the cathode then the motion centrifugally expands.
During the radiative/decaying half of the cycle (40 to 80 years) the compress spiral spring (G) unwinds but the expanded spiral spring (R) winds up again until both sides of the central fulcrum have equal balanced tension. This implies that there is no net potential difference so to our sensing the positive/negative conditions have been voided. They are dead.

Notice, how the cube has also grown. The volume of the cube is almost the same as the original 512 units³. But, look closely at the geometry!
The image to the right shows this geometry in terms of a sphere. The expanded side of the divide, which is centered by a ‘hole’.
This almost complete expanse of cubic space is almost the description we assigned just at the initial impact !
The destination of motion appears to be almost identical to when the journey started. Yet, at t0 we have no sense of a physical universe and here we really do have a sense of a physical matter as evident by the appearance of the compressed sphere. Almost identical conditions at opposite ends of the divide. ‘Nothing is what it seems’.
In the case of activated carbon for instance, we only sense the material as a black powder, we have no sense of the tremendously compressed potential at the center of that powder. We only observe a black voidness!
Tip 1
One can think of the lights units as potential and volume as the lever length. 50 light units compressed into a smaller volume implies compressed growth, while 50 light units free to circulate in a larger volume (longer lever) implies expanded growth.
If man could learn to unlock and unwind carbon, 1g would provide all his energy requirements for 100 years !
Growth therefore, is a two way process, there is internal compression to create density accompanied by an external expansion to create an nebulous envelope/environment. Both processes are simultaneous.
Radiation is the reversal of these processes. The sphere loses it heat and density to return to the inert gas condition, while space shortens it over extended lever by warming up and becoming more dense.
However, this ‘heating up’ of space stops when the extreme cold of 0K returns to the approximate 80K for the inert gas.

The anode appears to our sensing a a solid core surrounded by cold space. If this solid core could be removed, then the cathode would be represented by a central ‘hole’ of Source/Mind surrounded by cold space. Don’t forget, the boundaries of all wave fields are also Source/Mind. The Creator is within and enclosing all expression of motion.

The ‘conservation of energy’ applies to closed systems. The cube wave field is that closed system.

I will refer to this all-encompassing cube as the Master Cube. All of the simulated illusion of our sensed reality is contained within this Master Cube. The Master Cube IS Mind. Every cube (without exception) must be thought of as being comprised of 8 sub-cubes – the octave.
This technique will be of great benefit to you as WR describes matter accumulating at the center of the cubic wavefield while also describing wave apices being completed at wavefield corners !
The corners of the cube have special properties which you may not be aware of, although those properties are well known to science and are used primarily in navigation systems.
Check for yourself the properties of corner reflectors, and the effect those reflectors have on an image.
The Master Cube contains the whole Universe. Don’t get side tracked wondering what is outside the Master Cube, it is only a model. The Master Cube is Universal Mind, Universal Intelligence. All that Mind can possibly imagine is contained inside the Master Cube. How big is your mind? How big does your mind need to be in order to imagine a galaxy?
Does your mind have a size at all? Your mind and Cosmic Mind are one. You think in exactly the same way Cosmic Mind Thinks.
Can you conceive the universe as being the result of an imagined thought ?

When you imagine a galaxy… the entire imagined image fits inside your head… doesn’t it?
Now imagine 10 galaxies, or a 100. Your mind is your master cube. The images are not limited by dimension. The illusionary simulation in which your body is part, is imagined by Universal Mind in exactly the same way. Your physical body is an imagined thought of Mind.
The entire matrix is a Mind projection. It has no dimension for the same reason your imagined images have no dimension.

