#62 Suspended Animation

Imagine for a moment if we could somehow freeze an explosion approximately 1 second after detonation. All the properties and characteristics of that fireball are retained in that frozen moment. We can continue to experience the expanding pressure/heat at some considerable distance. Now, imagine this single suspended condition could be maintained for 10,000 years. Prolonged … Read more

#43 Space Oddity

While MSS insists on describing space as a void or a vacuum, WR teaches a more reasonable model describing space as a sea of electrical potential. This makes sense as there is no part of this perceivable universe that is without curvature, heat, or electrical polarity. These are just some of the properties which are … Read more

#6 Oil is Abiotic (Revisited)

One of the interesting implications of WRC is that the Earth formed as a re-condensed emanation from a radiating Sun. This means that the Earth left the Sun as an invisible equatorial stream and solidified when it cooled sufficiently. The alignments of the elements in the Earths atmosphere (the radiative half of the carbon octave) … Read more