The term matrix is used to describe the simulation. The illusory universe of matter, form and motion.
It implies there is something outside of effect. The matrix (movie) is generated by a program.
But outside that program is the Master Programmer. Guess who that is ?
Under, and back of, the Universe of Time, Space and Change, is ever to be
found The Substantial Reality — the Fundamental Truth.The Kybalion
Why is a cubic wave field necessary at all ?
1) The wavefield acts as the container to hold within it the desired image. This is achieved by the way motion behaves inside the wavefield AND how our sensing apparatus is programmed to interpret this motion.
2) Boundaries of STRAIGHT planes are necessary to differentiate between motion in one wavefield and motion in a neighbouring wavefield.
3) a geometric (cubic) structure of some description is necessary which will allow curvature to develop inside that structure
4) Curvature implies polarity, polarity implies electricity, electricity implies Mind Expressing Thought (fig : 1a/b)
5) Curvature is also polarised which means that there is centripetal compression in one direction and centrifugal expansion in the opposite direction.
6) Spinning loops implies a gyroscopic effect, for the same reason you stay upright on a moving bicycle (fig : 1c)
7) A 3D geometric structure is necessary to hold the projections of a 2D pattern. That pattern is the dividing equatorial plane. (fig : 1)
Once these conditions are incorporated into the cubic model it should become much more accessible as a structure.

Fig : 1 The red aspect is generated between the negative central plane and the red boundary plane while the blue aspect is generated between the negative central plane and the blue boundary plane.

Fig : 1 The red aspect is generated between the -ve central plane and the red boundary plane while the blue aspect is generated between the -ve central plane and the blue boundary plane

When Mind wishes to express a Thought, a 2D pattern (a negative) is prepared and suitably dimensioned. In order to bring that image to life (into the 3D) it must be imbued with motion. Why motion ? Because our sensing has been designed to interact with motion.

Before we begin the construction of a cubic container, consider the following important premise. Mind is omnipresent, there can be nothing else in existence. However, to our sensing, Mind appears to divide as follows.

Fig : 1 shows the 2D plane edge on and also that Mind is partially divided by assigning the top side a red and the bottom side as blue.

(This is only a conceptual idea because a red/blue divide can ONLY come into manifest as a result of curvature and can not exist on a plane of zero curvature).

Tip 2
To avoid any confusion concerning simultaneous versus sequential motion, we must apply a rule to fig : 1.
The cubic structure of fig : 1 is actually showing sequential motion simultaneously, and this is the root cause of confusion for students.
Once motion begins everything changes because motion imparts a dynamic movement to the image. Nothing stay still long enough to be recognised as solid structure !
Motion begins in the top hemisphere the is repeated in the lower hemisphere in sequential cycles, forever.

Twin Opposed Vortices

This 2D plane may be considered as possessing 4 poles. An E/W pair to dimension the width of the plane and a second E/W pair to dimension the depth (receding into the distance) of the same plane. We know that a Thinking Mind applies a force to the center hub (0,0,0) and the typical wave function emerges as the resultant vector force within the wavefield.

The 3D physical moving expression is effectively mapped out first as a 2D red and blue negative, so that the positive red aspect can be projected in one direction while the blue positive aspect can be projected in the opposite (180°) direction. This is a dimensionless plane because it has no (N/S) 3D character at all. Projection has not yet begun, because division has not yet happened. Electricity is the FIRST force which appears within the 3D physical. ALL EXPRESSION is therefore electric, and dimensioned electrically. The resultant wave function is a combination of the applied force Fx, Fy and Fz. Now, when this wave function is rotated about the vertical y-axis the twin opposed vortex geometry emerges.

The inert gas expression is best described as this edge on almost 2D flat geometry. This is why hydrogen and helium are so abundant in outer space. These gases represent the seed conditions from which most of our perceived matter unfold or germinate. They also act as the resting place or vault for all motion. The inert gases are the womb and tomb for all expressions of motion/elements and matter in the universe of motion.
Once Mind begins to Think, electricity is born. Electricity is the force which drives the red/blue faces away from one another in opposite directions. Mind always remains STILL and remains anchored within the internal axes of the wavefield. Mind will act as the still fulcrum for any induced motion. Once electricity comes into being, N/S (red/blue) polarity and curvature are born. Notice how the process of Thinking has produced two anode expressions centered by one single (Mind) cathode plane, Fig : 1a.
Don’t hold this flat boundary cubic geometry too strongly at the moment !
When the electric force goes to work the area when the image will form acquires a curved geometry. This curvature is necessary in a two-way universe, whereby there is a compressing effect in one direction but an expansive effect through the SAME curve in the opposite.

Fig : 1a

Curvature is positive (RED) on the inner arc, and negative (BLUE) on the outer arc/radius.
The effect is present regardless of which hemisphere the curvature is expressed. Curvature is also polarised !
This is Natural Law for ALL curvature.
This is a two-way universe.
Polarity is CAUSED by curvature.
This curvature may be likened to the geometry uncovered by DLaP’s bowl shaped magnetic field emitters.

  •  Curvature is positive (RED) on the surface with the shorter arc, and negative (BLUE) on the side with the longer arc
  •  The effect is present regardless of which hemisphere the curvature is expressed
  •  This is Natural Law for ALL curvature
  •  This is a two-way universe
  •  Polarity is CAUSED by curvature
  •  This curvature may be likened to the geometry uncovered by DLaP’s bowl shaped magnetic field emitters
Tip 3
WR equates the inert gases or the condition close to the inert gas in terms of a calm pond. This uniform surface is without disturbance and the analogy may also be attributed to Source Stillness itself. Newton formulated his perspective on the cosmos by thinking of the force to overcome inertia as being uni-directional. WR teaches that all effects within the physical universe are a result of two opposed forces. The reason the pond’s surface is flat in the first place is because the force pushing up = force pushing down. The net result is balanced and without motion. When these opposed forces oscillate they become rhythmically unbalanced, and thus motion becomes observable. This implies the stone hitting the surface has two effects, one on the red down force and one on the blue up force ! A great deal of effort is required to keep the pond’s surface flat. If either the up/down force slips then motion will be induced.
This curved geometry is responsible for all the effects within the 3D physical universe we sense and believe to be real. Our sense are deceived. Notice, how the image projected from the zero equatorial plane get refracted in towards the central axis. The greater the curvature the greater this refraction.
Pay really close attention to the implications of curvature regarding the manifestation of red/blue character.

Notice how the blue character (fig : 1a) is present outside the red in the top hemisphere. Notice also, how red character is inside the blue in the bottom hemisphere. This red/blue divide comes in being BECAUSE of curvature, and this differential must be applied to ALL expressions of curvature.

Now, this electric force which is projected in the N/S direction has surrounding it loops of invisible force. These loops are the manifestation within the physical 3D that Mind is Thinking although these loops are invisible to our sensing ! This is a design feature.

Fig : 1a can now be modified to indicate this process.

Fig : 1b

The SAME effect is evident in each hemisphere
The ACTUAL geometry is the exact reverse of DLaP’s bowl shaped magnetic field emitters

Fig : 1b indicates the curvature expression as loops of force which surround the central N/S axis. These loops manifest the electric effect.
In man’s circuitry he assigns the loops which appear about his current carrying wire as magnetic loops. The loops are not magnetic, nor do they appear as a result of the current. These loops CAUSE the appearance of current in the wire. Tesla knew that there was no current IN the wire, but circled the wire in these loops. They are NOT magnetic loops of force.

Tip 4
Don’t think of fig : 1b as a division of one light into a red spectrum above and a blue spectrum below the dividing equator. This concept of division only applies BEFORE any actual division occurs.
Once division is present, curvature is present. Once curvature is present, red AND blue character are present in the top hemisphere either side of the curved potential plane.
Likewise, the curvature below the dividing equator ensures red AND blue character are present in the lower hemisphere, as implied in fig : 1a.
In the case of an oscillating wave (string) this red/blue is first evident above the dividing equator then in the next half of the cycle the red/blue character is expressed below the dividing equator plane as indicated on the right side.

Cold is always on the outside in order to freeze the hot to the inside. This is what hold matter in place NOT gravity.

Fig : 1c

The diameter of the loops are large at the cathode base indicating a slow orbital motion. But bodies in this orbit will have a high axial (N/S) axial rotation !
The diameter of the loops at the anode apex indicate a very fast orbital revolution. Bodies in these orbits will consequently have a slow axial (N/S) rotation.
Any loop in motion will experience a gyroscopic effect and so the projections indicated in fig : 1b must account for this phenomenon.
The slower the motion within the loop the more flat and horizontal will be the image. This will translate as cold, dark nebulous space.
The faster the motion within the loops the more vertical the image will be, manifesting as hot, incandescent, dense matter.
These varying speeds of revolution between the slower cathode base and the faster anode apex will induce the classic wave geometry.
Fig : 1c also indicates the gyroscopic plane angle as motion within the loops of force increases.

Two anodes, one common cathode
Maximum extension away from the cathode plane is achieved in 4 stages
Carbon unfolds from helium via Li, Be, B and finally C
Li is teenage carbon
Ancient knowledge of nature is evident in the Sanskrit symbol of light

Fig : 2

The next really important concept to grasp is that STRAIGHT cubic boundaries planes don’t just happen, they are exposed by the way opposed motion from neighbouring wavefields interact. WR describes STRAIGHT plane as planes of ZERO CURVATURE. This means that at these planes there is no electricity, no motion, no polarity and thus no imaged expression.

The entire universe of motion manifests to our sensing inside one Master-Cube. WR also refers to the cube as the wave field.
The cubic wave field is made up of 9 mirrored planes, 3 internal planes and 6 boundary planes.
The 3 internal planes are used to project images out into the wave field, while the boundary planes are used to reflect images back towards their origin. Think of the internal planes are mirrors which create internal reflections. Therefore, an expression in one quadrant will reflect itself to complete an entire hemisphere.
The ratio will thus be 3 : 1 (illusion or reflection : matter) for each hemisphere.

When these internal planes are not at right angles to one another, other geometric structures become evident. In this simple example, the pentagon (5 sided) geometry becomes evident. Notice, how there are 4 internal reflections. You could say, there is one section acting as a particle with 4 sections acting as a wave. This is the key as to why MSS finds it so difficult to pin down the particle/wave character of matter.
The optical property of matrix as uncovered by WR would have been a great help to Heisenberg.
Imagine, as a scientist you probe one of these sub-sections and discover there is only evidence of an illusionary existence. In fact, in this case you have a greater chance of discovering imaged wave character than physical particle character. As WR teaches every expression is both. Now, in addition to this internal reflection process, there is rotation (the top hemisphere) about the vertical y-axis. Rather than the expression of solidity being confined to one single quadrant, it can rotate through the top 4 quadrants  (fig :3d sub-cubes 1, 2, 5, 6) and thus appear to be in all sections simultaneously due to this very fast rotation. But, the ratio of illusion (imaged reflections) : solidity remains 4 : 1, and as such the wave character also appears present in each section simultaneously. No wonder, Heisenberg thought he was having a bad day !!
WR teaches that nothing is what it appears to be. This model optical/reflection cubic model is at the heart of how the illusion is created and why our sensing are confused by wave/particle duality. Always remember, your senses were designed to be fooled. The cosmic unfolding process is a task for you to Know your Creator and understand the illusion before your eyes.
Before we continue to develop the cubic geometry and the motion contained therein, consider the following,

The first great lesson WRC can teach a student is the true nature of Cause,
and not allow too much credence be given to sensed (effect) experiences.
Motion is the unnatural state of our perceived universe.
Stillness, and your relationship to that Stillness is your first lesson !

Fig : 3

Fig : 3a This is the undivided Concept The 2D pattern from which the 3D will unfold The qualities and properties here are dimensionless

Fig : 3a is the best representation of the True Reality, True Cause. An omnipresent Mind. Expression of this Mind can therefore spring from apparent ‘nothingness’ at any point in the perceived universe. This image represents the infinite possibility that can be prepared as the 2D negative prior to projection of those properties into the physical universe.
The wave cycle is the journey of expression from that apparent ‘nothingness’ out into a seeming ‘somethingness’ and the return from that sensed expression back to motion-in-inertia or Stillness. (Although NOT in the reverse direction).

Fig : 3 implies that as Mind expresses Thinking, an apparent division is created by projection one half of the Idea/Concept in one direction with the second portion of that same Idea/Concept in the opposite direction. This is how electricity comes in manifest. It is the force which pushes these two aspects apart.
This creates the perception that there is a red upper hemisphere and a blue lower hemisphere. This is NOT correct. The properties and character you assume belongs to the lower ‘blue’ hemisphere actually belong to the longer arc of a curved plane. Curved planes are common to both hemispheres.

All spheres are formed as the result of the unification of two opposed Hazely Hemispheres…

Fig : 4

Fig ; 4 is NOT a wiring schematic, nor is it a physical structure !
This geometry is not simply a half a toroid. This geometrical pattern traces out the loops of force necessary to generate spheres.

When you decide to bake a cake, a physical body (cake) is created in the image of the thought in your mind.
The thought itself, never leaves the metaphysical/spiritual universe, your spiritual SELF.
The negative NEVER become physical. The physical body simulates the negative Idea.

A wavefield might be one, but it is comprised of eight.

Fig : 3c Corner/center duality

Vector illustration of a partially dissasembled and segmented 3d cube

Figs : 3c/d indicate what matter appears to have particle and wave properties. When motion is examined with respect to its relationship to the cubic hub center, then it appears to possess particle character.
However, when that same expression of matter is reviewed with respect to the corner of the 8 sub-cubes then it appears to possess wave like properties.
The body can thus be described as being located at both conditions (center and corner) at once !
In other words, look how matter appears to be located at the center (0,0,0) of the large outer cube, but that in order to achieve this, the 8 inner sub-cubes have to simulate matter at their corners.

Can you ‘see’ the red body is positioned in sub-section 8 of sub-cube 1 ?
That same red body is also positioned in sub-section 7 of sub-cube 2, in sub-section 5 of sub-cube 4, in sub-section 6 of sub-cube 3, in sub-section 5 of sub-cube 4, in sub-section 2 of sub-cube 7, in sub-section 1 of sub-cube 8, in sub-section 3 of sub-cube 6, and in sub-section 4 of sub-cube 5.
This will give you an idea of some of the sub-dimensions (18 in total) at play to create a sphere.
In this 3D realm, a force must be applied to overcome the inertia of Stillness. This force is applied at the (0,0,0) hub and is expressed in the three axial directions Fx, Fy and Fz. When Fx, Fy, and Fz are equal then the resultant force is expressed along the diagonal from the hub to one of the (1,1,1) corners.
When Fx, Fy and Fz are maximum (+4), then the resultant vector force is registered at the diagonal corners. Those vector coordinates are described as follows,

 sub-cube   x, y, z,
 1   -1  1  1
 2   -1  1  -1
 3   -1  -1  -1
 4  -1  -1  1
 5  1  -1  1
6   1  1  1
 7  1  -1  1
 8   1  -1  -1

The manifested expression within any of the 8 sub-cubes are thus a result of a combination of 3 perpendicular forces.
When Mind Thinks with coordinates 1,-1,1 the expression will appear in sub-cube 5, if Mind wishes to express in sub-cube
8 then the 1,-1,-1 coordinates are selected.
In the case of sub-cube 8, we can now assign approximate values of 0.3, -0.3, -0.3 as a +1 expression.
A value of 0.5, -0.5, -0.5 would express the +2 generative condition.
Then a value of approximately 0.8, -0.8,-0.8 would manifest as the +3 generative condition.
This type of stepped extension of the diagonal vector is necessary for the sphere to grow for the (0,0,0) hub out into the wave field.
Newton’s expression of force can now be applied to the hub. This is implies Fx, Fy and Fz. The resultant diagonal vector will act as shaft about which motion will circulate in that sub-cube.

It is my present understanding that the loops of force and the motion within those loops are created by the Fx, Fy, and Fz not being equal all of the time. When Mind concentrates a little more along the x-axis for example, the resultant effect manifests further away from that x-axis and hence closer to the y/z-axes. By alternating which axis is dominant, a circulating rotating motion can be initiated around the diagonal vector.
Indeed another import aspect of this rotation about the vertical y-axis is that this motion introduces gyroscopic lift and stability to the expression. When we consider the applied Thinking force extends a pattern in the x/z 2D plane only. Then, motion about the vertical y-axis causes this vector to lift which brings the 3D realm into manifest. The faster the rotation about the y-axis the more lift is induced. This has the effect of closing the hole around the y-axis. This type of motion is indicated in fig : 8d.
This is indeed an example of an ‘Escher’ moment. Here we are expressing generative growth by extending a vector force in increments away from the central (0,0,0) hub. As the growing phases proceed, the vector increases in length, reaching its maximum extension at the corner. Now, the catch… if the standing wave model is correct and the +4 condition has the longest vector, then this standing wave should have the lowest frequency, which is the opposite to what might be expected for accumulation of potential into smaller, denser spheres !
As the vector extends away from the central hub in the direction of the corner, we must think of each condition as a cube in its own right. Each locked potential condition therefore sit one inside (nested) the other. Whereby the corner of the smaller cube acts as the center of the next largest. Always keep WR mantra in mind, “nothing is what it appears to be”. An expression at a corner is also an expression of a center. Dual existence.
One would expect the shortest vector to exhibit the highest frequencies, highest melting points. The opposite is true !

It is my present understanding that Nature will always try to achieve the most expression for the least effort. This is the inspirational axiom that was harnessed by Buckminster Fueller in all his design work. Nature uses the cubic wave field with the internal projection mirror system to achieve this ‘max for min’ goal. It appears that creating a solid sphere as one physical object is too much effort for her and so an alternate technique is employed. Imagine, Mind wishes to express a ‘solid’ sphere. The Thinking process divides this Idea into two opposite hemisphere’s.

When these hemisphere’s are further sub divided into 4 (quadrants) the 8 sections of the octave geometry becomes evident. So, Nature rather than constructing a ‘solid’ sphere from 8 quadrants she does so by using 1 physical and 3 reflected images above the x-axis. In the image shown here on the right, the internal reflection imply there is no physical character below the horizontal x-axis. Therefore, the technique is repeated in reverse below the x-axis with a second (female) quadrant.
Now, if we consider the top 4 quadrants for a moment. When this semi physical body (1 : 3) rotates about the vertical y-axis the top hemisphere appears more solid although it is made up 3 parts reflected image (illusion) and only 1 part actual matter. You will notice that the southern hemisphere has no material substance to it at all. It is entirely imaged illusion. Considering the northern hemisphere again for a moment, this is why solid matter proves so illusionary to MSS, and how the gyroscopic aspect of structure comes into being. ‘Nothing is what it appears to be’

Now, in order for the southern hemisphere to have some solid character it too must have a quadrant which is composed of a positive image. Sphere’s therefore, gain their appearance of solidity from a rotational motion about the vertical y-axis. The faster the rotation the more solid the expression appears to our sensing.

Tip 5
Don’t confuse the curvature indicated in fig : 1a with the apparent opposite curvature represented in fig : 3b. They each represent entirely different concepts and each is valid in their own right.
Fig : 1a represents invisible properties, while fig : 3b indicates a physical manifestation of that invisible curvature.

Fig : 3e
Two-way opposed (motion) EQUAL pressure fronts. The boundary planes of zero curvature are formed as follows,

Two-way opposed (motion) EQUAL pressure fronts.
If you consider the inflation of wavefield with electrical force as the internal pressure then, a plane of zero curvature is created when opposed pressures fronts equalise one another at their common intervening plane.
Don’t think all straight plane of simply as a condition of ZERO/NO polarity, rather think of it as BALANCED polarity.
Sodium and Chlorine unite in a balanced way to create a cubic straight walled (salt) structure.

All other crystalline structures are a result of a non-balanced geometry about the common equator.
Wave fronts of different frequencies will pass through one another. Sex-mates will oppose one another with equal balanced wave front frequencies and dimensions. This mechanism will be applied later to the internal structure of bar-magnets.

WR teaches that the 3 internal projection planes are formed as follows.

Fig : 7

Each sub-cube (1 to 8) is imbued with an electrical pressure potential. Mind will continue to inflate these sub-cubes until they are appropriately filled to reproduce the intended idea. As inflation reaches a critical volume, the outer surfaces of the 8 spheres push against one another, flattening along the plane between them. When the sub-cubes are fully inflated, the potential is compressed into the 3 internal planes and the 6 external boundary planes.
This is how matter appear to emerge from a seeming nothingness. Images are formed within the large cube, by the interactions of the 8 inner sub-cubes.

Further explanation
Why does WR show matter here at the center of the sub-cubes rather than at the apex corners (1,1,1) indicated above ?
The only reasonable explanation I am comfortable with is the model which incorporates the corner reflectors. Emanations from the (0,0,0) hub center are reflected back from any of the eight corners (1,-1,1) as an example. This creates a standing wave with maximum coherence occurring at this new focal center.
This implies that there is a standing wave type geometry generated by opposed motion. There is a outward motion from the hub center to the rim boundary, and there is an inward motion reflected back from the rim boundary to the hub center. This sets up a standing wave geometry. If true, this implies the entire universe has a standing wave geometry. Perhaps, a dynamic cymatic structure and the Desire to express is exercised.
If we now think of the introduction of the electric force into the wavefield as a inflation/deflation cycle, then 3D character unfolds as the wavefield inflates through an inhalation of this electrical potential. This generative process we perceive as a living, vitalising motion. As this potential is allowed to collapse or is exhaled, then the projected image returns to its Source. To die means to lose N/S character and thus the image returns to the 2D plane. (It does NOT fall backwards).

Fig : 5

Can you now ‘see’ that by the process of Mind Thinking, Mind breaths into the wavefield, vitalising it. The electrical pressure holds the expression away from the zero wave axis. When Mind relaxes from Thinking, the wavefield deflates and returns that potential to Source through exhalation.
ALL motion is CAUSED by Mind giving CPR to Thought-bodies. Your physical SELF is a DIRECT product of a Mind Thought.



Fig : 3b

Although the motion of a standing wave appears as a simple up/down oscillation, the actual progression is very complex.
Fig : 3b represents the result of Mind infusing a wavefield with vitalising electrical potential. The wavefield is breathing. Mind cannot be separated from its own Creation. The curvature indicated in fig : 3b seems at odds with some of the images above. This however, is not the case. Within the physical universe, an oscillating pattern is established between two fixed nodes. Curved wavefield on the other hand operate with fixed nodes because those nodes need to be free to distort to form rings about the N/S axis.

One can imagine the 2D flower of life pattern dimensioned in Mind manifesting as a 3D sphere when set into motion.

Fig : 3f

The positive apex and the negative apex are the SAME point

Fig : 3f is a redraft of fig : 3b to include the invisible lines of curvature as well as the visible effects namely, the appearance of vibrating matter within the perceivable universe.
In a vibrating string the lines of curvature do indeed turn inside out as they transition from the upper hemisphere to the lower hemisphere, but they do not reverse their effect. Instead they become the other. Red compression above becomes blue expansion below.
Remember also, lines of curvature join regions of the SAME electric potential. This is one of the roles of E/W polar control.

Many students attempt to unite a red light hemisphere with a blue light hemisphere, a N-pole with a S-pole so to speak. WR himself is not sufficiently clear on this point, but this is how and why two identical anodes manifest as a result of turning inside out across the equatorial divide.

Fig : 3g

The vibrational motion indicated in fig : 3f is the typical familiar motion observed in a vibrating string. This type of motion is only possible because the oscillation occurs between two fixed nodes. This would suggest that Nature simply vibrates backwards and forwards across a common equatorial plane. WR teaches that Nature does not follow this model.
WR teaches that motion is continuous, it spiral centripetally inwards then centrifugally outwards without any change in direction.
In fig : 3g when the wave curves upwards to a maximum at the apex, this apex continues forward to unwind. Notice, how the two nodes appear to shift to enable the reverse unwinding.

How Sphere’s are formed

Fig : 6 –  Opposite geometry to DLaP The central hub is fully enclosed (poles closed) when surrounded by a perfectly spherical negative geometry

Fig : 6a –  This shows the union of 4 pairs of rings which when united create a nested spherical body

Sphere’s cannot be formed between a positive anode and a negative cathode. WR makes it very clear that when a positive anode contacts a negative cathode, the opposite poles void each other as both contacting poles disappear. Sphere’s can only form between two positive anodes.

Fig : 6 represents the geometrical structure of loops of force. Loops of force are believed to be a magnetic field which surrounds a current carrying wire as indicated in fig : 6b.

Fig : 6b

Fig : 6c

If this current carrying wire is bent into a loop or coil as shown in fig : 6c the loops of force appear to have a CW orientation on the left side and a ACW orientation on the opposite right side. If the wire is worked into a full circle then the current would be confined to the wire loop.

Fig : 6e

The very act of bending the current carrying wire creates a polarised condition between the inside and outside arc of the wire. WR explains this situation saying that the loops of force surrounding that wire are no longer parallel. They approach each other much closer towards the inside more so than the outside.

Fig : 8

Fig : 8a

Fig : 8b

Fig : 8c

So, loops of force display this polarisation with the focal point targeted at the very center of the wire itself, whereas as a loop or coil of wire displays a polarised condition by virtue of the distorted orientation of the surrounding loops of force.


Fig : 8d

Figs :8/8c represent the development of Hazley Hemispheres as motion is gyroscopically lifted off the horizontal plane to the vertical axial position, engulfing a hot compressed core at the (0,0,0) central hub by a cooler external crust.
The images represent loops of force rather than any actual physical form. There is no conflict with the curvature shown in the structure below.

Fig : 9

Fig : 9

If we revisit fig : 1a above with a more 3D perspective we can expanded the fig : 6a image to indicate the division and further re-union geometry as follows.

The curvature implies that the positive, centripetal motion resides on the inside of each hemisphere, while the negative centrifugal aspect resides on the outside of each hemisphere.
The division process pushes the 4 hemisphere groups away from one another, while the unification process re-unites opposite expressions so that 4 pairs of rings/hemispheres recreate the original spherical condition.

There is another ‘Escher moment’ brewing. The development of a sphere having its hub centre located at (0,0,0) or that same sphere having its hub centre located at a cube corner (1 1 1, -1 1 -1 etc) Needs to be clarified. In addition, spheres whose centre is located at the (0,0,0) appears to form those spheres WITHOUT the need for any union. WR teaches that wave propagation can only occur through a ‘union’ at wave apices. Nothing seems fixed, which is a good thing from the WRC perspective. I am convinced that our sensing has been deliberately designed not get confused when the cosmos is examined in minute detail. This of course is probably one of the main teaching of WR himself.